It’s a natural phenomenon that kids enjoy playing with toys and if we talk about young boys than being a man I like to confess that no other toy ever gave me the amount of pleasure which I use to get while playing with my toy gun. Last summer when my American uncle visited Pakistan much to his annoyance I bought his son a toy gun, little Himmayat aka Heemo on one incident pointed a gun at me and exclaimed ‘I’ll kill’ya !’.Instantly my unlce notified the reason that why he never allows his son to have a toy gun and yes indeed keeping the American phsychology in mind the reason was very well justified. But I still love guns and my favorite pc game is Counter Strike. Maybe it’s the effect of the movies where the good, bad and the ugly men use to gun fight and in the end everything use to get fine. The portrayal of mass murdering and ruthless killing is depicted so aesthetically that looks way to cooler than what it actually is in reality.

Similar words are mouthed by analysts on the tele all over the world. Every one is trying to find out the psychological void which led the whole incidence to take place in Virginia University. There are bullies in every university, school, and college in each part of the world. But what’s the difference that specially makes the American students to react like this again and again. Is it culture, religion? Or the embarrassment for not being perfect (cool) enough, in a society where every one is in a rat race to achieve cosmetic perfection.

Hundreds of people die every week in the Middle East most of them are murdered, nobody gives a shit. Who to blame? I blame the people of Middle East for making their land such a dustbin in the first place. They allowed dictators to rule them for years and years, what else they expected their future will turn out like. Similarly if another quite American student who is called a dork by his class mates; decides that enough is enough and now ‘its my way or the high way’ than I cant help myself judging such a society. Where the parameters of judgment is based upon the factor; whether anything is ‘legal or not’ and not on the basis of morality ie ‘rite or wrong’.


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