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Memoirs of a blogger

I asked myself, will I ever be able to recover? Or trust? Every person that I ever trusted stabbed me in the back. Am I so easy?

  This year’s winter welcomed me with a bad flu 😛 . I am on self prescribed pills these days and thinking of visiting some doctor who might help me out of this misery. But can you trust a doctor with your health. After all he is the part of the same society we live in. I hate going to doctors but since I am doing everything that I hate doing; this exercise might not feel that bad.  

This blog has become quite public. Visitors know me too well and expect better of me that I might fail to deliver. I am planning to abandon ronin and write under a different pen name in a totally different blog. That would be cool eh? In the olden age people use to seek solitude and some of them managed to get answers to their problems. Probably this might work for me as well. No I wont grow a beard and a pony tail 😛 to appear like late John Lennon.

Peace out!


Lonely Gurl 15???



The day the music died


Who knew that you will learn something form an Adam Sandler movie. Most of them are the same, but he’s maturing with his movies for sure. ‘Spanglish’ is one good example, where he played a responsible husband and loving father of two struggling with what we call these days life. But I am not discussing ‘Spanglish’ here. The movie I am talking about is ‘Click’. By the promos it failed to impress me. I thought it must be just another Adam Sandler flick where he must be surrounded by bunch of lunatics doing crazy things. Long story short HBO was showing it and I had nothing fancy to do.

The film is about a family man, architect by profession who spends day in and day out to earn a good living for his family. His boss like any other boss abuses his talents and make him over work. Adam struggles to find a balance between family and professional life. His dissatisfaction leads him to short cut solution to all his problems. And one day he was handed on; a universal remote control that had this magical power to pause, rewind, forward and fast forward his life. As it turns out to be the same family whose living standards he so wanted to improve by working really hard, detaches from him thanks to his emotional absence. The same remote control whose presence was making his difficulties shorter skipped the most precious moments of his life. And his achievements lead him no where.

I was born and raised in the city of Karchi. People say Karachi never sleeps; the city is famous for its fast life. If you wake up in the morning you will find people rushing and speeding up to their destinations. Oblivious of what life has to offer them in the future. After this is what life is all about. You work hard to earn money; money buys you food, basic necessities of life, and luxuries that are important as well. If you are not in the race then you are out of the race as a looser. And nobody likes to be a looser. This world would eat you inside out if you even consider stepping out of the race. So to be or not to be is that ‘the question’.

The concept is too complicated for me 😛 I guess. I am still a student like many learning new lessons everyday from experiences good and bad. For the time being bad experiences are topping the charts but what the hell I will have my time. I might be a Monday right now but I will be Saturday night soon 😉

Here is something to make all the music lovers a reason to enjoy. It’s Don McClean and the song for those who haven’t guessed yet Bye Bye Miss American pie’.

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I met a girl who sang the blues And I asked her for some happy news
But she just smiled and turned away
I went down to the sacred store Where I’d heard the music years before
But the man there said the music woudn’t play And in the streets the children screamed The lovers cried, and the poets dreamed
But not a word was spoken The Church bells all were broken
And three men I admire most The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost
They caught the last train for the coast The Day the Music Died.


Random Musings # 10


Ek bass tu hi nahee jo mujh se khafa ho bheta!

Mai ne jo Sangg tarasha tha woh khuda ho bheta!

[Sangg= stone, tarasha= sculpt, Khafa=estranged]



Devil (continues to) wear beard!


Imran Khan is on hunger strike in prison. Yes I am talking about the same guy who leaded the only team which made us the World Champions in the cricketing world. For those who are unaware of the fact that how and when he ended up in jail, I have a very interesting tale to tell. Imran Khan after Nov 3rd became quite active; politically and went underground when the state police tried to arrest him during a protest march at LUMS.

 After that close escape we observed something very unique; students of LUMS and NU Lahore actively participated in the protest rallies which demanded to put an end on Military rule, the restoration of the 1973 constitution and freedom of media. In the mean while students of the biggest university of Punjab; PU invited Imran Khan to show up and lead their protest rally. On the D-day when Mr.Khan showed up a group of students gruesomely manhandled him and handed him over to the Govt. authorities who that were present their in white clothes.  Now the question arises.

WTF? They invited him to lead the protest and instead they tricked him to jail. What kind of immoral act is that? And a million dollar question is who did that?  

Answer; Jamiat Student organization of Jamat-e-Islami 


Aren’t they in the apposition as well? 


Ain’t this party lead by Qazi Hussein Ahmed who also happens to be a close ally to Imran? 


Then? Why did they do something this stooooopid or evil. This act was like helping Musharraf in his cause. 

 I know 

This is hypocrisy to its limits. 

Hehe yeah 😀 

Idiots don’t have horns these days so they make themselves prominent by blowing themselves off in public and joining self appointed religious organizations. Which were already packed with bunch of crack heads that can’t differentiate between software and underwear. Plus back stabbing and doing everything apposite to what ever they preach (whine about) is one attribute which is very common in species we refer to as Mullahs. When I was running out of reasons to hate them they came up awith nother reason to support my logic 😀 Mogambo Khush hua!! When Qazi Hussein Ahmed was asked what on earth his gang was thinking when they handed over their ally and friend to the Govt. they so love to hate. He replied; ‘Galtee se mishtake hogya!’ 


That sounds like dim-witted Robert from the classic comedy film ‘Andaaz Apna Apna’. You don’t want to hear the lame story that followed his excuse given above. A ten year old gives a better justification when caught watching naughty movies. But this incident proves that political parties especially the religious ones whine about democracy when they lack tolerance, give free lessons on Muslim brotherhood when they cant help themselves backstebbing their political allies, give strike calls and ask people to do Jehad against Musharraf and USA when they are helping them on and off the field.

Note: This post was also published in PTS


Nothing business its all personal…


In other news;  Geo and ARY were forced to go off air. Apparently uncle Mush talked to his counter part (dictator) in Dubai and asked him a favor that he couldn’t refuse. Now Amir Liaqat has no choice to go back to his original job; that was selling candies at bus stops.

 I surprisingly bumped into Aisha Alim few days back. No. not at Zamzama (shpping mall) 😛 but here at wordpress. Yes apparently ex-wife of Brian O’Connor (Rock Star; bassist), single mother of two, morning show hostess and an RJ have a blog as well. Yes she writes! I know most of the male bloggers are under this wrong impression that hot ladies don’t blog or do anything smart, I want to ask you who told you that bloggers or people who run websites are philosophers that have the ability to change the course of the world. 

The most popular blog at wordpess is about cats. Yes cats doing funny things. One can witness 100 and more comments under each and every post. Some bloggers out there put huge efforts in their posts. I know a few them and damn they are quite professional. But their efforts are of no news when people prefer a funny cat doing cha-cha-cha on   murder of the innocents in Iraq.    

Coming back to Aisha Alim, in her post she called Geo-News, Pakistan’s Fox news. According to her the two channels invited the trouble they are in today. Now the lady works at Dawn News that despite its reputation as a prominent news paper of Pakistan is only a toddler in the media world. Both Geo and ARY went through think and thin to get what the baby channels like Dawn News have today ie that thing we call freedom of press 😛  

I informed her that this sudden change of behavior of a media person is quite shocking for me, because some days back when her own TV station was facing a ban of a very similar sort she had a very strong stance for freedom of press and media. How the world changed in two days?

 Dunno about her but it’s personal for the General now. Uncle Mush is ready to bring anything down that comes between him and his power. He is very well aware of the fact that once the power cord is unplugged out of his body; Uncle Mush is history. All the freedom of speech shit he always use to take credit for was proven wrong when the channels went off air. Period


Hang in there!



…When youre bearly getting by,

and you have a beastly day,

when life is hard to bear and it rubs you the wrong way …

Just turn your eyes to heaven

and pause to say a prayer

that God will lift you up

and help you HANG IN THERE!.


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