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Idea of love

“You’re not in love with me, Hank. You’re in love with the IDEA of love.”
– Karen; Californication

Break On through to the other side….

Piece of Art; Palestinian artist ‘Trash’, expressing the frustrations of Palestinians about the barrier.BBC News

Lets talk about good Music




Bored of Election coverage and who will become the NeXt Prime Minister chat? Do your girl friend bugs you with the same [Do I look fat to you?] question over and over again and you can’t tell the truth? Does your mum don’t put right quantity of salt in your salun or your office’s cabin mate find it okay to pick nose in front of you. If all these or some of these problems are troubling you and you just want to get all relaxed this weekend, then not to worry because Master Ronin [ie me 😉 ] have some quality muzik for ya 🙂


And I aint just talking about wanna be singers like Besura Himesh, Mela Atif Aslam or Chicken Ali Zafar 😛 I am talking about class, sur and sangeet all combined in one man; whose voice is legendary and whose name is known to everyone who loves muzik; yep I am talking about Muhammed Rafi, the most popular playback singer in the subcontinent.


Here are my favorite five, you can thank me in the comment section 😛



1) Tum Jo milgaye ho:

Madan Mohans melody and Rafi’s mesmerizing voice makes you do things that only loverz do 😉 and I mean in a good romantic sense 😛 As far as the video goes, we see a good looking, clean shaven taxi driver who’s more interested in sneaking at the female passenger in the back. Not quite possible to remain in their good moods while driving in todays busy roads. My message to all the lovers out there; don’t try this on road 😛





2) Chalkaye Jaam:

There is this association of Urdu poetry with the bartender (saqi), glasses filled whith wine (Jaam not Jam Jelly) and booze. Despite the fact that alcohol is prohibited in the religion, Muslim poets are found guilty of using these terms again and again and again 😛



Why? I’ll ask chacha Ghalib in the after life. Watch this video, needless to say that how much I adoreeeeeeeeee this song, lyrics and muzikaaa. Horrible video though 😛





3) Likhey Jo khat Tuje:

Wah! What a beautifoooooooool concept 🙂 At this age of internet lovers don’t write letters though sms’s and emails are doing the trick. And it aint romantic whining about it 😛 The video is comparatively good. It features my favorite Kapoor; Shashi. No I wasn’t talking about Kareeena 😛





4) Chand Mera Dil

Yes the moon is another term which is dragged in the urdu poetry. The moon has always been compared from the heroin. I wonder if Mr.Moon or Chanda Mamoo knew what are they doing with his name and fame. His response might be;



‘Big deal if I have a black mark on my face and your slutty gurl friend is all perfect. Get ova it 😛 and go f*ck urself :P’



This video is the best of all others on this post. RD BURMAN immortal music and great voice of you know who 😉



5) Gulabi Ankhein:

The most romantic song of all times 🙂

Back in the 60’s there were no dance moves or discos. So the couples were left unguarded [no maali/gardener] in these public parks. I guess they didn’t know how to make out despite all the privacy so all they thought of doing was jumping, running and rolling on the ground for no reason.



Its spamming men!



The Echo Boomers/Generation ‘Y’ by Asim Imtiaz


Stand back all bosses! A new breed of workforce is about to attack everything you hold sacred: from giving orders, to your starched white shirt and tie. They are called, among other things, “The Echo Boomers.” There are the Generation Y, born in the 80’s, and they’re rapidly taking over from the baby boomers who are now pushing 60.

They were raised by doting parents who told them they are special, played in little teams with no winners or losers, or all winners. They are laden with trophies just for participating and they think your business-as-usual ethic is for the birds. And if you persist in the belief you can, take your job and …errr…well…shove it.

The workplace has become a psychological battlefield and the millennials have the upper hand, because they are tech savvy, with every gadget imaginable almost becoming an extension of their bodies. They multitask, talk, walk, listen and type, and text. And their priorities are simple: they come first.

Faced with new employees who want to roll into work with their iPods and flip flops around noon, but still be CEO by Friday, companies are realizing that the era of the buttoned down exec happy to have a job is so dead. It’s a future of sweet talking bosses, no more “Pay your dues just like I did.” If this generation knows anything, it’s that there are more jobs than young people to fill them. The attitude is ‘If you don’t want me, Mr. Employer, I’ll go sell myself down the street. I’ll probably get more money. I’ll definitely get a better experience. And by the way, they’ll adore me. You only like me.’

And in case you are wondering why FORTUNE has selected Google as the number 1 employer, it’s because of the fact that they are truly a GenY’ers paradise. Watch out the following video:

Source: CBS, 60 minutes, “The Millennials are coming“.


Election Campaign 2008; Twist and Shout!!

As the day of elections is getting nearer the sound of the songs of political parties are getting louder and louder and louder. You walk out of your house and you will find young men shaking their thing not on the dance floor but on the main road 😛 Party workers find the songs and dances important, some people find it funny and normal people like me find it weird.


Today I would like to talk about the top songs that have (not) moved the nation off their feet and urged them to dance their breath out 😛


Topping the charts is the song that I have learned by heart like all the other Karachiites. Its;

1) Muzlomo ka Saaathi by MQM;


Its not that I love the song, or lyrics or the fact that the melodious music made me learn it by heart. But the place I use to live for the past 3 elections and the place where I am living right now is accidentally near the election office of MQM. The song starts with the word which suggests us of a certain product which should not be named in public for some reason. No wonder both our population and patients of AIDS are increasing with every minute. But it’s the most popular song of all election time. It’s like Dil Dil Pakistan of elections.


2) Jiye Bhutto benazir by PPPP;

Now this song makes you dance, the makrani ishtyle. You know what I am talking about right 😉 Yes it’s second on our charts and it rocks. When the late Bhutto was returning from exile and her party workers were all jubilant on her return. I saw a group of 20 odd dancing on main Shah rah –e- Faisal, one of the busiest roads of Karachi city. I dunno about any of you guys but right now I am dancing on this number; the makrani ishtyleeee 😉

3) Shair( Lion) Hamaraa by PML-N


By ‘Share’ the poet meant the lion, and not the stock exchange’s share market 😛 Now this song is brand new in comparison to the top 2 songs. But I like the song, especially the ‘aaaaaaaaaaah……aaaaahhhh..aaaaaaaahhhhhh’ in the background. You cant dance on this song though, but it makes you all ready to vote for the guy in the toupee (ie Nawaz and Shahbaz) 😀


4) Chacha wardi landaa kyun nahee byMusharraf


Uncle why don’t you take your uniform off!! This is a promotional song by Musharraf’s well-wishers. The title suggests other wise but don’t concentrate on the lyrics, images, video, or the fact that he was ill-leagally elected in uniform or what mess the country is in today thanks to Chacha Musharraf. Please ignore all the opposition propaganda; eat your chicken and drink your cold beer.


And you thought I didn’t get songs for PML-Q and MMA, think again. Just because they have little or no public support it doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to campaign and make songs.


Have a lovely election season. Those who don’t know how to dance tap their fingers and jump on one foot. Those who don’t have roti, can eat bread instead. Those who don’t have electricity can borrow it from China. This last video is rated and contains strong words and abuses. Watch at your own risk.


Uncle Qayyum Busted !


Election 2008 is on our door step and a fresh tape of attorney general Malik Qayyum has been released by the human watch; where he is advising someone to get a ticket of a certain party (Q-League) that has golden chances to win the elections because of the planned rigging. This is not the first time that Uncle Qayyum has been caught on tape making claims that link to massive corruption by the government.


In 1999, Qayyum had to resign from high court as a judge thanks to another shameful act of his; a taped telephone call was handed over by PPP. In that particular call he was taking Govt. dictation in an on-going case. So the question arises why the hell Musharraf appointed someone this corrupt as an attorney journal of the country. Well, for the same reason that he appointed the rest of his corrupted cabinet.

This evidence has pasted another question mark on the fairness of February 18th elections.


All you need is love









Love was so in the air yesterday. People celebrated the death of Saint Valentine without feeling sorry for the poor guy. He died alone. How tragic 😛 Personally speaking, I have reached a point in my life where gimmicks related to occasion of such nature hardly effect me. I am not sure if it’s normal for a 22 year old. But I can recall the days from my High school and school when it was quite fun to do stooopid little things. When even Shahrukh Khan films made sense 😛 Yeh rite!


But rules have changed. Nice is out, naughty is in! Seriously I didn’t come up with the nice and naughty phrase. I read it on some cheap reading material. But it makes sense. Girls fall for ‘bad guys’. And guys are mostly desperate so they will ‘do’ anything or anyone, which moves. But then they don’t have a choice or do they? Chacha Murphy said something very interesting in this regard, i.e.


“All the good ones are taken. If the person isn’t taken, there’s a reason.”

Do they have a Murphy law for everything? 😛 you go and figure that out, while I will listen to my favorite number by the Beatles;



You can also watch this funny video if you want;




Atif Saeed’s – عجب پاگل سی لڑکی ہے

Ajab Pagal Si Larki Hai
Mujhay her khat main likhti hai
“Mujhay tum yaad kertay ho?
Tumhain main yaad aati hooN?”
meri baatain satati hain
meri neendain jagati hain
meri aankhain rulaati hain
december ke sunehri dhoop main abb bhi teheltay ho?
kisi khamosh rustay se
koi awaaz aati hai?
Thatharti sard raatoN main
tum abb bhi chhatt pe jaatay ho?
falak ke sab sitarooN ko
meri baatain sunatay ho?
kitaboN se tumharay ishq main koi kami aai?
ya mairi yaad ke shiddat se aankhoN main nami aai?
Ajab pagal Si larki hai
mujhay her khat main likhti hai..
Jawaban ous ko likhta hooN..
meri masroofiyat daikho subah se shaam office main
chiragh-i-umer jalta hai
phir ous k baad duniya kee
kaee majbooriyan pao`n main bairi daal rakhti hain
mujhay bay-fikr, chahat se bharay sapnay nahin dikhtay
Tehelnay, jagnay, ronay kee mohlat hee nahin milti
sitarooN se millay arsa hua..naraz hon shayad
kitabooN se shughaf maira abhi waisay he qayem hai
farq itna parra hai ab ounahin arsay main parhta hooN
tumhain kis ne kaha pagli tumhain main yaad kerta hooN
ke main khud ko bhulanay kee musalsal justajoo main hooN
tumhain na yaad aanay kee musalsal justajoo main hooN
mager yeh justajoo meri bohat nakaam rehti hai
mere din raat main abb bhee tumhari shaam rehti hai
mere lafzooN ki her maala tumharay naam rehti hai
tumhain kis ne kaha pagli tumhain main yaad kerta hooN
poorani baat hai jo log akser gungunatay hain
ounhain hamm yaad kertay hain jinahin hamm bhool jatay hain
ajab pagal si lerki ho
meri masroofiyat daikhoo
tumhain dil se bhulaooN tu tumhari yaad aaye na
tumhain dil se bulanay kee mujhay fursat nahin milti
aur iss masroof jeewan main
tumahray khat ka ikk jumla
“tumhain main yaad aati hooN ?”
meri chahat ki shiddat main kami honay nahin daita
bohat raatain jagata hai mujhay sonay nahin daita
so agli baar apnay khat main yeh jumla nahin likhna
ajab pagal si larki hai mujhay phir bhee ye likhti hai
mujhay tum yaad kertay ho tumhain main yaad aati hooN ?
عجب پاگل سی لڑکی ہے
مجھے ہر خط میں لکھتی ہے
مجھے تم یاد کرتے ہو؟ تمھیں میں یاد آتی ہوں؟
مری باتیں ستاتی ہیں
مری نیندیں جگاتی ہیں
مری آنکھیں رلاتی ہیں
دسمبر کی سنہری دھوپ میں اب بھی ٹہلتے ہو
کسی خاموش رستے سے کوئی آواز آتی ہے؟
ٹھٹہرتی سرد راتوں میں تم اب بھی چھت پہ جاتے ہو
فلک کے سب ستاروں کو مری باتیں سناتے ہو
کتابوں سے تمھارے عشق میں کوئی کمی آئی
یا میری یاد کی شدت سے آنکھوں میں نمی آئی
عجب پاگل سی لڑکی ہے
مجھے ہر خط میں لکھتی ہے
جوابااس کو لکھتا ہوں
مری مصروفیت دیکھو
سحرسے شام آفس میں چراغ عمر جلتا ہے
پھر اس کے بعد دنیا کی کئی مجبوریاں پاؤں میں بیڑی ڈال رکھتی ہیں
مجھے بے فکر، چاہت سے بھرے سپنے نہیں دکھتے
ٹہلنے، جاگنے، رونے کی فرصت ہی نہیں ملتی
ستاروں سے ملے عرصہ ہوا ناراض ہوں شاید
کتابوں سے شغف میرا ابھی ویسے ہی قائم ہے
بس اب اتنا ہوا ہے میں انھیں عرصہ میں پڑھتا ہوں
تمھیں کس نے کہا پگلی تمھیں میں یاد کرتا ہوں؟
کہ میں خود کو بھلانے کی مسلسل جستجو میں ہوں
تمھیں نہ یاد آنے کی مسلسل جستجو میں ہوں
مگر یہ جستجو میری بہت ناکام رہتی ہے
مرے دن رات میں اب بھی تمھاری شام رہتی ہے
مرے لفظوں کی ہر مالا تمھارے نام رہتی ہے
تمھیں کس نے کہا پگلی مجھے تم یاد آتی ہو؟
پرانی بات ہو جو لوگ اکثر گنگناتے ہیں
انھیں ہم یاد کرتے ہیں جنھیں ہم بھول جاتے ہیں
عجب پاگل سی لڑکی ہو
مری مصروفیت دیکھو
تمھیں دل سے بھلاؤں تو تمھاری یاد آئے نا!
تمھیں دل سے بھلانے کی مجھے فرصت نہیں ملتی
اور اس مصروف جیون میں
تمھارے خط کا اک جملہ
تمھیں میں یاد آتی ہوں
مری چاہت کی شدت میں کمی ہونے نہیں دیتا
بہت راتیں جگاتاہے مجھے سونے نہیں دیتا
سو اگلی بار اپنے خط میں یہ جملہ نہیں لکھنا!
عجب پاگل سی لڑکی ہے، مجھے پھر بھی یہ کہتیہے
مجھے تم یاد کرتے ہو؟ تمھیں میں یاد آتی ہوں؟

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I have been tagged by Lubna 🙂

The rules are:books.jpg

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages)

2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five bloggers.
I am quoting from Benazir Bhutto’s ‘Daughter of the East’;
“June 21,1978, Rawalpindi Central jail, My 25th Birthday.
I sit in a small room at Flashman’s hotel Rawalpindi, waiting to visit my father. I keep looking at my watch. Where is Mummy? My father’s lawyers managed to get a court order allowing us to visit my father together on my birthday. But its noon, and I have been waiting since 9.00 am for the police to fly her in from her detention in Lahore. Once again they are stalling.”
I tag:
2) Zios

Good ol’ days!



The Heroin of Islam!



I have repeatedly underlined the very sorry practice of our world, where people fall for the created perception (by the media and others) without investigating the reality. But then why would anyone like to investigate on something which apparently has very little to do with their daily life. Fair enough? Maybe, maybe not!


There is a common perception that Islam the religion discourages the very idea of woman taking the charge or leading. Some believe that women under the veil in the Muslim society have the value similar to that of the animals which are tied in a farm. And little effort was made by us to negate the very idea. As a matter of fact we wrapped our inhuman and male chauvinist practices under the plaster of religion to cover up our misdemeanors.


But the history that represents the true religion of God is full of description of the noble and pious women, who hold more gratitude and importance then many saints and men of God. Bibi Fatima Zehra (AS), Hazrat Maryam A.S (akaVirgin Marry), Hazrat Hawwa A.S (aka Eve), Hazrat Khadija (AS) and Hazrat Aisha (RA) are just the few names. But today I would like to speak about one lady whose bravery, leadership and intellect has inspired millions both men and women. She holds such a legacy that the heritage of many Kings, Queens and generals appear colorless. I am talking about the daughter of Ali (AS) and Fatima (AS), the sister of Hassan(AS) and Hussayn (AS) and the grand daughter of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW); “Bibi Zainab Al-Kubrah (SA)”.


She is regarded as the heroin of Karbala, the one who led the women, children and Men after the great tragedy of Ashoura. We witness a mother who encourages her two young boys to give their lives for the religion. I challenge the historians of the world who signify the greatness Greek and Roman Gods and Godesses find a mother who is as brave as Zaynub (SA). I can tell you about the arrogant Pharo; Remises who was willing to settle with Moses and save his son’s life.


We all are aware that even in this age of awareness and media, Dictators, rulers (and establishment) even in the most democratic countries are able to suppress the voices of the poor. To standup against the man in power is the most difficult thing of any time. But we witness Zainub (SA) who lost his brothers and nephews in the battle against the tyrant Yazid defeating him and his establishment in front of the whole world. It was in Yazid’s Court in Shaam, in front of a crowd of people, where Janab-e-Zainab delivered some historic sermons. The following is an extract of such a sermon:

“You have harmed your souls with such terrible deeds that God is angry and you are doomed for eternal torment. You have forfeited the right to laugh and now there is nothing left for you but to mourn and weep. Do you realize that you have shed the blood of the Holy Prophet’s successor, Imam Husain, the person who could have been your saviour? Imam Husain, the leader of the Youths of Paradise, was the one you needed for guidance and towards whom you could have turned in your time of need.”

Sources say that at the end of her sermons, the majority of the crowd would hide their faces in their hands and cry out of shame. She truly represented Imam Ali’s voice in Kerbala.


It was Zaynub herself who laid the very foundation of Azadari (mourning) along with her nephew (son of Imam Husssayn); Imam Zain-ul-Abdin (AS). The azadari exhibits how battles are won on intellectual grounds without drawing swords and other weapons. The very idea shows that if one wants his/her voices to be heard and issues to be notice then there is no way but to follow the path of Zaynub. Zaynub represents the true Islam not Al-Qaeda or Taliban. She’s is the leader of all mankind, especially of the men and women who are forced to face hell on the God’s green earth. She has attained this stature by passing the exam, which even the Prophets will find hard to pass.



Howdy folks, I have a good news for you. I have joined the team of and you can read my articles their as well. I recommend you to have a look at this blog and enjoy the whining of other talented bloggers. I am very excited as I find the web-blog quite professional and I am looking forward to this new opportunity.

Having said that, I cant promise frequent posts on any of the three blogs I am currently writing for. And the readers of Ronin will remain dearest to me 😉

Peace Out!



40 days after



“Pakistan is not the land of militants or extremists, it’s the land of people who work hard to earn their living.”

Benazir Bhutto,18th October on her arrival after exile


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