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Does school kills innovation?

Does School, colleges and universities really stop you from thinking big? Are they preparing you for an office job when you can aim higher and think way bigger? Let’s first hear 17 year old APICTA and Pasha Award winner Zayd Inam who according to some, is Pakistan’s Steve Jobs in the making.


So this young man believes that schools play a good part in killing innovation, as they are always about exams, grades and assignments. Knowledge is essential but without practical implications, an individual will lend up with an average job in some office. Now, something that took me 16 years of formal education and 2 years of working experience to understand came naturally to Zayd. It got me thinking about the number of courses that I took at school, colleges or at university level that never ever helped me in anyway, I am sure you share a similar experience. Now if you take those credit hours and subtract them with your educational period, the number that comes out will surprise you or make you angry in my case.

When I put up the same question on twitter, I got many interesting answers. Munir Usman (MVP and Entrepreneur) who by degree is a telecom graduate but pursued his career in the software industry on my question, whether schools are responsible of killing innovation among students replied:

“Ideally they are meant to kill innovation, but looking down at the quality of education. They are not only killing innovation but are responsible for destroying a good amount of time of the students. Instead of giving proper education to help innovation, they waste time and money in useless courses and activities, as a result students end up doing Ratta (memorizing course lectures) for exams.

When I asked Sabahat Zakariya the same question, she gave quite an interesting reply:

Schools only have meaning when an extremely rare teacher not yet jaded by the system and the administration comes and inspires you. All schools care about are grades for their quantifiable, abstractions’ no meaning in a school ‘system’.

On my question to Sabhat and Shahrzad (teacher from Iran) on how we can improve this situation in schools, their reply was:

Stop nurturing mediocrity in faculty. Stop ostracizing teachers with opinions, passion and a voice – Sabahat

Students should be motivated to discover, arousing sense of yearning to learn instead of giving them some formulas to pass the exams- Shahrzad

During my initial experience at work, I met a business man who used to teach entrepreneurship at Pakistan’s top business school; IBA. According to him once an individual passes early 20’s the chances of becoming an entrepreneur almost diminishes and sadly these top business schools are not making leaders but labors. This was a very strong statement coming from a teacher who was very much involved in the business market. On my question to Munir on whether Universities should encourage or teach entrepreneurship at graduation level, his reply was:

Yes the course should be mandatory in every degree but the million dollar question is, who will teach this subject? Most teachers won’t qualify to teach this subject

Muhammed Nawaz (Blogger/IT Professional) coined the following views on the same question:

Yes Of course they should. One thing important to understand is whether they consider self confidence a virtue or taboo Self confidence raises the chances of people actually taking decisions in their own hands and doing what’s right for them. At the same time, ensuring that with all this virtue comes the aspect of responsibility So when they take a decision, they know what the impact of their decision would be. Accordingly take a step forward.

So if Schools are not doing their jobs right why the parents are desperate to enroll their children in the most expensive of schools. But can you blame them for doing so? Their aim for getting their children admitted in popular schools is to get an admission in a good college or a renowned university, so their children end up with a secure future and a job that pays off well at the end of every month. Not every family can afford an entrepreneur in their house; somebody has to pay mortgage on regular basis. So it’s more about economics then learning or getting education.


Dropping off from college or Universities is not a preferred option, not every kid is as bright as Zayd or Steve Jobs for that matter. A lot of us might start off slow but end up being a successful individual and professional. Having said that there should be a regular check on the curriculum of college and universities, considering the dropping standards of local educational boards like HEC. The need of having a quality educational body has become inevitable. This independent body will work like a bridge between educational institutes and business market.


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An-al-Haq – I am the truth!


I am a proud member of my Pakistani nation. For the past 60 years we have been under Ayub Khan, Zia ul Haq, Yahya Khan and Pervez Musharraf. But on 18th March we have proved one thing once and for all; this country will only be ruled by the ‘People of Pakistan’ and by no military or civilian dictator……….{to be continued}

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1) 23rd March- Pakistan Day!

My message to you all is of hope, courage and confidence. Let us mobilize all our resources in a systematic and organized way and tackle the grave issues that confront us with grim determination and discipline worthy of a great nation.” read more ‘here’

2) Mind your language!

Few years ago I went to this party, it was one of those Bar b Que seasons when we karachiites lit fire in our basements, house roofs, gardens and try to roast something which tastes like rubber. Rubber? Well its meat originally but wanna be cooks like us end up with a dish which tastes like roasted rubber P


Long story short, all the boys and girls were sitting around a born-fire trying to have some pseudo intellectual chit chat, a girl who was sitting besides me and to…………………..

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The day the music died


Who knew that you will learn something form an Adam Sandler movie. Most of them are the same, but he’s maturing with his movies for sure. ‘Spanglish’ is one good example, where he played a responsible husband and loving father of two struggling with what we call these days life. But I am not discussing ‘Spanglish’ here. The movie I am talking about is ‘Click’. By the promos it failed to impress me. I thought it must be just another Adam Sandler flick where he must be surrounded by bunch of lunatics doing crazy things. Long story short HBO was showing it and I had nothing fancy to do.

The film is about a family man, architect by profession who spends day in and day out to earn a good living for his family. His boss like any other boss abuses his talents and make him over work. Adam struggles to find a balance between family and professional life. His dissatisfaction leads him to short cut solution to all his problems. And one day he was handed on; a universal remote control that had this magical power to pause, rewind, forward and fast forward his life. As it turns out to be the same family whose living standards he so wanted to improve by working really hard, detaches from him thanks to his emotional absence. The same remote control whose presence was making his difficulties shorter skipped the most precious moments of his life. And his achievements lead him no where.

I was born and raised in the city of Karchi. People say Karachi never sleeps; the city is famous for its fast life. If you wake up in the morning you will find people rushing and speeding up to their destinations. Oblivious of what life has to offer them in the future. After this is what life is all about. You work hard to earn money; money buys you food, basic necessities of life, and luxuries that are important as well. If you are not in the race then you are out of the race as a looser. And nobody likes to be a looser. This world would eat you inside out if you even consider stepping out of the race. So to be or not to be is that ‘the question’.

The concept is too complicated for me 😛 I guess. I am still a student like many learning new lessons everyday from experiences good and bad. For the time being bad experiences are topping the charts but what the hell I will have my time. I might be a Monday right now but I will be Saturday night soon 😉

Here is something to make all the music lovers a reason to enjoy. It’s Don McClean and the song for those who haven’t guessed yet Bye Bye Miss American pie’.

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I met a girl who sang the blues And I asked her for some happy news
But she just smiled and turned away
I went down to the sacred store Where I’d heard the music years before
But the man there said the music woudn’t play And in the streets the children screamed The lovers cried, and the poets dreamed
But not a word was spoken The Church bells all were broken
And three men I admire most The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost
They caught the last train for the coast The Day the Music Died.


Eid-ul-Fitr aka. ‘Sweet Eid’
















One day with TPS

I recently wrote something for The Pakistani Spectator; a nation wide blog, where writers and professionals form different parts of the country add their posts. TPS has a dedicated team of bloggers that work day in and out to make TPS the big success that it has become now. Anyways, Ghazala Khan from TPS who actually published my politically charged article 😛 completely surprised me with her new offer. She told me that they are taking interviews of the popular Pakistani bloggers and it would be nice if I share my blogging experience with them.

I wanted to tell her that only 10 people read my blog and out of them 5 are kind enough to comment on my posts 😛 But what the hell I gave it a shot!

  • You can catch my interview here. and I know how horrible I look in that picture 😛 I dont look this scary in real 😛 😀 trust me!! and yes I know in most of my answers I sounded really boring and patriotic but what the hell you have to put up with it.

Thank you TPS and Ghazala Khan for the opportunity 🙂


Shoaib the Infamous


It’s quite interesting that there are certain issues and people that when are brought up in public get immediate reactions. For instance if someone comes up with the name of ;

Bush; the immediate reaction of the general public would be what an ass-hole!

Himesh Reshamya; my ears are hurting 😛

Paris Hilton; what a slut!

Shoaib Akhter: Now what ?! or What has he done this time?

Yes the infamous and in my point of view a bit unlucky Shoaib Akhter is making headlines again and if anyone would have predicted, this incident has hardly anything to do with cricket as well. Shoaib was found guilty of beating up his fellow pacer Muhammed Asif with a bat and left a bruise on his thigh.

“I’m human and made a mistake in the heat of the moment,” Shoaib told Indian news TV channel NDTV. “Asif said something to me that made me lose my temper. I apologized to him, but I was very upset. “I’m feeling bad that two minutes of temper have ruined my comeback. Sometime you do things in a fit of temper. I will explain the situation to everyone and apologies. I will try and make it back for the series against South Africa next month.”

My question is why man? Why? How can you do something like this to your fans and above all to yourself?

My personal opinion is that the guy is cursed. His life is surrounded by controversies. I am sure that if he was present in the last world cup. He would have conveniently blamed for Bob Woolmer’s death and would have been spending his last days in some West Indian prison. But than Bob Woolmer was never killed, some stupid doctor sensationalized the autopsy result.

I am afraid this looks like an end to Shoaibs career and we will always remember him as a bowler with plenty of talent and speed but paucity of professionalism. How unfortunate 😦


Its all about making your life…Dess-ent




Shabz: Do you know what’s the new Nazim of Karachi (mayor) has promised?

aMmAr: Hmmm… No

Shabz: To make the city Dess-ent 😛

aMmAr: Dess-ent ? :S

Shabz: Yes 🙂

aMmAr: What does that mean?

Shabz: I tried to look into the dictionary but failed to find the word “Dess-ent”

aMmAr: I am sure he meant decent 😛

Shabz: So it took you five minutes to figure that out, you idiot 😛 But he said all his efforts will be to make Karachi a Dess-ent city.

aMmAr: Ok ..

Shabz: According to him; He will the improve the standard of living and quality of education so that when a karachiite will wakeup in the morning he can tell himself “Man I am living in a dess-ent city.”

aMmAr:; the guy is quite emotional about it … heh 😛

Shabz: Yeh! I saw some tears in his eyes when he uttered those words.

aMmAr: Ok..

After few months the new Nazim Mustafa Kamal drilled or hollowed the whole city out. The overly populated city of Karachi faced worst traffic jams as there were hardly any alternative routes available for those exhumed roads. People panicked but the city government ensured that these measures are taken for the construction of new highways, fly over and bridges and above all to make our life style dess-ent.

aMmAr: dude they burrowed the whole city.

Shabz: I know..

aMmAr: How can you start several numbers of projects all at same time.

Shabz: One word my friend… Dess-ent!

aMmAr: Shut the f*** up man…one should name him Mustafa Khudaaal (miner) instead of Mustafa Kamal.

Shabz: Dess-ent!!

aMmAr: Yeah whatever…

Within two years to everyone’s surprise the city government actually was able to complete majority of the projects on time. But as we all know that every week 3oo cars contribute to the city’s traffic. So the traffic jam situation became worse then ever. But some people were very happy of the city government. Like my friend O. I would like to inform you that O is a Behari and Beharis in Karachi distinctively contribute a lot to the Jokes and Gag industry like Pathaans, Sardars and Memons (Gujrati). Yes we humans are racists and love to make racial comments. But that’s not the point here; the point is that O can’t get over the fact that he is a Behari like any other Behari in Karachi. How typical 😛

O: man you know what!?

aMmAr: Now what?!

O: You know the Nazim Mustafa Kamal.

aMmAr: Yes..

O: he is a Behari aswell 🙂 [..He uttered those words very proudly]

aMmAr: So?

Shabz: So that includes another great Behari in the long list.

aMmAr: Get over it Obaid. The list is too small in comparison with my great UP (Utter Pradesh) list. [My parents are from UP]

O: Shut the f*** up. I have Laloo Parsaad, Shehker Suman, Manoj Bajpai, The Buddha and George Orwell.

aMmAr: George Orwell was an English man and I am not having this conversation again.

O: go check out wikipedia man he was born in Behar 😛

aMmAr: Screw you and your list. You know who the greatest Behari of all time is.

O: Mrs. Laloo Parsaad ?!

aMmAr: Wrong answer. The correct answer is ‘I don’t give a shit 😛 ‘

As the elections are getting near the city government is trying to strengthen its popularity among the people and by starting new projects all over the city once again. But this time things are getting a little too difficult.

The other day when I was surfing on the internet; all of a sudden a network unplugged sign appeared on my screen. I called my cable guy to enquire what the hell just happened and he told me that the authorities are planning to construct something and they literally chopped of all the poles from the ground. As result the fiber cable (rest in peace) is lying on the road like a poor Iraqi and I am trying to collect it asap.

I called shabz to inquire if he was facing the same problem…

aMmAr: dude they chopped off my cable.

Shabz: Who?

aMmAr: the authority. The whole area is like Afghanistan.

Shabz Dess-ent

aMmAr: No internet man :@ I’ll die

Shabz: Dess-ent

This morning my poor cousins crash into our house, because the authorities chopped their electrical poles off as well and there won’t be any electricity for another day. Remind you they live in a highly secured and comparatively sophisticated area ie ASKARI-IV. Not to forget the bridge that collapsed yesterday. I know the city govt. is trying to make our life decent but in order to make one thing better tearing down the rest of the infrastructure is not understandable. One can only hope that things don’t get any worse in the near future. As in the past we have seen that it rains rite after they drill something up


Whats the big “DEAL”?



A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.

– Martin Luther King




You know you’re in Karachi when…





10. The only foreigners you see on the street are either Afghanis or Bengalis.

9. You know where Khayaban-e- something is but have no idea what Khayaban means.

8. The most fun thing to do is to eat out at some restaurant.

7. You get to see the new Tom Cruise’s film even before Tom Cruise.

6. You entitle a lady (age ranging from 15 to 25) a BACHEE (a very young girl).

5. Everyone has a gun and I mean every one.

4. You come home after a hectic day and there is no electricity. You wake up in the morning and realize that there is still no electricity.

3. Your school/college/university gets closed when it rains.

2. When you are driving its never your fault.

1. Your city is no Paris but its definitely better than Paris.


United we stand…


There are things in life that really puzzles me, like

1) Why after so much humiliation and disgrace the mullahs are still supporting Ghazi Abdul Aziz and want him back?

2) Why talent less bastards like Sahir Lodhi are on the tele and radio all the time?

3) How come a nincompoop like Arbab Raheem is our chief minister?

But above all;

What the fuck is going on in my country?

There is not a single day when I switch on to the tele and I don’t see a burned dead body. There are two professionals that are really in demand these days. The guys who makes bomb for a living and guys who blow themselves in public.( How convenient. Eh?) Extremism is every where in this world. There are skin heads in England who likes to beat a crap out of the darkies (Pakistanis and Indians). There are Upper class Hindu teachers in India who like to purify or urinify (to be exact) their students (Dilits by cast) so that they can get better grades. Mentally challenged teenagers shoot off’s their class fellows and teachers (Virginia tech)

But why are we labeled as Moderates, Semi Moderates, Extremists, Budd naked extremists. What else do you expect? When a guy with an AK-47 in his hand and a military jacket on his body will appear on the tele and will announce:

‘Hey fellas!! Remember the twin towers you use to have in New York I blew that off. And yes I will continue doing these terrorists activities to humiliate my peaceful religion. So screw you guys!! I’m going to Vegas.’- OSAMA

So are we waiting for a miracle here? Hmmm let see …. No, this is not a Hindi movie where Sharukh Khan will get the girl in the end and wll live happily ever after. We all need to get real, we all have to work are lazy ass off to bring the country out of the crises. How about being united for a start? Like we are in the cricket matches. ( that rules me out as I am always betting on the other team 😛 )


One year to Ronin


22nd July 2006 I accidentally entered the blogging world. At that time I had no clue that this blog would grow this much and will change my life for good. I would like to thank the Almighty Allah who gave me opportunity to express my feelings to the world. I still have no idea how to write but according to some people; the important thing is the ability to express yourself. I am still trying to learn how to do it; by reading and learning from other writers and bloggers.

I would like to thank all my regular readers who supported RONIN through out. Without you I might loose the motivation to write more. The list includes Asim, Pr3rna, Lubna, Ahsan, Hassan, Om, Ankur, Aridhi and those who visit the blog regularly or occasionally.

Ayaz, for introducing me to wordpress and the blogging world.

Beeca, for being an honest critic.

Thank you vey much !!


Love never seemed so pointless… by Ayaz Ahmed Khan

Love seems pointless. Love, if it ever had any, has lost all its value. What once I believed fervently in, looks and feels emotionless, dead now. The regret is not that I loved. The inhumane things I did for love to those who are dearer to me than those who I fooled myself into believing I loved the most, I regret most.

I went a long way, came merely a few paces away from what I had believed to be eternal bliss, and I stopped. I turned around. I made a decision. I saw nothing. Why does Love appear so pointless, so meaningless, now? I walked away.

Love is most beautiful. It is most painful, too. I did not come across so much beauty as I did pain in Love. I don’t mind the pain. I never did. That beauty seems pointless, meaningless, now. I wish I could do something of this regret I have. I will have to live with it.



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