The Holocaust

The other night I was flicking on the remote from on channel to the other. Hoping that on some channel their must be something that’ll be at least interesting for a change. My prays were answered and on some movie channel I saw one of the greatest piece of art ever made in the history of cinema. It was Steven Spielberg’s world war-II epic Schindler’s List. The 1993 epic for its cinematographic excellence won many Oscars including the best picture award. The biographical film is based on the book Schindler’s ark written by Thomas Keneally. The plot revolves around Oscar Schindler; Sudeten-German Catholic businessman who saved the lives of over one thousand Polish Jews during The Holocaust.

The film frame by frame and scene by scene is a work of Spielberg’s genius. During the film I realized  the amount of unspeakable tragedies the European Jews faced during the holocaust period. About 10 million were killed most of them burned alive according to the Jewish historians. But if you look into the history you will also find  a large number of scholars and writers that have denied the some of the so-called realities of holocaust, they find the figure of the dead and some events (that are quoted by the Jewish historians) exaggerated. Some even completely deny the Holocaust itself.

There are strict laws in Europe for Holocaust deniers. The so called freedom of speech champion Europe(where you can curse the GOD and Jesus) even sent writers to prison if they are found denying the holocaust. Reason; it is a sensitive issue for the Jewish community. But the point I want to raise in this post is the fact that despite all the tragedies and holocaust the behavior of the Jewish people specially the big guns and decision makers is confusing. They went through some really hard times. They have experienced men being cruel and evil but we hardly find a difference in their behavior when it is their turn in power.

I look at the Middle East and I see blood shed. Loads of dead bodies, killings, rapes, law less ness and not surprisingly but on the basis of religion. How different are the Israelis from the Nazis. They have become what they hate the most. I wonder if the media was as powerful as it is now; was it possible for Hitler and nazi party to kill millions of innocent Jews? I don’t know. But nearly a million Iraqi Muslims have died after American invasion. Israel supported the invasion and is also ready to sponsor the American war against the neighboring Iraqi Muslim states especially if the war extends to Iranian soil. From the early nineties till now Iraq has turned into a ghetto by the respectable world including Israel.

I won’t defend any action of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda here as they have given another reason for the invaders to carry out their atrocities against the innocent Muslims. Some say they are working for the invaders, I can’t agree more. But the point is despite the UNO being functional, despite the media being free and unbiased, despite the world being a global village and more humanitarian I am observing a Muslim holocaust in the middles east and the strings are pulled by none other than the holocaust survivors.


2 Responses to “The Holocaust”

  1. 1 lubz
    August 20, 2007 at 5:19 am

    Few days ago, i was in an argument with a coullege of mine who said the same thing,.holocaust is the creation of jews mind, i didn’t agree to that but he asked me to read history without western point of view and you’ll find no evidence regarding mass jews graves or soap factories which made soaps with jews body fat…come to think of it, all the history i read regarding holocaust has been written by majority of jews.. i don’t know how much of it is truth and how much is exageration but one thing is certain…many nations in the world sympathize with jews because of holocaut and it was the main reason that led to creation of Isreal!

  2. August 20, 2007 at 11:01 pm

    Israel like Pakistan is an Ideological country. Every Jew no matter hes an American or an English man is a citizen of Israel as well and has a registered house there as well. They are very systematic and every Israeli citizen is bound to perform int he militarary for a certain amount of time.

    Thank you for your views Lubz its always a pleasure to hear from you 🙂

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