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The Teabreak team is proud to announce the launch of the much anticipated TEABREAK v2.0 (BETA) today. Our team members worked day in day out to give you this fresh new look and with much more exciting features.

Some of the Features that we are experimenting in this release are:

Major Face uplift and design overhaul
We completely revamped the TeaBreak design and have taken care of issues like “Too Many Advertisements”, “Ugly colors”, etc. We are hoping you guys will love the new look!! Let us know…

New Columns added!
We have added 3 new columns that we will be hand-picking and updating frequently.
Featured Post, Featured Blog and Featured Blogger.

Hot Posts
Here we present you a list of most viewed articles on the TeaBreak network.

We have introduced categories in this release, it uses TeaBreak’s auto-categorization engine. This feature is experimental.

Blogs In Pictures
We are presenting you a brand new concept and feature in the new TeaBreak website. We pick images at random and relate them to posts on our network. This feature is also experimental.

Visit now:

Our initial aim was to create new blog horizons for Pakistani bloggers and we are proud to declare that we are following the same path. As every blogger is the part of the Teabreak team so we will be needing your feedback on every move we make. Simply send us your views, comments, ideas & suggestions at



Ever wondered when you are stuck in some boring Office work, College Assignment, Project with haunting deadlines or University Midterm 😛 What is the one thing that you want the most?

You need a breeeeeeakkkkkkkkkkkk, my friend. And what other better way to relax in this cyber world when everything is just a click away 😉

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you:


Take a hot cup of tea and have a mind blogging experience with Teabreak.

So what is so special about Tea-break?

Tea Break not only provides blog readers a place where they can have both national and international blogs on one page but it also provides the bloggers a platform to launch their write ups and increase the readership of their already established Blog.


In short we are trying to bring every blogo maniac together and establish a huge blog forum.

How to join Teabreak?

· Join TeaBreak by following:

· Invite friends:

Other Important things you want to know about

How does it work?

How to reach us?


Breaking News:: “Have a mind blogging experience!”


Are you in love with the concept of blogging??

Do you love reading blogs?

Then hop in for the most mind blogging ride you ever wished for!!………..


For more details read; 

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Weekend’s Post at ronin 2.0


1) 23rd March- Pakistan Day!

My message to you all is of hope, courage and confidence. Let us mobilize all our resources in a systematic and organized way and tackle the grave issues that confront us with grim determination and discipline worthy of a great nation.” read more ‘here’

2) Mind your language!

Few years ago I went to this party, it was one of those Bar b Que seasons when we karachiites lit fire in our basements, house roofs, gardens and try to roast something which tastes like rubber. Rubber? Well its meat originally but wanna be cooks like us end up with a dish which tastes like roasted rubber P


Long story short, all the boys and girls were sitting around a born-fire trying to have some pseudo intellectual chit chat, a girl who was sitting besides me and to…………………..

Read more ‘here’



Howdy folks, I have a good news for you. I have joined the team of and you can read my articles their as well. I recommend you to have a look at this blog and enjoy the whining of other talented bloggers. I am very excited as I find the web-blog quite professional and I am looking forward to this new opportunity.

Having said that, I cant promise frequent posts on any of the three blogs I am currently writing for. And the readers of Ronin will remain dearest to me 😉

Peace Out!



Memoirs of a blogger

I asked myself, will I ever be able to recover? Or trust? Every person that I ever trusted stabbed me in the back. Am I so easy?

  This year’s winter welcomed me with a bad flu 😛 . I am on self prescribed pills these days and thinking of visiting some doctor who might help me out of this misery. But can you trust a doctor with your health. After all he is the part of the same society we live in. I hate going to doctors but since I am doing everything that I hate doing; this exercise might not feel that bad.  

This blog has become quite public. Visitors know me too well and expect better of me that I might fail to deliver. I am planning to abandon ronin and write under a different pen name in a totally different blog. That would be cool eh? In the olden age people use to seek solitude and some of them managed to get answers to their problems. Probably this might work for me as well. No I wont grow a beard and a pony tail 😛 to appear like late John Lennon.

Peace out!


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