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Is this how the Indian’s return a favor?

How many of you were actually planning of going to India for the upcoming Indian Premiere League this year?

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Hum jo tareek raho mai maray gaye….

Three Prime Ministers, similar fate…


Tere honton ke phoolon kii chahat mein hum

Daar ki khushk tehni pe waare gaye

Tere haaton ki sham’on ki hasrat mein hum

Neem tareek raahon mein maare gaye

… Qatl-gaahon se chun kar humara alam

Aur nikleinge ushaaq ke qaafle

Jin ke raah-e-talab se humare qadam

Mukhtasar kar chale dard ke faasle

Kar chale jin ki khaatir jahan geer hum

Jaan gunwa kar teri dilbari ka bharam


Hum jo tareek raahon mein maare gaye !!


Whose the Hitler now??

How many of you have seen Godzilla? I can still recall the scene where the French spy was distributing weapons and uniforms of the American army among his fellow Frenchmen. He also gave chewing gums to every soldier. So that they appear hip or cool or fly 😛 Yes, that’s what we all have learn from Hollywood. That American action heroes and war veterans are fearless and valiant. Bruce Willis despite being a regular LAPD cop can hunt down international terrorists in the most crucial of the situations and at the same time can be so hip and utter cool dialogues like, ‘Yippi kai yeh’. In this media controlled world that we are living in perception has a wider and unfathomable effect then ground reality.


In 2006 a movie by the name ‘Rang De Basanti’ was released in India. The plot revolved around a group of friends and how they transformed in to the characters they were impersonating. Now we all know that Indian ideology revolves around Gandhi. But this film promoted Bhagat Singh’s version of justice. This was not only violent for some but absolutely opposite of the teachings of the peaceful Indian Mahatama. So after the huge success of the movie a new debate started among Indians that what should be the path to follow. Of course hardly anyone in any country follows the teachings of their Prophets, heroes, leaders as much as they claim. But even then they have some ideology which they pretend that they are following. Like every party by the name Muslim League in Pakistan claim that they are the party of the Quaid. (Just for the record there are more then 5 in total.)



Coming back to Rang De Basanti; the group of friends in the movie avenges the tragic death of their pilot friend and murders the defense minister (who was involved in the corruption scandal which led to the pilot’s death). This movie raised an imperative question that if someone as influential as a minister is involved in a murder or mass murdering and the system or Judiciary fails to punish that influential criminal then what should be done. Should the Janta, awaam or the people take the law into their own hands and award judgments on the streets?


But that was only a movie. Films are there to entertain you and make you feel good. They don’t tell you how to change the course of your lives. They might create an impression though; at the end of every feel good movie everything goes to superfine. The bad guy meets his catastrophic end and the good guys gets justice or the girl next door . But we all know in the real world the bad guy usually wins or goes unharmed. Like in Narrendra Modi’s case he won a phenomenal victory despite the genocide that was carried out under his tree. This is amazing, blame congress and Sonia Gandhi but somebody voted for him and they didn’t care much about the innocent killings.


So the fact remains that how big the crime be, if people like Modi or Bush play their cards well. Everything is possible, I am sure Adolph Hitler must be feeling quite over rated for his sins rite now.


Note: I previously wrote about Modi here




Name: Narendra Dāmodardās Modī 

Age: 50 something 

Nationality: Indian, Gujarat 

Claim to fame: The engineer to 2002’s Gujarat massacre 

February 2002, allegedly an angry Muslim mob torched a train which resulted in the killing of 58 innocent Hindu passengers which gave birth to what they call; “the worst Hindu Muslim clash” in the history of India. According to the official statistics; 254 Hindus and 790 Muslims were killed, with 223 more missing. Thousands of cases are still pending in the Indian courts and state inquiry committees which are related to these riots. 

Their is nothing new about Hindu Muslim riots; these riots are tactfully created by any one of the two extreme parties to meet their political and social desires. But this incident is quite different from past incidents that involved the clash of the two religions. First of all the tragic scale of the devastation is monstrously huge and it puts a big question mark on the secular claims of the biggest democracy in the world; India.  

The question is why I felt the need of bringing up this issue after five years of its occurrence; well for the information of my readers; a series of videotaped confessions have been released which showed Hindu activists acknowledging their roles in the killings and confirming the blatant involvement of the state government. These video footages were shot undercover by a journalist of a New Delhi based magazine ‘Tehelka’. In these videos Hindu activists shamelesly brag about; how the put the Muslims to death and afterwards burned down their bodies. One attacker went on proudly confessing that how he slit opened a pregnant woman stomach. 

One name which is common on every assailant mouth is of Gujarat’s Chief Minster Mr. Narendra Modi. Many human rights groups in India and abroad find him and his ruling party BJP guilty of tactfully supporting the Hindu mob against the Muslims. One more shocking revelation was made that proves the state police involvement in the whole incident. ‘Jai Shri Ram’ was the secret code which was given to the Hindu extremists, when any of them was caught by the officials this code use to bail them out and also served as a license to carry out the killings and bombings.

Another statement which is common; is the approval that none of this would have been possible if Narendra Modi was not in charge. One reknown Hindu activist and politician confessed in one of the videos and I quote; “He (Narendra Modi) has given us three days time to do whatever we could. After three days, he asked to stop and everything came to a halt.”     

So who is this Narendra Modi? his highness 😛 began his political struggle at young age when he joined Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), an infamous Hindu militant organization. He then later became a full time time activist and organizer for RSS. He later on became the representative of RSS in BJP. He is praised for maintaining the relation of RSS with BJP on numerous occasions by right wing Hindu leader Lal Krishen Advani.   The revelations made by the extremists with the help of Tehelka are not new for Human rights activists and Muslim leaders. But the chief minister was allowed to rule the state for five years.

 Critics and political pundits claim that these videos might have an effect on December’s state election. I think otherwise, because from what we have seen in the past when politicians like Bush and Blair got re-elected for the second time with larger majority despite their failures in Iraq& Afghanistan. People came out, demonstrated against the two leaders but they got votes and were re-elected, how ironic is that. 

 The efforts made by Tehelka  are worth praising, the made a brave effort to bring out the truth. One can well imagine how difficult it could be to prove a sittign minister guilty, but how good is the truth when the murderers are set free to rule the state affairs. How good is the democracy when the killers of hundreds will be allowed to run for election and even get elected. Modi has previously said the Hindu violence was a spontaneous reaction to the attack on the trains and denied all the allegations.

 The Hindu religious activist who has been accused of slitting open a pregnant woman’s stomach said he showed Muslims “what kind of revenge we can take if our people are killed.”  The word viciousness just lost its touch. 

Disclaimer: Following are some of the videos which provide evidence to the claims made by the writer of this post Ammar Yasir. This article was not written to scrutinize any religion in particular. I personally apologize if the religious sentiments of any reader are offended. The purpose is to bring up the truth and provide a voice to the innocent souls who lost their lives in this tragic incident.    




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