The General that can be criticized by Ahsan Zawar


Well I am one of the biggest haters of army in politics whether it’s my homeland or some other country. The concept of army capturing land and wealth from the other has never really impressed me. As a kid I was made to believe by my family that it is the safest and the best career in Pakistan. To their utter disappointment I never tried for the armed forces.


Now with so much of media exposure, everyone seems to be talking about politics everywhere. I like the line written on a wall in some old saddar’s restaurant “Siyasi Guftago say parhaiz kijiye” (Please do not discuss politics). This line took me to the past and I just look around for the things that are with us and that we take for granted. When someone oppresses and deliberately keeps our rights away from us, we do complain but when someone gives us our due right, we not only take it but we make huge victorious comment of how we achieved it though in reality we never make a single and honest attempt to struggle for it. So in short we complain and debate even more after getting our due right than we used to do when it wasn’t with us.


It is tough to defend someone who has done something for you especially when the trend is just opposite (in this case Criticizing Musharraf is more in fashion these days). The Government Muslim League has done little to support the man and he is often blamed of supporting them. President no matter how powerful we consider him in our society will still be an ordinary human. He can’t handle everything so he shouldn’t be blamed for everything. People like Wasi Zafar and Sher Afghan were born like that. Whatever they do is unjustifiably wrong to blame it on someone else. For that case I don’t even blame their mothers because they were made like that by God.


The media and press were pushed to the wall by former democrats and dictators. The newspapers were scrutinized and the news on PTV, we all remembers when they used to skip the firing and bombing incidents in Karachi. I researched on this about how many journalists actually tried starting a movement for the liberation of media or for that matter do their bit for educating people. The answer to my utter shock was not sweet. They have been cases where the journalists and papers have tried being supporters of a particular block and did what everyone in our society do at best. Sit, relax and count the money.


For that case I divide the two eras as pre and post Musharraf. How much an ordinary man knew about the politics and things around him in the pre era? Yes we used to talk about politics and issues but we used to make sure that this does not go out of our rooms. The liberation of media to me is the biggest gift to us by the dictator no matter how much you hate him. We certainly started feeling more responsible and educated. The door was open for a free debate for the first time in our life. The constitutions and the laws started being discussed on TV. I conclude this on that, today the politician that thinks that the people are stupid and uneducated is himself the most stupid person around. I thank the dictator for giving us our due right, the right to know and the right to speak.

14 Responses to “The General that can be criticized by Ahsan Zawar”

  1. 1 lubz
    October 22, 2007 at 7:34 am

    I read it somewhere and i found it terribly funny;
    “Every country have an army where as Pakistani army is the only army that have a country”

    Giving media too much freedom isn’t going down too well Ahsan, I know little knowledge is a dangerous thing but I think too much knowledgr is also not so good. It’s like you’re flaunting your dirty linen in front of the whole world, without any idea how vulnerable you’re making yourself. There should be a balance, no need to be a PTV which is too confined neither GEO which i find too liberal.

    Though I don’t think I would like to go back to pre-Musharaf era when it comes to media, however this post-Musharaf era have its own consequences as well…

    Anyhow, good read Ahsan, its time to start your own blog instead of increasing Ronin popularity 😉

  2. October 22, 2007 at 8:09 am


    the americans and europeon earned it 40 years ago, the indains got it a decade ago and we were provided in ur uncle musharrafs era ie the so called “media freedom” . In the first half of Musharrafs era, it helped him a lot. Appostion leaders used to come on TV and vomit out their hatred. in other words the tv successfully played the role of exhaust system. this system is very useful in countries like USA where people criticsize BUSH, come on streets, call him names, make fun of him but when it comes to polling; they re-elect him 😛

    But when the corruption and lawless ness of Uncle Mush’s Govt. started becoming public; the attacks on geo, ajj are on record. 30 or more journalists died many injured, paralllized, blackmaled, threatened. to be exact according to vetran journalists this Govt. proved itself tobe the worst of all. I knw people are more invlolved in polotics but if they cant choose their own President who actually runs the Govt. what good is the criitcism or political discussion that takesplace on tv streets and public gatherings.

    @ LUBZ

    i will be more then happy to see him blog, but dont you give ideas to my guest writers 😛 😀
    Ronin is a public platform where you can get urself heard and involve in a constructive debate.

  3. 3 Ahsan Zawar
    October 22, 2007 at 8:34 am


    Thanks for the comments but as I mentioned in the article people are begining to choose what is good for them. Geo is loosing alot of viewship these days coz of its outrageous attempt to cover the events. I know alot of ppl who were tuned into Ajj instead of listening to Kamran Khan’s live commentary of how every dead body is treated on 18th oct. but i agree to u on point that too much knowledge for our rather illiterate people is also causing difficulties. Atleast there is a struggle within so create the balance.

    Thanx for the idea but i think it requires alot of dedication and upgradation to run the blog. Iam too lazy for all this btw iam a regular visitor on Tehreer

    I wont term it as so called freedom. They are free to large extent, surely not completly free… But the attacks on journalists isnt the invention of this government. This has been used by all the previous ones as well. In Zia’s era the newspaper used to be half black on the articles that have slightest of clue of being against him. PPP mastermined the attack and publishing of all the newspapers after Murtaza’s Bhutto’s murder. I know 2 wrongs cannot make one right. I just wanna see the half filled glass instead of half empty

  4. October 22, 2007 at 9:21 am


    i knw we can debate on this issue for hours but the fact remains that what value this so called freedom of speecha got when one cant vote his future.

    nice post by the way 🙂

  5. 5 Ahsan Zawar
    October 22, 2007 at 10:43 am

    thanx ammar…

    yeah the debate is kinda endless…i was hoping u dont put this particular photo….I just shows a very different color of the general…but thats fine…i dont know why he posed like that for the pic…lol

  6. October 22, 2007 at 1:03 pm

    I have seen PTV during Benazir,Nawaz Sharif and Mussharaf And Zia era. From an outsider’s view I can tell you before Mussharaf PTV was like Indian TV during the Emergency.Except for the cultural programmes all the other stuff was comedy(I mean current affairs and news). Mussharaf has given a lot of liberty to Pakistani media.People like Ayaz Amir are cursing him week after week in their columns and he is putting up with it, which is creditable.They have been instances repoted where journalists were victimised but then Nazam Sethi was victimised during Nawaz Sharif’s rule.
    One reason for this change during Mussharaf regime could be satelite TV which he could not control and to some extent the internet but let us give him his due.
    PS- I will favour democracy to dictatorship anywhere and anyday.

  7. October 23, 2007 at 12:52 am

    I have lived through Zia’s dictatorship and Benazir’s and Nawaz’s autocracy too. I agree with Ahsan and pr3rna that Pakistani people have not seen the freedom of speech and expression the way they have experienced during Musharraf’s period. Many people may have forgotten the Monarchy of Benazir and Sharif. I just wonder why did no one come to rescue Supreme court during Nawaz’s period.
    I do not like Musharraf and am strongly against many decisions he took and the way he backed out on his words so many times but out of these three and hypocrits who lie in the name of religion, I would still vote for Musharraf. He spent his youth defending this very land, he traveled in the same buses and trains that a common Pakistani travels in and he drank the same water what a common Pakistani drinks. Benazir and Nawaz want to sacrifice their life for their land since July this year but few years ago they ran away when prosecuted for corruption charges.

    For a common man anywhere, social justice, economic freedom, freedom of expression , peace and security are most important things and s/he doesn care if it comes from Musharraf or Imran Khan.
    Regarding western democracy I remember a quote ” Western democracy is like two wolves and a lamb voting to decide what to eat at lunch” 😀

  8. 8 becca
    October 23, 2007 at 3:47 pm

    freedom of speech on media is commendable in musharraf cuz it takes a alot of courage to face criticism on oneself n mushraf has dat mush courage unlike mr sharif or mrs 10 percent nyways. as far as GEO TV is concern it will definitely losin ots viewership as commom public dnt wana hear the bullshit comments of kamran khan and shahid masood as kamran khan is biased and only talkin onesidedly on da favour of benazir dnt ppl realize da curroption of her era n degradation of economy her swiss accounts scandal and wat kinna democracy she is talkin abt wen zulfiqaR jR couldent get justic in her era wat protection is she goin to give to da public geo never ask these questions where as TV one n Ajj or not biased thy walk abt thr talk. musharraf should be appreciated for the media libration and a commom ppl now is not just following the corrupt politician instead their minds r open due to media and thy have thr onw say n can thing wat s worng going on around them.

  9. 9 Ahsan Zawar
    October 23, 2007 at 5:40 pm

    thanx prerna, zios and becca for ur valuable feedback….

    well it always feel good to get an outsider;s view on our own affairs..coz we may be biased unintentionly towards our own… People around the world do respect musharraf for wat he has done but we are just a little too restless in critisizing our own.. I believe his real worth wud rather be known when he leaves….

    well zios to be honest I thank God for not putting me in Zia’s era… I just hate the guy for the irrepairable losses he has done and from my prespective people like can better evaluate both ends. I like the line BB and nawaz want to sacrifice their lives from july this year…Good one man…lol

    Well u seem to have ur own point…I like the fact that we want to learn from our past by not forgetting it… How can one forget wat Nawaz and BB did in 90;s …Its just only a few months that they have starting talking some sense… we shud not forgive them that easily….but people want pirates of the london back in the name of bringing back democracy…I wud consider Sharif as a dictator also for his conservative approach to media and affairs…

    P.S …I wud also support democracy anyday on dictatorship but i will give credit whenever it is due to whoever…

  10. 10 Rajiv
    October 23, 2007 at 10:04 pm

    “As a kid I was made to believe by my family that it is the safest and the best career in Pakistan. To their utter disappointment I never tried for the armed forces.”

    Good for you, I wouldn’t think a career in the military is particularly safe, especially not in the Pakistani army. Stay out of it 😉

  11. October 24, 2007 at 1:02 pm

    but democracy is not an option on da cost of country’s wealth no politcian have da right to promuglate democracy and at da same time fillin up thr personal accounts dis is hipocracy not democracy idnt care whether it is dictatorship or democracy in da country da ruler shuld be fair working for national interest not for his personal vested interest how can we forget da past but we shd not make da same mistakes but selecting da same ruler for whome we had a bitter expecrience just for da sake for democracy or for personal respect cux dat person belongs to ur communtnity, sect or whatever>>>

  12. October 24, 2007 at 1:06 pm

    as far as da media freedom is concern nawaz n BB were afraid cuz of thr acts so nvr evn thought of media fredom n long before thr was only poor PTV wch was a puppetry regeim in da hands of govt.but as i said before it takes a lot of courage to hear ur own criticism

  13. 13 Ahsan Zawar
    October 25, 2007 at 10:02 pm


    Well its all about working for ur country and having the same patriotism no matter in which field u r …. If i wud have opted for Pak Army i wud have never regret that


    I think the corruption is quite a basic issue..U give a commoner a little power and influence …he’l start misusing it in his own capacity…the leaders just represent the socities of sub continent…but i think they shud learn atleast not to make similar mistakes again…(i.e they consider the previous ones as mistakes…in case of BB and nawaz there is no Sharm o Haya at all)

    Well when it started all..u cud see from the politicians reactions …it was like how dare u ask such a question..with BB throwing the mic at jawabdeh…So the credit goes to the leader…

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