Saturday Night – LIVE

A weekend at last and I am watching an Al-Pacino movie after having a wonderful Cappuccino at an Italian coffee shop. It was just any other “All guys hangout” and we were doing exactly what they call “Screwing Chat or Screwing talk ”. Yeah, it’s not making any sense but if you translate it in Urdu, you will get the most popular Karachi slang. Anyway, to our mere disappointment we failed to get any eye candy at all.   

 Another thing that surprised me was the disappearance of the routine traffic. Saturday night and people preferred on staying home, strange isn’t?  Obaid (who liked to be referred as kutta-admi) mouthed in his typical intellectual manner; that people of Karachi are so much engaged in making money that they don’t care about relaxing at all. Sad but true. I on the other hand have a lot of very personal shit on my mind that urgently needs to be taken care of, than to figure out any social crap.

  It was a very eventful week around the world. I am still waiting for Shoaib Akhters verdict which was due this week but I am keeping my fingers crossed, never the less good news for Paki cricket thanks to Mohammed Yousuf. I don’t like this record vekord rat race but anything that displeases Sunny Gavasker and his camp pleases me and I am sure this news was not cherished across the border, no offense. I can say that because the Indian media gave little or no projection to Yousuf’s achievement and there main emphasis was solely on how much they want to see Shoaib behind the bars. But, Indian media does not represent the whole India and I am sure there are many reasonable Indians out there that will agree to it.

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