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6 months old Arab Muslim terrorist

It was just before eleven at night, baby Muhammed was sleeping peacefully between his parents, all of a sudden there was a crashing sound. Iman (Muhammed’s mother) opened her eyes but couldn’t see a thing……………..

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The Heroin of Islam!



I have repeatedly underlined the very sorry practice of our world, where people fall for the created perception (by the media and others) without investigating the reality. But then why would anyone like to investigate on something which apparently has very little to do with their daily life. Fair enough? Maybe, maybe not!


There is a common perception that Islam the religion discourages the very idea of woman taking the charge or leading. Some believe that women under the veil in the Muslim society have the value similar to that of the animals which are tied in a farm. And little effort was made by us to negate the very idea. As a matter of fact we wrapped our inhuman and male chauvinist practices under the plaster of religion to cover up our misdemeanors.


But the history that represents the true religion of God is full of description of the noble and pious women, who hold more gratitude and importance then many saints and men of God. Bibi Fatima Zehra (AS), Hazrat Maryam A.S (akaVirgin Marry), Hazrat Hawwa A.S (aka Eve), Hazrat Khadija (AS) and Hazrat Aisha (RA) are just the few names. But today I would like to speak about one lady whose bravery, leadership and intellect has inspired millions both men and women. She holds such a legacy that the heritage of many Kings, Queens and generals appear colorless. I am talking about the daughter of Ali (AS) and Fatima (AS), the sister of Hassan(AS) and Hussayn (AS) and the grand daughter of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW); “Bibi Zainab Al-Kubrah (SA)”.


She is regarded as the heroin of Karbala, the one who led the women, children and Men after the great tragedy of Ashoura. We witness a mother who encourages her two young boys to give their lives for the religion. I challenge the historians of the world who signify the greatness Greek and Roman Gods and Godesses find a mother who is as brave as Zaynub (SA). I can tell you about the arrogant Pharo; Remises who was willing to settle with Moses and save his son’s life.


We all are aware that even in this age of awareness and media, Dictators, rulers (and establishment) even in the most democratic countries are able to suppress the voices of the poor. To standup against the man in power is the most difficult thing of any time. But we witness Zainub (SA) who lost his brothers and nephews in the battle against the tyrant Yazid defeating him and his establishment in front of the whole world. It was in Yazid’s Court in Shaam, in front of a crowd of people, where Janab-e-Zainab delivered some historic sermons. The following is an extract of such a sermon:

“You have harmed your souls with such terrible deeds that God is angry and you are doomed for eternal torment. You have forfeited the right to laugh and now there is nothing left for you but to mourn and weep. Do you realize that you have shed the blood of the Holy Prophet’s successor, Imam Husain, the person who could have been your saviour? Imam Husain, the leader of the Youths of Paradise, was the one you needed for guidance and towards whom you could have turned in your time of need.”

Sources say that at the end of her sermons, the majority of the crowd would hide their faces in their hands and cry out of shame. She truly represented Imam Ali’s voice in Kerbala.


It was Zaynub herself who laid the very foundation of Azadari (mourning) along with her nephew (son of Imam Husssayn); Imam Zain-ul-Abdin (AS). The azadari exhibits how battles are won on intellectual grounds without drawing swords and other weapons. The very idea shows that if one wants his/her voices to be heard and issues to be notice then there is no way but to follow the path of Zaynub. Zaynub represents the true Islam not Al-Qaeda or Taliban. She’s is the leader of all mankind, especially of the men and women who are forced to face hell on the God’s green earth. She has attained this stature by passing the exam, which even the Prophets will find hard to pass.


Tax your brain by Ahsan Zawar





“Amreeeca musalmano ki taqqat say darta hai jabhie unko larwana kii koshish karta hai (America is afraid of the power of Muslims so it make efforts to make them fight among themselves)”.

These are the words you hear from time to time from molvis and the fact is that they have successfully transferred this thought into some sections of society through their countless attempts. The questions definitely then arises Is America really afraid of Muslims? To answer it lets follow the reasoning which has given rise to this statement. According to molvis Muslims have long ruled the world and for reasons best known by them, they are the ones who can dethrone America from World’s only super power. What is that America is really afraid of, Muslim population, let get this correct by this fact that Christianity is the most popular religion of the world with most followers.


Then it could be Muslim Technical abilities or economy, well everyone knows the kind of state in which Muslim countries are in the world, I have to say that they possess the weakest representation on the world forum. Then again why and why America has a fear? Why not China that America should be more worried of, why not the again rising Russia.


Mr. A has a small shop in unknown locality which is the most successful shop in terms of business from 10 other shops in the same locality. Mr. A has constantly updated it to meet the demands of his customers but during the last few months it has faced stiff competition from Mr. C’s shop. Mr. C’s shop has made success by differentiating the products and that has make him a bitter rival of Mr. A. There is one Mr. M who everyone is the locality is feared off, he doesn’t have a shop of his own but if not happy he can disrupt everyone’s business with threats and attacks. Now logically everyone is afraid of M’s intentions but is this fear more too A than to loose its business to C through competition.


You get it right Muslims are only like a gangster at the corner of your street who may snatch your valuables but if once everyone decides to close his chapter, he will run away like anything. By terrorizing you may pose a threat but the threat of rivalry is always the biggest. The threat to loose your status, your earnings and your power can give you sleepless nights and that’s what America is going through these days. China has kicked America out on most of the international markets and this has affected America’s position at the top.


For long every super power in world has ruled with “Divide and rule” policy and that America too followed by igniting wars in Africa and in Muslim world, this has made the demands of weapons being produced by America high which has contributed more to its rule. For long it has used the Muslims as cannon fodder (in cold war with Russia and now with War on terror), it has used them as pawns on a chess board where the front liners always give their lives to save the king behind, now with the king on move and being checked on regular basis by its rival (China) we’ll see how long the king survives before being stalemate. Yes the pawn will take the credit for the downfall of the king but the new King would not mind that at all.


‘Horr’ by Dr. Ali Shariati


Horr was the name of one of the high-ranking commanders of the army of Omar-e-Sad who faced the grandson of the Prophet of Islam Hussain-ebn-Ali (AS), with orders from Yazeed-ebn-Muawiah to either get Hussain’s (AS) allegiance for his corrupt Khalifat, or kill Hussain and all his friends. It was Horr and his army who first faced Imam Hussein, and then kept them under siege, preventing them from getting water.

On the day of Ashoura, Horr made a huge decision. Right before the battle started, he left his position and the army he was commanding, and joined Imam Hussein, and was the first to be killed in the way of Allah, by the army he used to be a commander of just a few hours earlier. The name “Horr” means free, freeborn, noble, freeman.

The fate, sometimes, plays a game. The factory of creation, constantly producing uncountable things, stones, trees, rivers, animals, insects, human beings, sometimes shows a scene of humor, creates an innovation or an exception: it writes a poem, paints a work of art, does something unique…In one word, it can be said that these items have a “character”. From among the houses, Kabeh, from all the walls, the China Wall, from the planets orbiting the sun, earth, and….from all the martyrs: Horr.

The artistic hands of destination have composed this scene with utmost precision, and as if to emphasize the importance of the story, have selected all the characters of the play from the “absolutes”, to make the story most effective.

The story is about a “choice”, the most important manifestation of the meaning of human being. But what kind of choice? We are all faced with several choices in our everyday life: career, friend, wife, house, major.. But in this story, the choice is much more difficult: the good and the evil. And even so, not from a philosophical, scientific, or theological perspective. Instead, the choice here is between the truthful and the deceiving religion, between the just and unjust politics, with life being the price to pay.

To further emphasize the sensitivity of the situation, the author has not put the hero of this story in the middle, equally between the right and the evil. Instead, the hero is the head of the army of the evil. On the other hand, the director of this play has to find symbols for his story to make them most effective. Should he have Promete on one side and some demons on the other side? But this makes the story too mythical…Spartacos and Crasios? no…this makes the story nationalistic and gives it a class dependent nature. How about Ebrahim and Namrood? Moses and Feroh? Jesus and Judas? no… again, for most of the people these are metaphysical and heavenly characters different from common ordinary people. Having them as heros reduces the effect of the story, and causes people to admire them, but never think about following their examples in their everyday life. However, the main purpose of this story is to teach, to show the ability of the man to change, to show how it is possible for a common and even sinful man to reject all his social, family, and class ties and show a god-like change.

The history of Islam is full of contradicting features. The two lines starting from Habil and Ghabil, existing throughout the history side by side though in different faces, have also continued in Islam. Now, both these streams are dressed in Islam, but in opposite directions. Ironically, our hero is faced to choose between the most extreme ends in each of these parties:

Yazid, and Hossein.

Indeed, had this story been created by an author, he should have been recognized for his genuine and art…

What is the name of this hero? For a historic figure, what is important is the role he plays, and not his name, since his name is something chosen for him by his family, according to his parent’s taste.. On the other hand, if the story is created by an ingenious writer, he would choose a name which is relevant to the role of his hero. In this story however, our hero has been named by his mother, “Horr”, as if he has been able to foresee the sensitive role his son is going to play. And thus, when the Imam of freedom attends his bloody body, just before his death, tells him: “O Horr! God bless you! You are free both in this world and in the world to come, just like what your mother called you!”

Although Horr has played a unique role in the history, the essence of his role is not just confined to himself. The meaning of his action, in fact, includes all human-beings, and indeed defines “humanity”. It is what distinguishes the human-beings from other creatures, underlining the responsibility of man with respect to God, people, and himself. And Horr has not played this with words and concepts, but with love and blood. If one grasps the depth of this saying from Imam Sadegh(AS) that “All days are Ashoura, and all places are Karbala, and all months are Moharam” one readily feels the extension: “and all human-beings are Horr!”

Our history, starting from Habil and Ghabil, is the manifestation of the eternal conflict between the two poles of God and Satan, though in each period of time these two poles have disguised differently. Therefore, in each period of time, every human-being finds himself just in the same position as Horr did: alone, in the middle, hesitating, between the same two armies. On the one side, the commander of the army of evil shouts on his soldiers: ” O Army of God! attack!” and on the other side, an Imam, with a voice echoing throughout the history asks -and not commands- “Is there anybody who wishes to assist me?” and you, the man, should choose.

It is by this choice that you become human. Before this choice you are nothing, you are just an existence without essence, you are standing in the middle. Thus, the man who has found “existence” through birth, finds “essence” through choice. It is by this choice, that the creation of man completes, and this is exactly when the man feels this heavy burden on his shoulders and finds himself alone, as God and the nature have left him on his own on this dangerous decision.

Now we can evaluate our hero, we can feel what a long journey he has gone through in what a short time, to change him from a Yazidian Horr, to a Husseinian Horr. If he stays with the army of Yazid, his world is guaranteed, and if he joins the small army of Hussain(AS), his death is eminent. It is the morning of the day of Ashoura, and although the battle has not yet started in the fields, Horr realizes that the opportunity would not last. Time goes by fast, and the moments count. The storm has already started within him.

From the beginning, Horr was hoping that the events would not lead to war, but now war seems to be unavoidable. Human-beings have limited capability in tolerating shame and scorn, except for those who are genius in this respect and can tolerate disgrace unlimitedly. Horr never had thought that being an “employee” of the government of Yazid would mean collaborating in Yazid’s criminal acts. For him his job was just a source of income without having anything to do with politics or his religion.

Horr now realizes that adding his position with his religion is impossible. Thus, hopelessly and as a last resort he talks with the commander of the Army (Omar-ebn-Sa’d) who like himself is reluctant to get in a war and has accepted the mission to become the governor of the province of Ray and Gorgan. What would then be better than coming up with some sort of a solution without getting involved in the blood of the grandson of the Prophet and his family.

Horr and Omar-ebn-Sa’d both have come all the way from the palace of Yazid to Karbala together and they share the same status and social class. Horr asks Omar:

“Can’t you find a peaceful solution for this situation? ”

“You know that if it had been up to me I would have done as what you propose, but your master Obeid-Allah-Ziyad did not accept a peaceful resolution!”

“So are you going to fight with this man (Hussein)?”

“Yes, by God, I will fight a battle the least consequence of which will be separated heads and broken arms!”

Now, it is evident that no longer can he play games with his religion. Now, the two separate their paths.

For Horr, Yazid’s army of tens of thousand is now nothing more than a bunch of faces, without meaning. A crowd of men without selves, a group of people without hearts, those who shout but don’t know why, fight but don’t know for whom. Now the Jesus of love and conscience cures a blind and resurrects a dead, creating a martyr from a murderer. In a journey it is not enough to ask for the destination, but one should also ask from the origin. Thus, the length of Horr’s journey becomes evident when one realizes from where he started, and to where he ended, all in half-a day’s time. In his emigration from Satan to Allah , Horr did not study philosophy or theology, nor did he attend any lectures or schools. He just changed his direction, and it is in fact this “direction” which gives meaning to everything: art, science, literature, religion, prayers, hajj, Mohammad, Ali… Having started his journey, and riding his horse, he slowly leaves his Army toward Hussain. Muhajer-ebn-Ous, who sees him agitated and worried asks:

“Whats wrong with you Horr? I am puzzled by your case, by God if I were asked about the bravest man in our army I wouldnt hesitate to mention your name, and now you are so disturbed and worried?”

“I find myself between the Hell and the Heaven, and I have to select between them, and by God I will not choose but Heaven, even if I were cut to pieces or burnt to ashes!”

The creation of Horr was completed and the fire of doubt has led him to the verity of certitude. He slowly approaches the camp of Hussain, and as he gets closer he hangs his boots from his neck, and keeps his armor down (as a sign of remorse)

“I am the one who closed your path O Hussein (AS)” He didnt accept Hussein’s invitation to rest for a while..

“Is there a repentance for me?” He can’t wait any longer, he returns to the front and attacks the army of Omar with the most severe and bitter words, letting his ex-army and ex-commander know that he is no longer a slave, he is free, he is “Horr”.

Omar-ebn-Sa’d, his ex-commander, responds by throwing an arrow and yelling

“Be witness and let Amir-ol-momenin know that I was the one to throw the first arrow at the army of Hussain!

And this was how the battle of Karbala started………


Eid Muabarak


Height:  4’3’’

Weight: 64 Kgs

Color: Weatish,

I named him Rawalpindi express. He is my Goat for qurbani (sacrifice) and has a serious attitude problem. When I visited the Bakra Mandi (Barn) this morning I was looking out for a cute fellow in affordable range. When the sales person or Chacha was handing him over to me he advised me to watch out for him because nobody in the past dared to tie him up and he has a bit attitude problem.

Yeah rite 😛 I told myself. But after few hours people found me running after my Goat (Rawalpindi Express) on the streets. Turns out that  Chacha was right.I hope nobody was filming that. Don’t want to be on youtube for wrong reasons. Eid-ul Azha aka Bekra Eid aka the Big Eid is the event with huge religious importance. It highlights the sacrifices made by Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his family. And since then we reenact the incident.


I am sure you all of you are aware of the Christmas carol. Well here in Pakistan we have something close to that, like a Bekra Eid carol of our own. After every few hours you will hear the young ones singing and screaming. Guuy Aai Guuy Aai (Here comes the cow, here comes the cow).     

Speaking of cows; a cow from Pakistan called her sister cow in India for some last minute goodbye.

Pakistani Cow: How you doing gurl ??

Indian Cow: never been better 😀

Pakistani Cow: Hmmm… somebody sounds happy??

Indian Cow: You bet !! listen to this one, over here in India I am God !

Pakistani Cow: Get out of here !! you are keeding me right?

Indian Cow: I swear upon Anjuman (Lollywood Actress) the only cow from our community who made it to the big screens.

Pakistani Cow: Sigh! You better not be keeding because I am a die heart Anjuman fan.

Indian Cow: I know that Gurl! And I am telling you I am having a ball here. Feeling all holy and stuff :D. He he he  

By the way How you doing?? 😉

 Pakisatni Cow: I am pretty popular here too,  I guess. They all seem to be very hospitable. Screaming; Guuy Aai Guuy Aai.  

Indian Cow: why they haven’t seen a good looking cow before 😛

 I wish everyone on WordPress a wonderful Eid. Especially the vegetarians, who are going to miss the Bar-B-Q parties.


Devil (continues to) wear beard!


Imran Khan is on hunger strike in prison. Yes I am talking about the same guy who leaded the only team which made us the World Champions in the cricketing world. For those who are unaware of the fact that how and when he ended up in jail, I have a very interesting tale to tell. Imran Khan after Nov 3rd became quite active; politically and went underground when the state police tried to arrest him during a protest march at LUMS.

 After that close escape we observed something very unique; students of LUMS and NU Lahore actively participated in the protest rallies which demanded to put an end on Military rule, the restoration of the 1973 constitution and freedom of media. In the mean while students of the biggest university of Punjab; PU invited Imran Khan to show up and lead their protest rally. On the D-day when Mr.Khan showed up a group of students gruesomely manhandled him and handed him over to the Govt. authorities who that were present their in white clothes.  Now the question arises.

WTF? They invited him to lead the protest and instead they tricked him to jail. What kind of immoral act is that? And a million dollar question is who did that?  

Answer; Jamiat Student organization of Jamat-e-Islami 


Aren’t they in the apposition as well? 


Ain’t this party lead by Qazi Hussein Ahmed who also happens to be a close ally to Imran? 


Then? Why did they do something this stooooopid or evil. This act was like helping Musharraf in his cause. 

 I know 

This is hypocrisy to its limits. 

Hehe yeah 😀 

Idiots don’t have horns these days so they make themselves prominent by blowing themselves off in public and joining self appointed religious organizations. Which were already packed with bunch of crack heads that can’t differentiate between software and underwear. Plus back stabbing and doing everything apposite to what ever they preach (whine about) is one attribute which is very common in species we refer to as Mullahs. When I was running out of reasons to hate them they came up awith nother reason to support my logic 😀 Mogambo Khush hua!! When Qazi Hussein Ahmed was asked what on earth his gang was thinking when they handed over their ally and friend to the Govt. they so love to hate. He replied; ‘Galtee se mishtake hogya!’ 


That sounds like dim-witted Robert from the classic comedy film ‘Andaaz Apna Apna’. You don’t want to hear the lame story that followed his excuse given above. A ten year old gives a better justification when caught watching naughty movies. But this incident proves that political parties especially the religious ones whine about democracy when they lack tolerance, give free lessons on Muslim brotherhood when they cant help themselves backstebbing their political allies, give strike calls and ask people to do Jehad against Musharraf and USA when they are helping them on and off the field.

Note: This post was also published in PTS




Name: Narendra Dāmodardās Modī 

Age: 50 something 

Nationality: Indian, Gujarat 

Claim to fame: The engineer to 2002’s Gujarat massacre 

February 2002, allegedly an angry Muslim mob torched a train which resulted in the killing of 58 innocent Hindu passengers which gave birth to what they call; “the worst Hindu Muslim clash” in the history of India. According to the official statistics; 254 Hindus and 790 Muslims were killed, with 223 more missing. Thousands of cases are still pending in the Indian courts and state inquiry committees which are related to these riots. 

Their is nothing new about Hindu Muslim riots; these riots are tactfully created by any one of the two extreme parties to meet their political and social desires. But this incident is quite different from past incidents that involved the clash of the two religions. First of all the tragic scale of the devastation is monstrously huge and it puts a big question mark on the secular claims of the biggest democracy in the world; India.  

The question is why I felt the need of bringing up this issue after five years of its occurrence; well for the information of my readers; a series of videotaped confessions have been released which showed Hindu activists acknowledging their roles in the killings and confirming the blatant involvement of the state government. These video footages were shot undercover by a journalist of a New Delhi based magazine ‘Tehelka’. In these videos Hindu activists shamelesly brag about; how the put the Muslims to death and afterwards burned down their bodies. One attacker went on proudly confessing that how he slit opened a pregnant woman stomach. 

One name which is common on every assailant mouth is of Gujarat’s Chief Minster Mr. Narendra Modi. Many human rights groups in India and abroad find him and his ruling party BJP guilty of tactfully supporting the Hindu mob against the Muslims. One more shocking revelation was made that proves the state police involvement in the whole incident. ‘Jai Shri Ram’ was the secret code which was given to the Hindu extremists, when any of them was caught by the officials this code use to bail them out and also served as a license to carry out the killings and bombings.

Another statement which is common; is the approval that none of this would have been possible if Narendra Modi was not in charge. One reknown Hindu activist and politician confessed in one of the videos and I quote; “He (Narendra Modi) has given us three days time to do whatever we could. After three days, he asked to stop and everything came to a halt.”     

So who is this Narendra Modi? his highness 😛 began his political struggle at young age when he joined Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), an infamous Hindu militant organization. He then later became a full time time activist and organizer for RSS. He later on became the representative of RSS in BJP. He is praised for maintaining the relation of RSS with BJP on numerous occasions by right wing Hindu leader Lal Krishen Advani.   The revelations made by the extremists with the help of Tehelka are not new for Human rights activists and Muslim leaders. But the chief minister was allowed to rule the state for five years.

 Critics and political pundits claim that these videos might have an effect on December’s state election. I think otherwise, because from what we have seen in the past when politicians like Bush and Blair got re-elected for the second time with larger majority despite their failures in Iraq& Afghanistan. People came out, demonstrated against the two leaders but they got votes and were re-elected, how ironic is that. 

 The efforts made by Tehelka  are worth praising, the made a brave effort to bring out the truth. One can well imagine how difficult it could be to prove a sittign minister guilty, but how good is the truth when the murderers are set free to rule the state affairs. How good is the democracy when the killers of hundreds will be allowed to run for election and even get elected. Modi has previously said the Hindu violence was a spontaneous reaction to the attack on the trains and denied all the allegations.

 The Hindu religious activist who has been accused of slitting open a pregnant woman’s stomach said he showed Muslims “what kind of revenge we can take if our people are killed.”  The word viciousness just lost its touch. 

Disclaimer: Following are some of the videos which provide evidence to the claims made by the writer of this post Ammar Yasir. This article was not written to scrutinize any religion in particular. I personally apologize if the religious sentiments of any reader are offended. The purpose is to bring up the truth and provide a voice to the innocent souls who lost their lives in this tragic incident.    




Eid-ul-Fitr aka. ‘Sweet Eid’
















B-B-B-B-Bad to the bone, Mahmud Ahmedinijad

I am a big fan of bond movies. The bond movies gave the filmi world and the media many things. Bond movies have astonishing sport cars, aesthetically tailored suits, leading ladies with long legs and short dialogues. These materialistic items had such a deep impact on the viewers that achieving them became the criterion for success. Movie makers of that time came up with scripts containing similar characters and we were made to believe that a cleaned shaven and well build guy in the BMW is the good guy and the one with the scar is the bad guy.

We still watch and accept as true the new generation of make believe characters. If we look at this generation of action movies the villain has to be a Muslim. Especially the French and the Bollywood writers make sure to give the bad guy some Muslim background. Maybe all the bad guys in their countries are actually Muslims. In Pakistan they are all Muslims; politicians, robbers, religious fanatics all of them 😛

But I am not discussing movies today. I am speaking about the real life make believe characters. Now for example look at make believe good guy character. Head of a Muslim state, dictator, highly unpopular, US ally. Now how many guys fall in this category; Gen. Pervaiz Musharaf, Husni Mubarak, Saudi Kings, King Abdullah of Jordan. So these people are not villains but good guys. Obviously not heroes 😛 but friends of the hero. Like in Amitabh Bachans 80’s films; there use to be this nice Muslim guy who was not the hero himself but the friend of the hero and who gets killed in the end for being so freaking nice 😛

So who’s the bad guy?

Mahmud Ahmedinijad


He kind of denies holocaust and want the whole issue to be re-researched.

You cant research on Holocaust?



It is already very well documented. There are Holocaust survivors and scholars who have documented thousands of research material and its enough.

Hmm.. so what he has to say about that?

According to him and I quote, Can you argue that researching a phenomenon is finished, forever done? Can we close the books for good on a historical event?

There are different perspectives that come to light after every research is done. Why should we stop research at all? Why should we stop the progress of science and knowledge?

You shouldn’t ask me why I’m asking questions. You should ask yourselves why you think that that’s questionable. Why do you want to stop the progress of science and research?

Do you ever take what’s known as absolute in physics? We had principles in mathematics that were granted to be absolute in mathematics for over 800 years. But new science has gotten rid of those absolutisms, come forward other different logics of looking at mathematics and sort of turned the way we look at it as a science altogether after 800 years.

So, we must allow researchers, scholars, they investigate into everything, every phenomenon — God, universe, human beings, history and civilization.

What else makes him so bad?

You know the Islamic laws forces the women in Iran to wear a hijab or scarf of some kind. That is limiting their freedom. Women should have some respect and freedom in Islamic governments.

Like they should be free to work at strip clubs like in Europe and America?

Why not?

I have heard that they don’t allow the Muslim girls to wear scarves in French schools?

Yes its against their law.

So you have a problem if the women are forced to follow the laws in Iran but laws in France?


What else makes him so evil and rogue?

His Govt. is funding terrorism in Iraq and wants to have total control over the country.

Like the American troops?

No, they just came to help and to get rid of the dictator

The dictator who was once an important ally to US?

He was a good guy back than.

Says who?

The guy who reads the news.

What do you think is his real agenda?

The destructions of Israel and peace from the world, but I tell you the UN and the civilized world will do everything to stop them.

Like destroying them instead?

Why not!

The UNO and your civilized world will stop IRAN like they stopped USA from attacking Iraq and Afghanistan?

Saddam had WMD’s

Oh really?


The Holocaust

The other night I was flicking on the remote from on channel to the other. Hoping that on some channel their must be something that’ll be at least interesting for a change. My prays were answered and on some movie channel I saw one of the greatest piece of art ever made in the history of cinema. It was Steven Spielberg’s world war-II epic Schindler’s List. The 1993 epic for its cinematographic excellence won many Oscars including the best picture award. The biographical film is based on the book Schindler’s ark written by Thomas Keneally. The plot revolves around Oscar Schindler; Sudeten-German Catholic businessman who saved the lives of over one thousand Polish Jews during The Holocaust.

The film frame by frame and scene by scene is a work of Spielberg’s genius. During the film I realized  the amount of unspeakable tragedies the European Jews faced during the holocaust period. About 10 million were killed most of them burned alive according to the Jewish historians. But if you look into the history you will also find  a large number of scholars and writers that have denied the some of the so-called realities of holocaust, they find the figure of the dead and some events (that are quoted by the Jewish historians) exaggerated. Some even completely deny the Holocaust itself.

There are strict laws in Europe for Holocaust deniers. The so called freedom of speech champion Europe(where you can curse the GOD and Jesus) even sent writers to prison if they are found denying the holocaust. Reason; it is a sensitive issue for the Jewish community. But the point I want to raise in this post is the fact that despite all the tragedies and holocaust the behavior of the Jewish people specially the big guns and decision makers is confusing. They went through some really hard times. They have experienced men being cruel and evil but we hardly find a difference in their behavior when it is their turn in power.

I look at the Middle East and I see blood shed. Loads of dead bodies, killings, rapes, law less ness and not surprisingly but on the basis of religion. How different are the Israelis from the Nazis. They have become what they hate the most. I wonder if the media was as powerful as it is now; was it possible for Hitler and nazi party to kill millions of innocent Jews? I don’t know. But nearly a million Iraqi Muslims have died after American invasion. Israel supported the invasion and is also ready to sponsor the American war against the neighboring Iraqi Muslim states especially if the war extends to Iranian soil. From the early nineties till now Iraq has turned into a ghetto by the respectable world including Israel.

I won’t defend any action of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda here as they have given another reason for the invaders to carry out their atrocities against the innocent Muslims. Some say they are working for the invaders, I can’t agree more. But the point is despite the UNO being functional, despite the media being free and unbiased, despite the world being a global village and more humanitarian I am observing a Muslim holocaust in the middles east and the strings are pulled by none other than the holocaust survivors.


Rushdie the Blasphemous Part#1

March 2001 California, actor Billie crystal sneaked out from behind the huge Oscar statues. The audience in the big hall was giggling at his gestures. He remarked ‘Thank God these statues are not in Afghanistan. The audience broke in to laughter. His politically charged remark was an indication to the demolishment of the Idols that was carried out by the Talibans at that time.  The so called civilized countries of the world went on criticizing the wrong doing of the Afghan Govt. of that time. But the Talibans rejected all the criticisms by saying that it is their internal affair and there are hardly any Buddhists left in the country so we are doing no harm to any Afghani. On this particular comment the so called civilized countries added that any action that will harm the religious beliefs of the people living in this world is unacceptable in a civilized society.  June 2007 Salman Rushdie was given the honor of Knight Hood by the Queen of England despite the amount of hate the whole Muslim community hold for the man and the current fragile situation of peace in the world.


Born in Mumbai, India Rushdie became the most loathed person among the Muslims through out the world. For those who believed that Bush took away the reputation of a villain in the Muslim world after nine eleven were proven wrong when the ‘Queen’ decided to honor the writer for his years of so called endeavor in literature. Now the question arises what need was felt by the queen or her advisers to honor the infamous writer. What is the criterion to honor a British citizen with knight hood? Does she ponder the level of popularity in the masses for instance Sir Sean Corner and Sir Roger Moore (are legendary British actors and both of them played bond at their times). Some people say that the old lady has nothing useful to do at this age so she ‘honor’ people with knighthood.(as someone like cricketer ‘Sir’ Alec Stewart was also awarded knighthood after retirement and now its David sexy pants Beckham who will soon be Sir David for his achievements in the football world)


So the question arises that he must be really good at what he does or he must not have been given the honor. Eh? Personally I don’t really think so, as Alec Stewart was not a big hot shot cricketer. We have dozens of Alec Stewarts that come and go. But I am sure they must have found some thing in Rush die’s work that they have awarded him this great honor. Another point of view is that people like me should mind their own business as this subject is an internal matter. Ok!! Fair enough. If Hollywood awards Pamela Anderson for being the best porn star of the century I have nothing to object because it has nothing to do with me and most importantly my beliefs. If you are going to award Ahud Olmert the noble price I may find the decision totally absurd but won’t say a word because it is not affecting my religious beliefs. But if you are going to award some one like Rushdie who has dishonored my Prophet (SAW) and violated the basic principle of respect for religious beliefs I will not allow it. No sir.


 [to be continued………]





‘The Crown and the Platter’ by Shahbaz Sheikh


  All believer men and women of Mecca, hail the emperor of the new unified and holy Muslim Empire, King Yazid.’

            The above trumpets were being blown around Mecca in those days. Why? Because the battle of
Karbala had ended, with God bringing out Yazid and his twisted accomplices victorious. Because God had abandoned his followers in the desert and left them to be cut by swords, pierced by spears and trampled be horses. Because God had arranged tyranny to run free in the Muslim world. Because God had made sure that His true believers were put in the dark and belief sapping dungeons of agony. Because it was God’s will that the head of the devoted servant be put on the platter, and it was God’s will that the head of the cruel and disobedient be put under a crown. So a skeptic has to ask…. what kind of a God is this?

The answer to this question lies in the realization of the fact, that the world is not a place of rewards and retributions. It is not a place of gains and losses. It is a place of test. It is a place of resolve, of decision. And the holy Imam decided to have his head on the platter, so that the coming Muslims have an example of how to act in the face of deadly adversary. So that they know what is to be chosen in the dilemma between principles and mundane gear. And so that they know that trading in their belief, that “God shall compensate all”, with a Christ made of silver and gold, is the way of indifference, is the way of treason and is the way of the Yazids of this world.


Therefore we must not have pride, we must not be arrogant and we must not grope for blood stained riches, even if it brings us kingship. Why? Because Yazid did so.


And we must abide our principles, be true our values, and strive for justice, even if it kills us. Why? Because the holy Imam did so.


Enuff !

It’s only February and yet another bomb blast in the year ’07. The first series reflected the so called sectarian violence. In which one sect was repeatedly targeted by the radicals. But this time it was slight different. This time the state is being embattled here. Brave men of the state and I am talking about the police performed their duties remarkably. They stood right in between the death toll and the terrorists like a goalie saving the penalty kick.  


 Samjhota or Agreement (in English) was the name given to the train service which is in news these days because of the unfortunate incident that took place yesterday. Indian police famous for its efficiency blamed some radical Muslim Organistaion. They have also arrested some people including the family members of the dead, Muslim of course. For sure no government would like to see dead neighbors on their own soil. But one can easily see clear security and management lapse on their behalf,  half of the passengers were burned to death as the doors were locked form the outside (“ for security reasons”). 

 Well, we are completely depending on New Delhi now. Maybe they come up with some results. As we have more terrorists attacks to worry about (God forbid). One thing for sure there is no place for Afghanis in  Pakistan. Muslim or not they are responsible for more than half of the terrorist acts in the country.


Muslim World


Hussain (AS)

tum nahee rahay,

tumara ghar nahee raha,

per tumaray baad zalimo ka koi dar nahee raha

                                                                                (Iftekhar Arif)                 


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