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Verbal Abuse by Becca Nadir


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me….. (Anonymous)

Contrary to the common belief that only physical beating defines domestic violence is totally incorrect as verbal abuse is as damaging to an individual, if not more. Only healthy development of body is not enough as mental space is equally important. It is the psychological intrusion of the self that inflicts the major damage.

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The Echo Boomers/Generation ‘Y’ by Asim Imtiaz


Stand back all bosses! A new breed of workforce is about to attack everything you hold sacred: from giving orders, to your starched white shirt and tie. They are called, among other things, “The Echo Boomers.” There are the Generation Y, born in the 80’s, and they’re rapidly taking over from the baby boomers who are now pushing 60.

They were raised by doting parents who told them they are special, played in little teams with no winners or losers, or all winners. They are laden with trophies just for participating and they think your business-as-usual ethic is for the birds. And if you persist in the belief you can, take your job and …errr…well…shove it.

The workplace has become a psychological battlefield and the millennials have the upper hand, because they are tech savvy, with every gadget imaginable almost becoming an extension of their bodies. They multitask, talk, walk, listen and type, and text. And their priorities are simple: they come first.

Faced with new employees who want to roll into work with their iPods and flip flops around noon, but still be CEO by Friday, companies are realizing that the era of the buttoned down exec happy to have a job is so dead. It’s a future of sweet talking bosses, no more “Pay your dues just like I did.” If this generation knows anything, it’s that there are more jobs than young people to fill them. The attitude is ‘If you don’t want me, Mr. Employer, I’ll go sell myself down the street. I’ll probably get more money. I’ll definitely get a better experience. And by the way, they’ll adore me. You only like me.’

And in case you are wondering why FORTUNE has selected Google as the number 1 employer, it’s because of the fact that they are truly a GenY’ers paradise. Watch out the following video:

Source: CBS, 60 minutes, “The Millennials are coming“.


Tax your brain by Ahsan Zawar





“Amreeeca musalmano ki taqqat say darta hai jabhie unko larwana kii koshish karta hai (America is afraid of the power of Muslims so it make efforts to make them fight among themselves)”.

These are the words you hear from time to time from molvis and the fact is that they have successfully transferred this thought into some sections of society through their countless attempts. The questions definitely then arises Is America really afraid of Muslims? To answer it lets follow the reasoning which has given rise to this statement. According to molvis Muslims have long ruled the world and for reasons best known by them, they are the ones who can dethrone America from World’s only super power. What is that America is really afraid of, Muslim population, let get this correct by this fact that Christianity is the most popular religion of the world with most followers.


Then it could be Muslim Technical abilities or economy, well everyone knows the kind of state in which Muslim countries are in the world, I have to say that they possess the weakest representation on the world forum. Then again why and why America has a fear? Why not China that America should be more worried of, why not the again rising Russia.


Mr. A has a small shop in unknown locality which is the most successful shop in terms of business from 10 other shops in the same locality. Mr. A has constantly updated it to meet the demands of his customers but during the last few months it has faced stiff competition from Mr. C’s shop. Mr. C’s shop has made success by differentiating the products and that has make him a bitter rival of Mr. A. There is one Mr. M who everyone is the locality is feared off, he doesn’t have a shop of his own but if not happy he can disrupt everyone’s business with threats and attacks. Now logically everyone is afraid of M’s intentions but is this fear more too A than to loose its business to C through competition.


You get it right Muslims are only like a gangster at the corner of your street who may snatch your valuables but if once everyone decides to close his chapter, he will run away like anything. By terrorizing you may pose a threat but the threat of rivalry is always the biggest. The threat to loose your status, your earnings and your power can give you sleepless nights and that’s what America is going through these days. China has kicked America out on most of the international markets and this has affected America’s position at the top.


For long every super power in world has ruled with “Divide and rule” policy and that America too followed by igniting wars in Africa and in Muslim world, this has made the demands of weapons being produced by America high which has contributed more to its rule. For long it has used the Muslims as cannon fodder (in cold war with Russia and now with War on terror), it has used them as pawns on a chess board where the front liners always give their lives to save the king behind, now with the king on move and being checked on regular basis by its rival (China) we’ll see how long the king survives before being stalemate. Yes the pawn will take the credit for the downfall of the king but the new King would not mind that at all.


‘Horr’ by Dr. Ali Shariati


Horr was the name of one of the high-ranking commanders of the army of Omar-e-Sad who faced the grandson of the Prophet of Islam Hussain-ebn-Ali (AS), with orders from Yazeed-ebn-Muawiah to either get Hussain’s (AS) allegiance for his corrupt Khalifat, or kill Hussain and all his friends. It was Horr and his army who first faced Imam Hussein, and then kept them under siege, preventing them from getting water.

On the day of Ashoura, Horr made a huge decision. Right before the battle started, he left his position and the army he was commanding, and joined Imam Hussein, and was the first to be killed in the way of Allah, by the army he used to be a commander of just a few hours earlier. The name “Horr” means free, freeborn, noble, freeman.

The fate, sometimes, plays a game. The factory of creation, constantly producing uncountable things, stones, trees, rivers, animals, insects, human beings, sometimes shows a scene of humor, creates an innovation or an exception: it writes a poem, paints a work of art, does something unique…In one word, it can be said that these items have a “character”. From among the houses, Kabeh, from all the walls, the China Wall, from the planets orbiting the sun, earth, and….from all the martyrs: Horr.

The artistic hands of destination have composed this scene with utmost precision, and as if to emphasize the importance of the story, have selected all the characters of the play from the “absolutes”, to make the story most effective.

The story is about a “choice”, the most important manifestation of the meaning of human being. But what kind of choice? We are all faced with several choices in our everyday life: career, friend, wife, house, major.. But in this story, the choice is much more difficult: the good and the evil. And even so, not from a philosophical, scientific, or theological perspective. Instead, the choice here is between the truthful and the deceiving religion, between the just and unjust politics, with life being the price to pay.

To further emphasize the sensitivity of the situation, the author has not put the hero of this story in the middle, equally between the right and the evil. Instead, the hero is the head of the army of the evil. On the other hand, the director of this play has to find symbols for his story to make them most effective. Should he have Promete on one side and some demons on the other side? But this makes the story too mythical…Spartacos and Crasios? no…this makes the story nationalistic and gives it a class dependent nature. How about Ebrahim and Namrood? Moses and Feroh? Jesus and Judas? no… again, for most of the people these are metaphysical and heavenly characters different from common ordinary people. Having them as heros reduces the effect of the story, and causes people to admire them, but never think about following their examples in their everyday life. However, the main purpose of this story is to teach, to show the ability of the man to change, to show how it is possible for a common and even sinful man to reject all his social, family, and class ties and show a god-like change.

The history of Islam is full of contradicting features. The two lines starting from Habil and Ghabil, existing throughout the history side by side though in different faces, have also continued in Islam. Now, both these streams are dressed in Islam, but in opposite directions. Ironically, our hero is faced to choose between the most extreme ends in each of these parties:

Yazid, and Hossein.

Indeed, had this story been created by an author, he should have been recognized for his genuine and art…

What is the name of this hero? For a historic figure, what is important is the role he plays, and not his name, since his name is something chosen for him by his family, according to his parent’s taste.. On the other hand, if the story is created by an ingenious writer, he would choose a name which is relevant to the role of his hero. In this story however, our hero has been named by his mother, “Horr”, as if he has been able to foresee the sensitive role his son is going to play. And thus, when the Imam of freedom attends his bloody body, just before his death, tells him: “O Horr! God bless you! You are free both in this world and in the world to come, just like what your mother called you!”

Although Horr has played a unique role in the history, the essence of his role is not just confined to himself. The meaning of his action, in fact, includes all human-beings, and indeed defines “humanity”. It is what distinguishes the human-beings from other creatures, underlining the responsibility of man with respect to God, people, and himself. And Horr has not played this with words and concepts, but with love and blood. If one grasps the depth of this saying from Imam Sadegh(AS) that “All days are Ashoura, and all places are Karbala, and all months are Moharam” one readily feels the extension: “and all human-beings are Horr!”

Our history, starting from Habil and Ghabil, is the manifestation of the eternal conflict between the two poles of God and Satan, though in each period of time these two poles have disguised differently. Therefore, in each period of time, every human-being finds himself just in the same position as Horr did: alone, in the middle, hesitating, between the same two armies. On the one side, the commander of the army of evil shouts on his soldiers: ” O Army of God! attack!” and on the other side, an Imam, with a voice echoing throughout the history asks -and not commands- “Is there anybody who wishes to assist me?” and you, the man, should choose.

It is by this choice that you become human. Before this choice you are nothing, you are just an existence without essence, you are standing in the middle. Thus, the man who has found “existence” through birth, finds “essence” through choice. It is by this choice, that the creation of man completes, and this is exactly when the man feels this heavy burden on his shoulders and finds himself alone, as God and the nature have left him on his own on this dangerous decision.

Now we can evaluate our hero, we can feel what a long journey he has gone through in what a short time, to change him from a Yazidian Horr, to a Husseinian Horr. If he stays with the army of Yazid, his world is guaranteed, and if he joins the small army of Hussain(AS), his death is eminent. It is the morning of the day of Ashoura, and although the battle has not yet started in the fields, Horr realizes that the opportunity would not last. Time goes by fast, and the moments count. The storm has already started within him.

From the beginning, Horr was hoping that the events would not lead to war, but now war seems to be unavoidable. Human-beings have limited capability in tolerating shame and scorn, except for those who are genius in this respect and can tolerate disgrace unlimitedly. Horr never had thought that being an “employee” of the government of Yazid would mean collaborating in Yazid’s criminal acts. For him his job was just a source of income without having anything to do with politics or his religion.

Horr now realizes that adding his position with his religion is impossible. Thus, hopelessly and as a last resort he talks with the commander of the Army (Omar-ebn-Sa’d) who like himself is reluctant to get in a war and has accepted the mission to become the governor of the province of Ray and Gorgan. What would then be better than coming up with some sort of a solution without getting involved in the blood of the grandson of the Prophet and his family.

Horr and Omar-ebn-Sa’d both have come all the way from the palace of Yazid to Karbala together and they share the same status and social class. Horr asks Omar:

“Can’t you find a peaceful solution for this situation? ”

“You know that if it had been up to me I would have done as what you propose, but your master Obeid-Allah-Ziyad did not accept a peaceful resolution!”

“So are you going to fight with this man (Hussein)?”

“Yes, by God, I will fight a battle the least consequence of which will be separated heads and broken arms!”

Now, it is evident that no longer can he play games with his religion. Now, the two separate their paths.

For Horr, Yazid’s army of tens of thousand is now nothing more than a bunch of faces, without meaning. A crowd of men without selves, a group of people without hearts, those who shout but don’t know why, fight but don’t know for whom. Now the Jesus of love and conscience cures a blind and resurrects a dead, creating a martyr from a murderer. In a journey it is not enough to ask for the destination, but one should also ask from the origin. Thus, the length of Horr’s journey becomes evident when one realizes from where he started, and to where he ended, all in half-a day’s time. In his emigration from Satan to Allah , Horr did not study philosophy or theology, nor did he attend any lectures or schools. He just changed his direction, and it is in fact this “direction” which gives meaning to everything: art, science, literature, religion, prayers, hajj, Mohammad, Ali… Having started his journey, and riding his horse, he slowly leaves his Army toward Hussain. Muhajer-ebn-Ous, who sees him agitated and worried asks:

“Whats wrong with you Horr? I am puzzled by your case, by God if I were asked about the bravest man in our army I wouldnt hesitate to mention your name, and now you are so disturbed and worried?”

“I find myself between the Hell and the Heaven, and I have to select between them, and by God I will not choose but Heaven, even if I were cut to pieces or burnt to ashes!”

The creation of Horr was completed and the fire of doubt has led him to the verity of certitude. He slowly approaches the camp of Hussain, and as he gets closer he hangs his boots from his neck, and keeps his armor down (as a sign of remorse)

“I am the one who closed your path O Hussein (AS)” He didnt accept Hussein’s invitation to rest for a while..

“Is there a repentance for me?” He can’t wait any longer, he returns to the front and attacks the army of Omar with the most severe and bitter words, letting his ex-army and ex-commander know that he is no longer a slave, he is free, he is “Horr”.

Omar-ebn-Sa’d, his ex-commander, responds by throwing an arrow and yelling

“Be witness and let Amir-ol-momenin know that I was the one to throw the first arrow at the army of Hussain!

And this was how the battle of Karbala started………


Emergency aka Martial Law by Hassan Abbas


So he declared it. I had once read a quotation which is actually in Farsi  that “Uzar Az Gunnah, Badtar Az Gunnah”( Excuse for SIN is worst than sin). I think this same is applied to Gen. Pervez Musharaf , who as a President of Pakistan giving excuses yesterday for his so called EMERGENCY. He gave the most stupid excuses for imposing the emergency like, CJ take 100s of suo moto cases, cases against high officials of Intelligence Agencies, Police and etc. Then he gave excuses from the issue of LAL Masjid, the ISI Created Sawat situation and the suicide attacks all over Pakistan.

Okay, now lets talk about his excuses.

  • The first excuse was about the CJ who took 100s of suo moto cases and the cases against the high officials of Pakistani Armed Forces . May be its not in your knowledge that among those 100s of cases, many of them related to public favor and I would like to quote especially the case of Manno Bheel, Incident of Karsaz,high prices of fuel, extremely high price of Rice and most especial of them is the case of missing persons. I will not explain any one of these cases to you because you can also think that these cases are in favor of Pakistani Nation.
  • The second excuse given was related to the situation of Sawat, Lal Masjid and Sucide attacks all over Pakistan especially on Armed Forces. Could any one please tell me who created these situations??? In the case of Lal Masjid, officials said that because of some FORIEGN MILLITANTS the deal couldn’t let happen but they never ever try to show any one of that foreign militant, nor alive neither dead. The previous version of TNSM( Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e- Shariyat-e-Muhamadi, Sawat) was fully sponsored by ISI during the BB rule and If someone have knowledge  then he may know that Taliban also reject to take help from those millitants. So, if the father-in-law could be sponsored by ISI then why couldn’t be his Son-in-law (Maulana Fazulalah).

The most interesting situation is  nobody want to believe that it is emergency, on the contrary most of the people thinks its a Martial Law (Please click it to enlarge)

In any case, Pakistan is now in the hands of few people who claims that they only work for Pakistan but everyone knows they are wrong.  In fact in my view, Musharaf completed his three tasks by only one decision

  1. Gain his term for five more years, as he know he could loose his case in SC.
  2. Postponed the case of Missing Persons.
  3. Dismiss CJ Iftakhar Chaudri, because he know that he would definately pinch him.

The General that can be criticized by Ahsan Zawar


Well I am one of the biggest haters of army in politics whether it’s my homeland or some other country. The concept of army capturing land and wealth from the other has never really impressed me. As a kid I was made to believe by my family that it is the safest and the best career in Pakistan. To their utter disappointment I never tried for the armed forces.


Now with so much of media exposure, everyone seems to be talking about politics everywhere. I like the line written on a wall in some old saddar’s restaurant “Siyasi Guftago say parhaiz kijiye” (Please do not discuss politics). This line took me to the past and I just look around for the things that are with us and that we take for granted. When someone oppresses and deliberately keeps our rights away from us, we do complain but when someone gives us our due right, we not only take it but we make huge victorious comment of how we achieved it though in reality we never make a single and honest attempt to struggle for it. So in short we complain and debate even more after getting our due right than we used to do when it wasn’t with us.


It is tough to defend someone who has done something for you especially when the trend is just opposite (in this case Criticizing Musharraf is more in fashion these days). The Government Muslim League has done little to support the man and he is often blamed of supporting them. President no matter how powerful we consider him in our society will still be an ordinary human. He can’t handle everything so he shouldn’t be blamed for everything. People like Wasi Zafar and Sher Afghan were born like that. Whatever they do is unjustifiably wrong to blame it on someone else. For that case I don’t even blame their mothers because they were made like that by God.


The media and press were pushed to the wall by former democrats and dictators. The newspapers were scrutinized and the news on PTV, we all remembers when they used to skip the firing and bombing incidents in Karachi. I researched on this about how many journalists actually tried starting a movement for the liberation of media or for that matter do their bit for educating people. The answer to my utter shock was not sweet. They have been cases where the journalists and papers have tried being supporters of a particular block and did what everyone in our society do at best. Sit, relax and count the money.


For that case I divide the two eras as pre and post Musharraf. How much an ordinary man knew about the politics and things around him in the pre era? Yes we used to talk about politics and issues but we used to make sure that this does not go out of our rooms. The liberation of media to me is the biggest gift to us by the dictator no matter how much you hate him. We certainly started feeling more responsible and educated. The door was open for a free debate for the first time in our life. The constitutions and the laws started being discussed on TV. I conclude this on that, today the politician that thinks that the people are stupid and uneducated is himself the most stupid person around. I thank the dictator for giving us our due right, the right to know and the right to speak.


We Don’t need No Education…. by Ahsan Zawar

We Don’t need No Education

We Don’t Need no Thought Control

No Dark sarcasm in the class room

Teacher leaving kids alone


Hey! Teachers leave us kids alone

All in All you are just another brick in the wall

All in all it is just another brick in the wall

Pink Floyd

Its tough to admit at times but I feel no regret in the fact that this song actually changed my thinking patterns. The song which is released in 1979 as part of Pink Floyd’s famous album “The Wall” was written and composed by Roger Waters from the band

Though there is a writer own interpretation of the lyrics but I find my own after listening to it again and again. First let’s get through of what the writer has to say about this

According to Waters, the song is actually against the boarding school system in England, where teachers have the habit of forcing strictness through different means (beating and abusing kids), it’s still a very popular trend in countries like Pakistan and India, and so the song is pretty much relevant to every society. The writer goes along and describe that the teacher build a wall around the student which actually stops him from seeing the outer world and from thinking in broader ways. The teacher tries to discourage the student from any other activity (like music and poetry) and wants everyone to be mathematicians, scientists etc. They are different sources that build a wall around an individual like environment, war and teachers are also related to that. That’s why they are called “another brick in the wall here”.

Well from my perspective the song surely has a deep meaning in it. We look around us, the failed personalities, the lack of thinkers around us, and the ones that like to follow other’s opinion rather than having their own. You go to any top university in Pakistan and ask the student’s there about their future plans, ironically 99 percent will reply materialistically, from being a CEO to a company to the marketing guru, they all follow what their teachers have build in them, they are following what their parents have seeded in them long ago. No one is thinking about the betterment of society, the revolution, social matters, everyone is like “just another brick in the wall” where no one is different from any other. We all are mere bricks when the material inside us will fade there will be newer bricks of the same length (same thinkers) will replace us and this wall will remain there as firm as it is today.

Surprisingly this song was banned in UK and some other European countries in 1986 when they felt it is actually igniting students against the teachers. In 1990 South African black kids used this song as an anthem to remove discrimination between Black and White students. They used “We don’t need no education” and were successful in having a single curriculum for every South African student.

We live in a country where we followed alteast 4 educational boards (Matric System, O-levels, Federal Board and The Aga Khan Board), why can’t we use something like this for bringing equality to our system or perhaps our molvis are too busy in arguing that music is haram or halal. The kind of contribution music and songs like this have played in the world is a clear cut proof that how powerful a medium music is actually but our society and molvis are still listening to Kambakht and Nikama Ishq, so they can’t see the fire this expression( music ) has. Perhaps we should widen our listening and thinking and come out and break this WALL which is all around us.


Love never seemed so pointless… by Ayaz Ahmed Khan

Love seems pointless. Love, if it ever had any, has lost all its value. What once I believed fervently in, looks and feels emotionless, dead now. The regret is not that I loved. The inhumane things I did for love to those who are dearer to me than those who I fooled myself into believing I loved the most, I regret most.

I went a long way, came merely a few paces away from what I had believed to be eternal bliss, and I stopped. I turned around. I made a decision. I saw nothing. Why does Love appear so pointless, so meaningless, now? I walked away.

Love is most beautiful. It is most painful, too. I did not come across so much beauty as I did pain in Love. I don’t mind the pain. I never did. That beauty seems pointless, meaningless, now. I wish I could do something of this regret I have. I will have to live with it.



‘Lights Out’ – Lubna Shahid

Imagine living in a dark, congested, sweltering hot cave with no access to water and peace of mind. But than again, if you’re living in Karachi, you don’t have to imagine it ‘coz KESC is darling enough to make YOU live like this. I received a joke the other day which goes something like this, ‘If you’re in darkness than pray to God to show you the path towards the light, but if you’re still in darkness than that means you’re in Karachi’. Even darkness is somewhat bearable, but if you’re so hot that you’re almost melting, you temper is sure to shoot very very high. Since this up rise in heat and decline in steady electricity, almost every morning I see people shouting or fighting on the roads. Traffic jams are already torturous enough, but combine it with angry and impatient drivers, foul mouthing passengers and Heat( yes I know I used capital H because small ‘h’ is not portraying how HOT it can be) you’re in for a huge treat. And this latest bouts of rain and dust storms made matters a bit more complicated, since rumble of walls and poles are strew across the roads that are liberally sprinkled with potholes and every type of holes imaginable.

Everyone is angry over KESC, this load shading is proving to be painful for many people especially students and business folks. But I wonder, shall this be our excuse to ransack buildings and restaurants. For the life of me, I just couldn’t understand that whenever there has to be a protest, KFC either is burned to ground or serious damage is being caused to it. Commercial area near the place I live, consist of many banks and offices made up of huge pretty windows and recently EXACT software company constructed this state of art roundabout. Few days ago, many of those building’s windows were broken and that roundabout looked pitiful after the treatment it received from the angry mob. The reason for this destruction? Because there was no electricity! I wonder if any of those in mob realized that by causing destruction, electricity could not be produced. We south-Asians are emotional lot admittedly but being vicious and destructive is I hope we are not. Unfortunately, recent events are proving otherwise. KESC is facing some issues and loads of problems after privatization, plus many of it’s equipments are old and already lived their expected life and now in dire condition to be replaced, which obviously needs money.

I think instead of being the part of problem, an alternative way should be sought. Huge investment can be made in electricity being generated by solar energy. Many countries are already successfully working on it. Why can’t we? I’m sure this can not be the only solution, there are many just waiting to be tapped. Lights out shouldn’t be the reason for our sanity bulb to go off as well! At least that’s what my logic says…


‘Mai bhi Pakistan hoo….Tu bhi Pakistan Hai’ by Ahsan Zawar

Meray Jitnay Bhi Wazeer Hain Sab Beyzameer hain

Mai tou Unka Bhi Imam Hoon, Mai Quiad-e-Awam hoon

Habib Jalib is not an unknown name here on this wordpress. He has been discussed previously here and I must admit that it is quite a good collection Ammar has come up with.This couplet always strikes me right in my head every time I read this. Habib Jalib was actually exiled after this by Z.A.Bhutoo, then prime minister of Pakistan who used to call himself Quaid-e-Awam(leader of the people). It’s a famous quote that “history repeats itself”. I don’t quite believe in that unless u made an honest attempt to learn from your past or history, you are never out of it and with change of characters you are actually performing the same phase of history.

Surprisingly we live in a culture where we are dominated by slogans for which we don’t even know the meanings of or we never try to find their meanings. From “Roti Kapra Makaaan” to “Karz Utharo Mulk Sanwaro” to “Enlightened Moderation” to “National Interest”. There are so many examples in front of us. Those who bring them out (the leaders) and those who follow it (Political Workers) hats off to them for their creativity.

It is not new that when an artist, poet or writer criticizes the government, he is labeled as an opposition worker or a rebel. The great Faiz Ahmed Faiz had to fight his struggle from behind the bars. Habib Jalib met the similar fate as he was exiled and currently the media in my country was labeled as irresponsible who is not working in the national interest of the country. Who can define national interest, what does it contain, how can one act against it. These are probably the questions which we feel cannot be answered

An artist or a media man is a part of society, he is sensitive to a lot of issues and God has given him the power to express his thoughts to a number of people who follows him. He will write or say whatever is the general thought that prevails among the people. All right I agree to the point that there has to be some accountability of one’s act, especially for the ones who can ignite a certain section of society but the evaluators cannot be the ones who are actually the part of the same story. Its funny that the national interest is not at sake when the parliament holds an empty session by passing important issues, its not even damaged when you build emperor’s like castles, it never gets weakened when we get attracted to the power like honey bees but still a word of media man can affect national interest like anything or perhaps its appropriate to quote Hazrat Ali (A.S) “The power of pen is twice more than that of sword.” Let the media free, let the people think and decide the term national interest themselves. We are the Awam (people), when we can elect you, we can decide what we want to see and hear and probably we can decide what really National Interest for all of us.


Chief vs Chief by ‘Ahsan Zawar’


May 12, 2007 will probably go down in the history of Pakistan as the day when people realized how deadly Karachi can become. The city which has seen one of the worst bloodsheds in the early nineties when two major political forces clashed with other was again painted with red today. Interestingly I fail to understand who exactly is called a political worker in Pakistan, the youngster who is not treated equally at his home to someone who probably has committed a serious crime and finds a secure place to hide under the flag of a political party. Whatever it is, he lives with a weapon in the buckle of his belt for self defense or exploiting someone else’s defense.

The Chief Justice as they say is the guardian of the law of the country is running all over country to find justice for himself. I wonder how people who have decades long cases pending in different courts of Pakistan sees this, maybe they are smiling deep inside as now is their chance to finally draw the conclusion that Justice is a failure in our country. The lawyers who play with the laws and dates everyday are now waiting for right dates and the right decision to secure their future at least for sometime. They seek refuge in the banner of opposition parties whose life long dreams of million marches have finally come true. Whatever is the outcome of this reference will be, one thing is for sure, it is not right versus wrong, its not even government versus the opposition (they are one and the same thing except for different faces), its not MQM versus PPP, its actually “The General Versus The Chief.” I won’t be surprised to see Chaudhry Ifthikar’s name in the candidates list for the next president.

In no country you will see ruling parties holding rallies to show their strength and popularity. They are ruling because they have the majority of the support, they are ruling because they have the strength to outnumber the opposition in the assemblies. By calling peace rallies or by coloring the whole city with banners of green and red served no good for MQM and I have to say this that this decision of holding a rally on May 12 will probably go down as one of the worst decision made by Altaf Hussain in his political career. The image which they tried to build in the last 4 years, the idea of using lesser force to meet their demands have all shattered into pieces. The street rats with gutkas in their mouths and with an accomplice on their backseat of Honda 70 are back to show how much frustrated they are.The place of final showdown was unfortunately my hometown Karachi. What people saw was the exhibition of firearms not in expo centre but on the main streets of Karachi. The law enforcement agencies enjoyed a day off and preferred to sit back and enjoyed the show.


The state which is responsible for providing security to its citizens was busy in organizing their Gala Affair at Islamabad where president of the country is to preside a gathering for the ruling party. The only thing that is on his mind is probably his re election. The city where they say people love enjoying and going out remained in their homes hearing the sounds of crackers outside their homes. Eighteen people died today up to now. Who are they, which political party they belong to, the either side is calling them martyrs, were they justified in terrorizing the city, were they justified in their protests.

I think as a society we are unable to choose the medium of expression for ourselves, we don’t know how to put our demands, we don’t know the means to acquire them. I think we all are seeking justice of some kind. We finally want some rules to prevail in our country but are we ready to accept them.


‘The Crown and the Platter’ by Shahbaz Sheikh


  All believer men and women of Mecca, hail the emperor of the new unified and holy Muslim Empire, King Yazid.’

            The above trumpets were being blown around Mecca in those days. Why? Because the battle of
Karbala had ended, with God bringing out Yazid and his twisted accomplices victorious. Because God had abandoned his followers in the desert and left them to be cut by swords, pierced by spears and trampled be horses. Because God had arranged tyranny to run free in the Muslim world. Because God had made sure that His true believers were put in the dark and belief sapping dungeons of agony. Because it was God’s will that the head of the devoted servant be put on the platter, and it was God’s will that the head of the cruel and disobedient be put under a crown. So a skeptic has to ask…. what kind of a God is this?

The answer to this question lies in the realization of the fact, that the world is not a place of rewards and retributions. It is not a place of gains and losses. It is a place of test. It is a place of resolve, of decision. And the holy Imam decided to have his head on the platter, so that the coming Muslims have an example of how to act in the face of deadly adversary. So that they know what is to be chosen in the dilemma between principles and mundane gear. And so that they know that trading in their belief, that “God shall compensate all”, with a Christ made of silver and gold, is the way of indifference, is the way of treason and is the way of the Yazids of this world.


Therefore we must not have pride, we must not be arrogant and we must not grope for blood stained riches, even if it brings us kingship. Why? Because Yazid did so.


And we must abide our principles, be true our values, and strive for justice, even if it kills us. Why? Because the holy Imam did so.



Can we judge the quality of a blog by the number of hits it gets in a day. I don’t think so, have something which is NSFW and then you will be the next best thing on the worl wide web. As far as my views point is concerned I alwayz like thinkers to be the part of  R O N I N and by the grace of Allah Almighty  ive been very lucky that not only National but International writers have been a part of this blog by commenting on it.

I still recall when I began to share my work to WWW readers. It was no blog but a small news letter kinna thngy. I named it SHIT TALKIES 😛   …… surprisngly it was a huge success. Our High School administration later forced us to get it off the web due to their sencor policies but the team I was able to gather at that time had really good writers. Ayaz Ahmed Khan, Obaid Rehmani, myself and Shahbaz Sheikh.        

A week ago Shahbaz Sheikh  asked me if he could be a guest writer of this small blog of mine and I was more than happy to have him on board. He is a telecom student like me, we live in the same neighborhood and he hates OPERA lollz.. For those who know him personally are a big fan of his talents.I hope you like his post.




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