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Urge Overkill – Girl you’ll be a woman soon


“Girl, You’ll be A Woman Soon”


I love you so much, can’t count all the ways
I’ve died for you girl and all they can say is
“He’s not your kind”
They never get tired of putting me down
And I’ll never know when I come around
What I’m gonna find
Don’t let them make up your mind.
Don’t you know…


Girl, you’ll be a woman soon,
Please, come take my hand
Girl, you’ll be a woman soon,
Soon, you’ll need a man


I’ve been misunderstood for all of my life
But what they’re saying girl it cuts like a knife
“The boy’s no good”
Well I’ve finally found what I’m a looking for
But if they get their chance they’ll end it for sure
Surely would
Baby I’ve done all I could
Now it’s up to you…


Girl, you’ll be a woman soon,
Please, come take my hand
Girl, you’ll be a woman soon,
Soon, you’ll need a man


Girl, you’ll be a woman soon,
Please, come take my hand
Girl, you’ll be a woman soon,
Soon but soon, you’ll need a man


Munna Bhai in trouble…


The coolest actor in Bollywood and a household name in the sub-continent; Sanjay Dutt aka Sanjoo Baba was sentenced for six years earlier today. Pr3rna’s article will provide you a better picture about it but we all know the history of the issue and the hardships the actor has faced. I on this forum would like to record my full support for Mr. Sanjay Dutt. May God help him !!


Words of Wisdom..

  •  When this world favors somebody, it lends him the attributes, and surpassing merits of others and when it turns its face away from him it snatches away even his own excellences and fame.
  • Submission to Allah’s Will is the best companion; wisdom is the noblest heritage; theoretical and practical knowledge are the best signs of distinction; deep thinking will present the clearest picture of every problem.

    Imam Ali (A.S)


    United we stand…


    There are things in life that really puzzles me, like

    1) Why after so much humiliation and disgrace the mullahs are still supporting Ghazi Abdul Aziz and want him back?

    2) Why talent less bastards like Sahir Lodhi are on the tele and radio all the time?

    3) How come a nincompoop like Arbab Raheem is our chief minister?

    But above all;

    What the fuck is going on in my country?

    There is not a single day when I switch on to the tele and I don’t see a burned dead body. There are two professionals that are really in demand these days. The guys who makes bomb for a living and guys who blow themselves in public.( How convenient. Eh?) Extremism is every where in this world. There are skin heads in England who likes to beat a crap out of the darkies (Pakistanis and Indians). There are Upper class Hindu teachers in India who like to purify or urinify (to be exact) their students (Dilits by cast) so that they can get better grades. Mentally challenged teenagers shoot off’s their class fellows and teachers (Virginia tech)

    But why are we labeled as Moderates, Semi Moderates, Extremists, Budd naked extremists. What else do you expect? When a guy with an AK-47 in his hand and a military jacket on his body will appear on the tele and will announce:

    ‘Hey fellas!! Remember the twin towers you use to have in New York I blew that off. And yes I will continue doing these terrorists activities to humiliate my peaceful religion. So screw you guys!! I’m going to Vegas.’- OSAMA

    So are we waiting for a miracle here? Hmmm let see …. No, this is not a Hindi movie where Sharukh Khan will get the girl in the end and wll live happily ever after. We all need to get real, we all have to work are lazy ass off to bring the country out of the crises. How about being united for a start? Like we are in the cricket matches. ( that rules me out as I am always betting on the other team 😛 )


    Random Musing # 6



    Mohabbat kerney waley kam na hongay

    Teri Mehfil mei lekin hum na hongay..



    Zamanay bhar ka gham ya ek tera gham

    Yeh gham hoga to kitnay gham na hongay !!



    Agar tu itta-faqan mil bhi jaey….

    Teri furqat ke sadmay kam na hongay



    • Mehfil = social gathering
    • Zamanay= society
    • Itefaqan= by chance or luck
    • Furqat= loss of a loved one





    One year to Ronin


    22nd July 2006 I accidentally entered the blogging world. At that time I had no clue that this blog would grow this much and will change my life for good. I would like to thank the Almighty Allah who gave me opportunity to express my feelings to the world. I still have no idea how to write but according to some people; the important thing is the ability to express yourself. I am still trying to learn how to do it; by reading and learning from other writers and bloggers.

    I would like to thank all my regular readers who supported RONIN through out. Without you I might loose the motivation to write more. The list includes Asim, Pr3rna, Lubna, Ahsan, Hassan, Om, Ankur, Aridhi and those who visit the blog regularly or occasionally.

    Ayaz, for introducing me to wordpress and the blogging world.

    Beeca, for being an honest critic.

    Thank you vey much !!


    Justice – The begining of an end (Part 1 of 2)

    (Note:The following is an extract from the famous letter written by Imam Ali (AS) to Maalik al-Ashtar governor of Egypt. In this part of the letter Hazrat Ali (AS) is instructing Maalik; about the criteria upon which the judges should be appointed and set of laws they should abide by.)

    As far as dispensing of justice is concerned, you have to be very careful in selecting officers for the same. You must select people of excellent character and high caliber and with meritorious records. They must possess the following qualifications: Abundance of litigations and complexity of cases should not make them lose their temper.

    When they realize that they have committed a mistake in judgment they should not insist on it by trying to justify it. When truth is made clear to them or when the right path opens up before them, they should not consider it below their dignity to correct the mistake made or to undo the wrong done by them. They should not be corrupt, covetous or greedy. They should not be satisfied with ordinary enquiry or scrutiny of a case, but should scrupulously go through all the pros and cons, they must examine every aspect of the problem carefully, and whenever and wherever they find doubtful and ambiguous points, they must stop, go through further details, clear the points, and only then proceed with their decisions. They must attach the greatest importance to reasoning, arguments and proofs. They should not get tired of lengthy discussions and arguments. They must exhibit patience and perseverance in scanning the details, in testing the points presented as true, in sifting facts from fiction and when truth is revealed to them they must pass their judgments without fear, favor or prejudice.

    They should not develop vanity and conceit when compliments and praises are showered upon them. They should not be mislead by flattery and cajolery. But unfortunately they are few persons having such characteristics. After you have selected such men to act as your judges, make it a point to go through some of their judgements and to check their proceedings. Pay them handsomely so that their needs are fully satisfied and they are not required to beg or borrow or resort to corruption. Give them such a prestige and position in your State that none of your courtiers or officers can overlord them or bring harm to them. Let judiciary be above every kind of executive pressure or influence, above fear or favour, intrigue or corruption. Take every particular care of this aspect because before your appointment this State was under the sway of corrupt, time-serving and wealth-grasping opportunists who were lewd, greedy and vicious and who wanted nothing out of a State but a sinful consent of amassing wealth and pleasures for themselves.

    R O N I N

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