‘The Crown and the Platter’ by Shahbaz Sheikh


  All believer men and women of Mecca, hail the emperor of the new unified and holy Muslim Empire, King Yazid.’

            The above trumpets were being blown around Mecca in those days. Why? Because the battle of
Karbala had ended, with God bringing out Yazid and his twisted accomplices victorious. Because God had abandoned his followers in the desert and left them to be cut by swords, pierced by spears and trampled be horses. Because God had arranged tyranny to run free in the Muslim world. Because God had made sure that His true believers were put in the dark and belief sapping dungeons of agony. Because it was God’s will that the head of the devoted servant be put on the platter, and it was God’s will that the head of the cruel and disobedient be put under a crown. So a skeptic has to ask…. what kind of a God is this?

The answer to this question lies in the realization of the fact, that the world is not a place of rewards and retributions. It is not a place of gains and losses. It is a place of test. It is a place of resolve, of decision. And the holy Imam decided to have his head on the platter, so that the coming Muslims have an example of how to act in the face of deadly adversary. So that they know what is to be chosen in the dilemma between principles and mundane gear. And so that they know that trading in their belief, that “God shall compensate all”, with a Christ made of silver and gold, is the way of indifference, is the way of treason and is the way of the Yazids of this world.


Therefore we must not have pride, we must not be arrogant and we must not grope for blood stained riches, even if it brings us kingship. Why? Because Yazid did so.


And we must abide our principles, be true our values, and strive for justice, even if it kills us. Why? Because the holy Imam did so.

2 Responses to “‘The Crown and the Platter’ by Shahbaz Sheikh”

  1. March 23, 2007 at 6:20 pm

    But in 2days world we hardly see anyone struggling for the rights, values and justice of the whole humanity, the way Imam Hussein (AS) did.

    Do you think his footsteps are way to difficult to follow? or We are very weak Muslims!!

  2. 2 Shahbaz Sheikh
    March 24, 2007 at 5:51 pm

    In life, we are all faced with small and large Karbalas of our own.
    We must identify them and top our pride and prejudices with faith and conscience, as have been the way of the pious men.
    There is no such thing as “todays world”. The world tests all people with respect to the strength they have been given, no matter where in the time line they be.
    As far as weak Muslims go, yes there are weak Muslims, but that doesn’t mean they will remain that way.

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