The End

Chapter III

                aargh…Sister Fucker….’ Shavex cursed while pulling himself up, the clock was now showing 12:30 am. His mouth was bitter and his head was aching maybe he hurt his forehead when he hit the ground. He rubbed his forehead and walk in the direction of the washroom.  Shavex started exploring his house like a veteran detective; as if he was mindful of the fact that he might be a part of some reality TV plot and there could be a camera planted in his apartment. After several minutes of scrutiny he came to this conclusion that his useless and pathetic life was way to minor to be a part of any reality TV show. “…and why the hell I’m even thinking like that’ he inquired himself. “…TV shows, camera hahaha Angel of Death …hahahaha…wait a fucking second.” Shavex ran to the spot he passed out in the morning and was amazed to see both the envelope and piece of paper were laying there. 

                  ‘..Lala! One Doodh-patti….’ Shavex asked the Pathan waiter for a cup of tea. All the way Shavex was thinking about the incident that took place in the morning. ‘What if he was right; what if I am about to die…I have not heard about anyone who knows anything about his or her approaching death.’ he enquired himself “… except when grandma use to talk to herself in the night and then in the morning use to tell a very weird story; that her late parents visited her last night. Mum use to say that when old people are about to die they tell anecdotes like this.  It was hard to believe then and it is hard to believe now but what if this rustic legend is true. Maybe when people are living a pointless life as mine they get signs of death, I guess when you anticipate a loss like death you get signs that provide you cheer in sorrow. But I am not happy on this news; in fact I don’t know how to react.’ His head was throbbing from this nuisance. ‘.Sahib 6 rs….’ demanded the Pathan waiter. ‘What for? Shavex replied. ‘you ordered a doodh-patti…’. Shavex realised that he was so busy in his thoughts that he forgot to drink the tea he ordered. He placed his left hand in his jeans and tossed a 5 rupee coin in the direction of the waiter and blinked his eye unassumingly, suggesting that was all he had. The waiter looked at the 5 rupee coin; shook his head in dissatisfaction but moved on. 

Chapter IV  Day 2

Shavex found another envelope on the door step. All night he kept on telling himself that existence of such crap is nothing but a delusion but there it was another envelope right in front of his eyes. His heart was pounding awfully fast. He wished he had a choice to pick or not to pick the damn envelope. He marched back and forth in the room inquiring him self; what to do next. Eventually he punched in the air with great irritation and picked the red envelop; opened it.

It said:  6 more days to go….” 

The same thing happened again the words disappeared one by one as in they were never their on the paper.


       Shavex spent the whole after noon sitting on the couch and smoking cigarettes one pack after another. He soon realized that may be his life was coming to an end like the last cigarette in his mouth. 

Today’s key word is empathy.’ The lady on the T.V spoke with a big fake smile.

The capacity for experiencing as one’s own the feeling of another’, she continued.

So when you go out today feel free to help others like you are solving your own problem….’ Bullshit! Shavex turned off the TV.

Fake people phony words; he told himself. It’s amazing how people love to listen to good words on the tele and do complete apposite in real life. Shavex soon realized that he ran out cigarettes. He came out on the street to buy a new pack and to roam around so that he can keep his mind off from the weird things happening in his life.

[to be continued……..]


6 Responses to “The End”

  1. October 2, 2006 at 1:15 pm

    Nice. I am eager to read how this ends.

  2. October 2, 2006 at 1:20 pm

    il try to make it ineterresting..

  3. 3 becca
    October 7, 2006 at 12:50 pm

    doin gr8 mr.Y 😉

  4. October 7, 2006 at 1:04 pm

    O thank you Miss Rabia 🙂 iamglad that you liked it.

  5. 6 shahbaz shiekh
    February 7, 2007 at 11:32 am

    Concentrate on dialogues and the way they are spoken instead of the words chosen by the charachter. And remember! A story is ONLY good if it has a good ending.

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