Pseudo Westernization


Much has been said and written on the religious extremism or Talibanization which is damaging or attempting to injure the mindset of a particular section of the Pakistani society who is both under privileged and hence not much educated. They have little or no choice but spend their children to Madrasas and their mostly all you get is a way of living which hardly helps you to be the prolific member of the society.

Now take the example of Jamay-e-Hafsa, its timing coincides with the biggest trial in the history of the country. Government is receiving indirect help from these extremist clerics. But some sane and rather educated people mostly university and college students are affirming their demands. According to their point of view Musharraf’s enlightened Islam has nothing to do with Islam or the social and cultural values of the country. My argument is Pakistan was made by people who were both educated and tolerant. The so called Isalmists consider the father of the nation a non Muslim because of his sect but yes; there should be a knob on so called enlightenment of the country as well.


I speck VJ’s using abuses like shit on the tele. PEMRA should device a much needed censorship policy. If some TV channels in the USA allow nudity, violence and strong language in their programs they make sure that every one is aware of it. Under-18 viewers are not allowed to watch Sopranos due to its strong contents but when the first season of this hit series was aired on TV ONE it went completely uncensored. Now take the example of Begum Nawazish Ali, the guy whose impersonating the character is politically sound, educated and aesthetic but still airing it on the tele during prime time when the kids along with their parents can watch a 20 something guy impersonating 50 something women who bluntly flirts with its male guests. What impact is expected on the minds of a 10 year old or younger? These programs should be given late night hours to be aired.

This pseudo westernization will not help our country to prosper as an economic power but we’ll endup neing a bunch of wanna bee’s that love to appear like some GORAAA. Be ourselves is all that we should be doing.


1 Response to “Pseudo Westernization”

  1. 1 Tayyab Rahman
    February 24, 2011 at 11:43 am

    in my vocabulary there is no worl as pseudo westernization and i believe that the west is copying MUSLIMS

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