Have you ever been in love? Probably yes, have you ever been in love more than once? Probably be. Now you must be wondering that why on earth I am asking these stooopid questions. The other day I was watching Big B’s (Amitab Bachan) ‘Nishabd’ yeah the same movie where he (65 yr old) falls in love with an 18 year old, who also happens to be his daughter’s friend.  


I know most of you will call this plot absurd and Big B’s character a pervert. Why is that? I think otherwise. Now I want my reader to clear his mind I am not talking about pervert ness here. I am wondering; what were the circumstances that made a man to go against his family and this god damn society. Is the process of falling in love is so exciting that one is ready to disrupt his stable life and relationship.



Are the resources and opportunities to cheat on your relationship or marriage are right there in front of you making it easy for you to experience something really dark and evil? I think perhaps, sometime doing the wrong thing feels so right that you can’t help your self.


3 Responses to “Temptaion”

  1. 2 lubz
    March 17, 2007 at 11:06 am

    Strange as it may sound, i really understand your point of view. the society we live in, the society we are, have defined some norms and rules which everyone has to abide. anyone going against it, he/she is treated with horror and disdain. not only the person but his/her family as well unless and until he/she regain ‘sanity’ back n again oblige to normal rules.but if the person wont than there is of boycott of that person…

    Even today people dont understand why king Edward given up his kingdom for the sake of an american divorcee and a mother of two children. i like to replace your words ‘process of falling in love’ with ‘a chance of being happy’ sometimes your happiness or your pursuit of something pure is often misinterpreted with ugliness or evil.

    What may seem absurd in one man’s eye maybe a life and death situation for other.sometimes giving in to temptation seems wrong for one but than again sometimes resisting temptation is not right for someone else as well.

  2. March 17, 2007 at 9:50 pm

    No i repeat the process of falling in luv is so exciting and thrilling that it can drift any man or woman from his/her noraml life. I guess its not only luv that counts. Its luv and the feeling of doing something wrong thats kinna HAWT. I bet you wont agree to me on this one.

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