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Polly wants …… ?!

Billy wants a bat

Sally wants a car

Molly wants a cow

 but guess what Polly wants?!


30 mins before iftaar

iam writing this blog 30 mins before iftaar….

no no make it 40 minutes iam shia. My head is spinning like a balloon which is half filled with water. cant sleep with an empty stomach so am here playing with the keyboard. its one of those days; i extremely dislike them. They make you hate yourself, this world and everyone living in it. 

  I know that anything that can possibly go wrong, goes worng anyway. So whats the fuss really about. people make elaborate plans about their career, life, marriage etc but there  always a level of insecurity. Despite being confident and optimistic something inside you inform you that dude it might go wrong and what do you know it does 🙂

The murphy law hits you rite in the face  ” B A N G !! ” no matter how perfect things are made to appear, Murphy’s law will take effect and screw it up 😀



Bad news is better than no news….


Eric Cartmen (South Park)

Screw you guys !!

I am going home ======>



Murphy law

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.


Poor Monday

Do you know whats the worst part about a weekend is? It’s the part when the weekend is about to end. Now same old Monday again, most of us hate Mondays isn’t? As if it’s Monday’s fault that I have two quizzes tomorrow and haven’t read a word. Maybe Monday is like one of those people that aren’t that bad but they are hated for their jobs. Like teachers, parents, politicians nah they deserve all the hate in the world and not forget that talent less Himesh Reshamya. Almost everyday has a feel I believe (he he I sound like Jerry Seinfeld).Anyways let see what the new week holds for all of us. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


The End

Chapter 1

The room was in complete darkness except of some light that was coming out of the television in the form of green, blue and white rays. A smoke haze hung overhead and spread out, drifting away into the shadows. The decor of the room consisted of a table on which were scattered couple of empty wrappers of chips, a loaded ash tray, an empty jug and couple of dirty glasses. The table was place right in between a couch and the television.  The couch was occupied by Shavex, a young man in his twenties. He was a medium sized person with a wooden and expressionless face. His sloppy hairs and unshaven face were few of the features of his pointless life. He lived alone in a rented apartment in the heart of the Karachi City. It was 3 am in the morning and Shavex was aimlessly clicking the T.V. remote one channel after another as in he was more curious to find what would be on the next channel, maybe something that might appeal him. 

Chapter 2 – ‘ Man in the White Suit ‘

 Bang! Bang! Shavex opened his eyes with immense disbelief and puzzlement. Somebody was knocking the door down. The clock on the wall showed that it was 9 am in the morning; he might have slept watching TV. ‘Coming!  He announced and switched off the television. Shavex opened the door and the instant he lay his eyes on the person standing in front of him, somebody inside told him that something weird is about to happen. ‘Correct me if iam wrong but you are Mr.Shavex Haider…. aren’t you?’ The man uttered. He appeared to be tall, fair and had a long beaky nose. He wore a white three-piece suit with a white tie, shirt and boots. Shavex shook his head in approval; the signs of confusion were getting transparent on his face. ‘This is for you sir’ by saying these words the man presented an envelope to Shavex who looked at it for a second and voiced in a sleepy tone  ‘ who are you and what is this all about?’  I am aware of the fact that you are competent enough to read…so why don’t you? ’ replied the man in the white suit. Shavex opened his mouth to yawn and after several seconds mouthed ‘I aint going to buy anything …ok?’ ‘Do I appear to be a seller to you …MR.Haider?’ snapped the man in the white suit.’ Then what d’u want from me?’ argued Sahvex.I am the designated Angel of Death and with immense anguish, I inform you of your upcoming death that will take place after 7 days.’ After reciting this information, the man in the white suit put an end to his speech. ‘ Ha ha ha…this is good…. Hahahaha…this is good t.v.’ Shavex exclaimed in immense amusement ‘who write this material seriously …hahaha funny, who are you again?’ ‘The Angel of Death!’ remarked the man in the white suit with great pride. ‘Right… and I’m Gandalf the Wizard! ’ snapped Shavex and shut the door loudly.  Shavex paused for a second or two on the doorstep as he was trying to comprehend what just happened out there. He shook his head in disapproval and opened the door; he saw nothing as the man was gone. He looked around the corridor but there was no trace of the weird man in the white suit. Shavex opened the envelope after closing the door behind him. The red envelope contained a black paper on which was written in gold  Every living being has to  taste the flavour of death! 

Name: Syed Shavex Haider 

D.O.B:  21/03/80

D.O.D: 06/06/06 

What the hell? Shavex uttered, the next second adding to his astonishment the letters on the paper started to disappear one by one as they were not there on the first place. All of a sudden the load of the paper was way too much for his hands and he could not hold on to it. Shavex felt the room revolving around him; his legs gave up on the burden of his body and he found himself on the floor……..

[To be continued……..]


Love Actually…

Do you know what happens when two imperfect people find each other in a relationship? “ KABOOM!!” In other words, weaknesses of each other start tearing down the very foundation of a relationship. So the question arises why be in a shit hole in the first place. If somebody finds himself perfect then why would he even feel the need of someone from opposite gender to be the better part of his incomplete life.Is it sex, duh! yes. But other than that it’s perfectly natural to fall in love (as it is said).

I don’t know its very confusing. It’s tempting plus you don’t have any control over it than perhaps one have the entire rite in the world to be confused. Every disease has a cure like every problem has a solution and when it comes to be in a relationship my answer would be:

“Its very difficult to be in it or not to be in it .”



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