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This one time …. – Speechless

The adventures of Asim and Ammar are no less interesting than ‘Jai and Veeru’s’ (from sholay; bollywood). These adventures are not only comical, dramatic, thoughtful but it also has action, tragedy and romance.


Really??! 😛


Nah!  Just bluffing 

  Both aMmar and aSim are so different in nature but are similar in so many ways that one can only be surprised. They always like to whine about everything but there are times in life that even pricks like ‘em remain simply speechless. 

 Like this one time… at some ice cream parlor……


aSim: ‘Hey man check out tmy new NOKIA set!! 🙂


aMmAr: Sweet! [VERY LOUD exclamation] …. Look at the black casing! The colors… the ring tones… awesome man !! 

aSim: yeah man.. Keep it low…plz!


aMmAr: [continued with a high pitch voice] hey nice camera result man…. look at these effects.

              [he continued…..]


After 2 minutes… 

  Some weird looking guy from the next table: ‘ I don’t want no trouble, gimme
ur cell phone smart ass!!’

  aMmAr: aSim?! Shall I ?? 

 aSim: [speechless] 

[after 5 mins…]


aMmar: it was a nice set. 

 aSim: [speechless] 

[after 4 mins]

 aMmAr:  this ice cream does not taste so good. What flavor do you have? 

aSim: [speechless]


[after 2 mins..]

aMmar: I think we should call it a day. What do you say? 

aSim: [speechless]

[in the car… after 10 mins of silence]


aMmAr: It was your new mobile phone rite ??!


aSim: [Speechless]


aMmAr: what happened to the last one?


aSim: It was snatched.[in a grave voice]

aMmAr: aha…ok good. I mean good bye.




Maut ka ek din Mau-ayun hai …

Neend Kyun raat bhar nahee aati


[mau-ayun= fixed,raat bhar= whole night]


Chief vs Chief by ‘Ahsan Zawar’


May 12, 2007 will probably go down in the history of Pakistan as the day when people realized how deadly Karachi can become. The city which has seen one of the worst bloodsheds in the early nineties when two major political forces clashed with other was again painted with red today. Interestingly I fail to understand who exactly is called a political worker in Pakistan, the youngster who is not treated equally at his home to someone who probably has committed a serious crime and finds a secure place to hide under the flag of a political party. Whatever it is, he lives with a weapon in the buckle of his belt for self defense or exploiting someone else’s defense.

The Chief Justice as they say is the guardian of the law of the country is running all over country to find justice for himself. I wonder how people who have decades long cases pending in different courts of Pakistan sees this, maybe they are smiling deep inside as now is their chance to finally draw the conclusion that Justice is a failure in our country. The lawyers who play with the laws and dates everyday are now waiting for right dates and the right decision to secure their future at least for sometime. They seek refuge in the banner of opposition parties whose life long dreams of million marches have finally come true. Whatever is the outcome of this reference will be, one thing is for sure, it is not right versus wrong, its not even government versus the opposition (they are one and the same thing except for different faces), its not MQM versus PPP, its actually “The General Versus The Chief.” I won’t be surprised to see Chaudhry Ifthikar’s name in the candidates list for the next president.

In no country you will see ruling parties holding rallies to show their strength and popularity. They are ruling because they have the majority of the support, they are ruling because they have the strength to outnumber the opposition in the assemblies. By calling peace rallies or by coloring the whole city with banners of green and red served no good for MQM and I have to say this that this decision of holding a rally on May 12 will probably go down as one of the worst decision made by Altaf Hussain in his political career. The image which they tried to build in the last 4 years, the idea of using lesser force to meet their demands have all shattered into pieces. The street rats with gutkas in their mouths and with an accomplice on their backseat of Honda 70 are back to show how much frustrated they are.The place of final showdown was unfortunately my hometown Karachi. What people saw was the exhibition of firearms not in expo centre but on the main streets of Karachi. The law enforcement agencies enjoyed a day off and preferred to sit back and enjoyed the show.


The state which is responsible for providing security to its citizens was busy in organizing their Gala Affair at Islamabad where president of the country is to preside a gathering for the ruling party. The only thing that is on his mind is probably his re election. The city where they say people love enjoying and going out remained in their homes hearing the sounds of crackers outside their homes. Eighteen people died today up to now. Who are they, which political party they belong to, the either side is calling them martyrs, were they justified in terrorizing the city, were they justified in their protests.

I think as a society we are unable to choose the medium of expression for ourselves, we don’t know how to put our demands, we don’t know the means to acquire them. I think we all are seeking justice of some kind. We finally want some rules to prevail in our country but are we ready to accept them.


its not me… its you!

It’s natural for us to make mistakes but we find it hard to forgive ‘em. Reason? Perhaps the only person whose mistakes, blunders and missteps we are ready to pardon is no one else but ourself. When I make mistakes I always ponder and find an excuse for it. I blame luck, society, KESC, teachers, parents, and friends. Hmm but don’t they play an important role in our lives. When we don’t screw things up for ourselves somebody step in and fuck things up.

But I know I could’ve tried harder to make things better for myself. I should have prepared for the worst as they say cause things will go wrong as they have always. So don’t blame the lady luck cuz shes a bitch. Don’t blame the society as the society consists of bunch of hypercritical fag-tards who just love to judge even a newly born baby; on its cast color or creed. Don’t blame KESC because they get power from WAPDA and they are just uneducated, non resourceful, lazy ass bastards. Don’t blame the teachers they are just doing their job but wait a sec the actual complain is that they are not doing their job properly. Loved ones; oh what to say about them they are so perfect themselves.

Moral of the story dont you ever make a fucking mistake and never ever forgive anyone on his/her mistake because when it will be your turn they’l screw you up doggy style.   


This world is a kid’s playground to me…


 baaziichaa-e-atfaal hai duniyaa mere aage
hotaa hai shab-o-roz tamaashaa mere aage

[baaziichaa-e-atfaal = kid’s playground]

[shab-o-roz = everyday]


aashiq huu.N pe maashuuq_farebii hai mera kaam
majanuuN ko buraa kahatii hai lailaa merea age

 [pe= but, maashuuq_farebii= deceiving loved ones]


mat puuchh ke kyaa haal hai meraa tere piichhe
tuu dekh ke kyaa rang hai teraa mere aage


go haath ko jumbish na-sahii.n aa.Nkho.n me.n to dam hai
rahane do abhii saaGar-o-miinaa mere aage

[go= if; jumbish = movement; saaGar-o-miinaa = glass of wine]


Are you busy ?


random guy> hi man

ammar(busy)> hi

random guy> are you busy ?

ammar(busy)> yes.. sorry man im doing some work

random guy> ok man np

ammar(busy) > why?

random guy> nah just checking nuffin fancy 😛

ammar(busy)> k 😛

after 10 mins…..


sweet-gurl> hi ammar 🙂

sweet-gurl> you aint busy or are you ??

after 3 mins….

sweet-gurl> NUDGE !!

sweet-gurl> NUDGE !!

after 2 mins….

sweet-gurl> NUDGE !!



after 15 mins….

Mr. Smart Ass> oye cheetay !! wasap 😛

Mr. Smart Ass> NUDGE !!

Mr. Smart Ass> busy shizzy to nahe hai (you arent busy or are you ) ?

ammar(busy)> no im having the sign just for fun sake :@

Mr. Smart Ass> cmon man…take a chill pill

Mr. Smart Ass> wat happen man?

ammar(busy)> nuffin-was-just-working-on-this-freaking-presentation.

Mr. Smart Ass> relax yar. temme wat happened? are you really busy

ammar(busy)> i jst toldya im working on smthgn important… and besides do you enter a female washroom and thn ask is it a ladies room or not.

Mr. Smart Ass> no man but thats not the point. i can feel it , there is smthgn wrong. cmon speakup wats te problem.

ammar(busy)> huh?

Mr. Smart Ass> i knw its difficult for you to speak but you can do it man….no cmon

ammar(busy) >wtf? since when u have bcom Opera?? im perfectly f9 !!

Mr. Smart Ass> your will dude. sometime opening up helps…

Mr. Smart Ass> remember if you feel like gettign some of the burden off those soulders jus give me a ring … aright ??!

ammar(busy)> i will my friend…on the contarary can you help me with the microcontroller project I cant go to saddar market, for some reason … so can u bring me the stuff?? plz

Mr. Smart Ass> aah… yar i would have but…. hey i gtg

Mr. Smart Ass>tc ok

Mr. Smart Ass>bye


after 3 mins……

[zameer] > hey party !! wasap

[zameer] > are you busy ??

ammar(busy)> hmmmm……..

[zameer] (blocked)>


Going Nowhere…



2nd May ’07

Hontoon pe Kabhi unke, mera naam bhi aye ….

mera naam bhi aye ..

Aye to Kabhi, Ilzaam hii aye !!


– Ada Jafri

Barsare-Ilzaam= just for the sake of accusation



Bol Ke Lab Azaad Hain Terey






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