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John Lennon (9 October 1940– 8 December 1980)


Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. 

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.  

As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot.

If someone thinks that love and peace is a cliché that must have been left behind in the Sixties, that’s his problem. Love and peace are eternal. 


Freedom is Slavery


 US marines taking a rest in Khulf-e-Rashideen mosque in Felluja, Iraq


Enuff !

It’s only February and yet another bomb blast in the year ’07. The first series reflected the so called sectarian violence. In which one sect was repeatedly targeted by the radicals. But this time it was slight different. This time the state is being embattled here. Brave men of the state and I am talking about the police performed their duties remarkably. They stood right in between the death toll and the terrorists like a goalie saving the penalty kick.  


 Samjhota or Agreement (in English) was the name given to the train service which is in news these days because of the unfortunate incident that took place yesterday. Indian police famous for its efficiency blamed some radical Muslim Organistaion. They have also arrested some people including the family members of the dead, Muslim of course. For sure no government would like to see dead neighbors on their own soil. But one can easily see clear security and management lapse on their behalf,  half of the passengers were burned to death as the doors were locked form the outside (“ for security reasons”). 

 Well, we are completely depending on New Delhi now. Maybe they come up with some results. As we have more terrorists attacks to worry about (God forbid). One thing for sure there is no place for Afghanis in  Pakistan. Muslim or not they are responsible for more than half of the terrorist acts in the country.


Kink Kong


Its really fuuny to see how some ppl are so stereo-typical of their zodiac signs. Especially when it comes to everyday life. Now look at some typical reactions from the following zodiacs after they just had SEX. heh..


Aries – I’m hungry


Taurus – Let’s do it again !


Gemini – This position sux lets try a different one :P…..


what was ur friends number?


Cancer – Let’s get married


Leo – Wasn’t I fantastic?


Virgo – i need to wash the bedsheet…. :s


Libra – I liked it if you liked it ?


Scorpio – Perhaps i should untie you….hmmm


Sagitarius – Don’t call me i will call you !


Capricorn -Do you have a business card?


Aquraius – Now let’s try without clothes !


Pisces –  What was your name again?


Happy Valentines Day



My name is…


Once upon a time in the suburbs of  Karachi a young man was enjoying his morning by watching some morning show on the tele. To add to his displeasure the telephone in his room started to vibrate and producing funny noises.   

Tring !!  Tring !! 

Tring !! Tring !!

Voice:                         Hello. Asslam alequm !!

Young man:                 Yello! Wasalam.

Voice:                          Well…this is Asim and I am calling from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School (AKHSS). [The voice sounded very official and grave.]

Young man:     Okay. So? 

Voice:              Mr. Ammar Yasir who is in section [after a half minute delay] 1-K has been absent for about a week now. This is unacceptable. In our high school…[interrupted!!]

Young man:      Who are you again?

Voice:              This is Asim. I am in charge of the administration here.[the voice mouthed more arrogantly. He continued...]                                               

As I was saying Mr.Ammar has not been attending classes for almost a week. This act is unacceptable at our High School. We are very strict when it comes to discipline. [The voice went on and on and on] .                                                     

We are providing the best education possible at high school level. This can never be achieved if the discipline is violated like this…..[and on].

Young man:      [Yawn!] 

Voice:              Now look at USA and other western countries they are so demanding when it comes to attendance… [And the voice went on and on…]  

 Young man:      hmm..what was you name again? [in a sleepy tone]

 Voice:               As i told you before, I am Asim form AKHSS!! [in a agitated way]

Young man:      Yeah! Yeah! But what do you want form me. [he demanded][The voice struggled to conceal the rage behind his accent. He took a pause than mouthed]   

Voice:              Does Ammar Yasir live here?

Young man:      umm..No!

Voice:              What ?! what the hell you mean by no.

Young man:    By no I meant; he doesn’t live here.


Young man:      I would have, if you would have put an end to your whining. You were going on and on and on.

Voice:              aaaargh….MORON!

[Bang!! Someone on the other side might have hammered the receiver on the telephone set. ]

Young man:      muhahhahaha….

[The Young man placed the receiver on the telephone set. He was laughing his heart out. The thought of it was making him laugh out loud. He was about to role on the floor laughing. Than all of  a sudden his mum entered the room and enquiered.]

  Mommy:           Ammar who was that?

Young man:      No one mom. It was some wrong number.

And thereafter the silence and peace of the  city Karachi is still  haunted  by the  schemes of an evil young man.]     


‘Chill Pill ‘



Wassup Doc!?

steth.jpg  Hospitals and clinics; I find them the most boring places to visit on the planet. I know one have to be there for three obvious reasons. #1 you’re a patient, #2 you are visiting the patient #3 you just work there. One might ask why I find them boring my answer to you is that you sound like a Leo because your question qualifies you to be one. As; no normal men on the planet would enjoy going to hospital or marriages (women do enjoy marriages). Marriages ?! Yes, they are the worst parties ever. All the hot girls are moms of the children they are carrying in their hands and your dad make you sit with bunch of old people. As far as hospitals are concerned there is nothing like hot nurses or female doctors in the real world. So, Screw you! ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’  If you personally know me you are aware of the fact that I am a lazy ass and things such as doctor appointments are still set by my folks. So was this appointment with an eye specialist few years back. My dad accompanied me to this clinic for the same reason; routine eye check. 

8:00 pm             Some guy behind the counter greets us with a fake grin and handed me a token; that says I was 78.  

8:01 pm             Me: What’s the number of the current patient visiting the doc?                       

                        Some guy: 15                       

                        Me: aaargh 

8:20 pm             My dad is reading the news paper and I am staring at the token. 

8:25 pm             I am still staring at the token. 

8:27 pm             I flipped the toke upside down and was looking at the possibility that I could see the doctor before my prearranged tie. 

8:30 pm             Disappointed. 8L doesn’t make any number.

 8:31 pm             I decided to look at other patients and make up their stories.  8:32 pm             Some fat guy. He fined the chair too small for his ass.  8:33 pm             A Pathaan. He find picking his nose in public very normal. I don’t  : P…yuck!! 

8:35 pm             Some uncle; he hates his wife and somebody has forced him to sit on the chair. Probably gave him a tight slap on his face. 

8:37 pm             Some aunty; uncles wife probably. Now I know why she hates her. 

8:40 pm             The guy behind the counter announces number 27.                        

Me: aaargh….. :@ 

8:45 pm             Another auntie walks in and what my eyes are seeing she’s accompanied by her teenage daughter.                        

Me: Yippee: D 

Now, I want to share something with the guys out there. I call it ‘Rule number 1’; it’s from my book on how to make your moves on the ladies. Why I call it the rule #1 cuz it’s my move no.1 and it never fails except of this one time. Ladies please don’t feel offended I am sure you maintain your own book of moves and it surely must be thicker than ours. I looked at her and gave her the feeling that I haven’t seen such a pretty face in ages. I didn’t move my eyes off her for an endless fifty five seconds. Then the fun part began. hehehe  * evil grin* 

8:47 pm             She sat with her mum right in front of me. 

8:48 pm             She preferred not to look at me directly. I was the first one to make the move so she appeared to be proud. How typical of girls. 

8:51 pm             I was ignoring her. 

8:52 pm             still ignoring her.

 8:53 pm             out of curiosity she looked at me but I insisted on not looking at her. 

9:00 pm             I picked up some magazine and from time to time I use to look at her. She was now looking directly towards me. She was half puzzled and half agitated. Hot girls don’t get this kind of attitude this often. 

9:15 pm             Rule no#1 was a success as she tried all she could do to get my attention, from bursting bubble gum balloons to brushing her locks in the clinic. Seriously who does that?  

9:20 pm             I decided to give her a friendly gesture. Perhaps a smile, I just checked on my dad if he is still busy reading the paper. But what the hell he was looking at me with meaningful eyes.  

Duh! Even a blind person can realize what was going on. My dad is aware of the fact that I am never up to any good. 

9:45                  The girl appeared quite annoyed maybe she felt some what insulted. 

10:00                My dad was still interested to what bad I was up to. 

Moral of the story I was able to successfully carry out the first half of the plan but chickened out of it in the last half because I don’t find picking up girls with your dad around cool. The evening didn’t go as non eventful as I have predicted. The girl was hot but her car was hotter than her. I learned that on my way back to my place. If I knew that before I would have taken the inevitable risk


Two Words: GROW UP


 Growing old is mandatory, growing up is not.


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