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what were they thinking? :P


Ladies and Gentlemen may I have your attention please. Can you tell me what are we looking at?

Voices in the audience Seems to me like a Billboard.

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Things to do when ‘Bijlee’ (electricity) is out!


Sizzling summers have yet to come but the love hate relationship between WAPDA and KESC struck the Karchiites yesterday morning.  Auntie Bijlee was out for 12 or more hours in many parts of the Karachi city. Yippeee!! 😀

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Sab maal China; (every item Chinese)



If you have ever been to Saddar, Karachi; you are familiar with this statement. Even in countries like USA they are selling Chinese products but with a different selling moto 😛 In the last semester of my degree, I did a report presentation on the booming Chinese economy, the challenges that they are facing because of huge power consumption and the amount of effort the Chinese government is putting to cope these issues.


Like Pakistan the majority of the Chinese population lives in rural areas. A large amount (thousands) of workers moves out to urban China to make a decent living. This huge amount not only contributes to the growing economy but is consuming large quantity of power as well. Every year approx. 3-4 nuclear reactors are made functional but in the long run this growing amount of power houses won’t be of much help. Keeping the latter in mind Chinese Govt. have made plans to slow the number of migrating rural population and hence are making more opportunities in rural China. Similarly China is also facing environmental and other challenges which are the part and parcel of industrial growth.


Now being a Pakistani how much do we relate to the issues our neighbors are facing? For the last 8 years huge industries have been set up, every week approx. 300 or more cars join the traffic of Karachi city alone, and thousands are migrating from different parts of the country both rural and urban and joining the population of Karachi and Lahore. These people are using washing machines, iron, air conditioners, fridges, computers and TV’s. Long story sort every gadget means we require more power to run that appliance.


As the freezing winter was making history in the months of December and January 2007-8 in Pakistan, so was the record load shading and power failure/outage. The scariest question of this year will be; what we gonna do in summers? Do we have a plan? I read somewhere, that if you aren’t planning at all then you’re definitely planning to face a miserable defeat.



In eight years of this present regime we were unable to come up with any new Dam or energy resource. Reason; pathetically political and racial. Apparently nobody trusts Punjab with the Kala Bagh dam program. But then what political or religious opposition ever stopped Musharraf from doing anything. He did everything stay in power; from sacking CJ, killing thousands, vanishing hundreds, high jacking democracy, banning the media etc so what actually stopped him from making a dam in 8 years? Public interest perhaps 😛


The mayor of Karachi Mustafa Kamal however is coming up with plan, according to which KESC will be able to produce electricity from garbage. God bless him for that, but even that program if implemented now will take another 3 years or more to be fruitful. So are we waiting for some miracle? Because things aren’t looking any good and it’s just the start of the year.


Shaadmani o Shaadmani

People are getting married this season in Pakistan. For some strange reason people choose to get married in the holiday’s season particularly in December. Why December? Why not the rest of the eleven months, from Jan to November? People don’t divorce each other after looking at the calendar. So why marriage 😛

  Hey honey, I ve decided to divorce you on the 7th of October. What do you say?


 Hmmm… I dunno, my aunty who lives in San Francisco won’t be able to attend. How about December?


 Honky dory! Now let’s make sweet love  🙂


 I hate attending marriages. It’s the most over rated occasion to party. Women with horrible sense of fashion get the opportunity to wear deafening make-up, dazzling clothes and perfumes that have a hefty proportion of saturated chloroform. The married men are there to look after the kids. You weren’t expecting Mama to appear like Madhuri Dixit and running after young Pappo with a feeder at the same time or were you? It’s the responsibility of the Man  😛 

 But no man learns from it. You have seen your uncles, your cousins, then your brothers; you name it. But nobody learns. And after few months of realization they console each other in parties of similar nature. They start by cursing Benazir and Musharraf. Than comes expert scrutiny of the Pakistani cricket team which is followed by;


 A:Dude, your loosing hair!


 B: Yes, that and loads of green (money).


A: How come?

B: My friend [Sigh!] when a man decides to get married; he gradually looses every good he has. In contrast his wife gains every bad she has, like weight, weight and loads of weight.   

 A: Which one is your wife by the way?  

B: You see that big sack of wet clothes on that table near the water cooler.


B: That thing is my wife.


B: Which one is yours?


A: Can you see that woman in the red dress? Who tried to look like Ashwariya and ended up looking like Abhishek.


B: The one who’s fiercely rubbing that red lipstick on her jaws?


A: Yeah. That’s my better half.

So the question is what is there for single man? Nothing hot or sexy, I still remember how my dad uses to persuade me to attend these weddings.

  Me: Dad, I have this crucial test tomorrow. I can’t go to some stupid wedding.


 Dad: Son, If you are not going to attend their wedding, nobody will be present in yours.


 Me: Dad what are you talking about. I am only 12 years old and probably not going to get married in the coming 12 (years).


 Dad: Hmmmm…. There will be plenty of free ice cream.


 Me: So, when is the wedding again? :O


 Yes free meal, its the biggest attraction. You will have this old friend complaining about your absence and the next thing you know he is somewhere near the food stalls, making the pile of items on his plate. But the highlight of any Pakistani wedding is the movie session; where all who are invited get a chance to have a candid session with the bride and the groom. This session is the longest and most exhausting of all. And the poor groom has to wear this fake smile on his face all the time.


 Now when I think about marriage ceremonies a line from ‘A Night at the Roxubury’ comes to my mind, where the priest asks Will Farrell if he wants to take this woman as his bride and he bluntly replies;

  ‘I dunno, my father already paid the caterers 😛 ’ 




Can you recall the instant when you saw a couple that hold this particular attribute; some stunning-looking gorgeous woman with a short heightened, bald guy who also carries an accentuated tummy?  

Now if you have ever been to Pakistan then I am afraid you have seen more than a few couples that hold such resemblance. I have little or no issues with men of such appearances; trust me but when you see this guy with a real hottie you ask yourself, the how, the when, the who, the what? 😛 In other words you ask yourself  that how the fuck did that happen’  I know you people are nodding in endorsement  😛 we all have asked this question to our self quite a few times in our lives. One can’t help it; we all are bunch of judgmental freaks.   

We all inquire our logic; all the left brained, the right-brained and with little or no brains (Mullas). But we all fail to answer this fundamental question that how the hell she ended up with him. Now being a proud member of the Men community 😛 I am aware of the fact that no matter how unappealing we appear in front of the mirror we all are under this false impression, ie we stand a chance with every hot girl in the town. No I am not exaggerating and which means your 10 year old cousin believes that he has a chance with Jessica Alba. Like your Uncle Sam once had this funny feeling that Julia Roberts will have no issues settling down with a guy who lives in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. Its not Noting Hill uncle Sam 😛 !! 

 Now we men aren’t the only one that takes pleasure in day dreaming. I bear in mind the time when Imran-opposition-Khan decided to utter ‘I do!’ with a 21 year old Jemima Khan. News papers boiled with the grievances of both national and international celebs who thought they had a shot with the ex Pakistani skipper. But quite usually hot women realize and settle down with average Joes for “justifiable reasons”, now those reasons comes with Quad-e-Azam Muhamemd Ali Jinnahs pic in the backdrop. You can do your mathematics if you don’t live in Pakistan.  


 Money can’t buy happiness (the most pathetic cliché ever) but it can buy diamonds and diamonds are women’s best friend (remember that). So everything equated to money in the end, how foreseeable 😛  Pakistani politicians looted the country with the slogan of Roti Kapra Makaan ( Bread, Cloth, House) I think they should come out of the closet and present a new slogan to the people of this country which is Get rich or die trying !!


The day the music died


Who knew that you will learn something form an Adam Sandler movie. Most of them are the same, but he’s maturing with his movies for sure. ‘Spanglish’ is one good example, where he played a responsible husband and loving father of two struggling with what we call these days life. But I am not discussing ‘Spanglish’ here. The movie I am talking about is ‘Click’. By the promos it failed to impress me. I thought it must be just another Adam Sandler flick where he must be surrounded by bunch of lunatics doing crazy things. Long story short HBO was showing it and I had nothing fancy to do.

The film is about a family man, architect by profession who spends day in and day out to earn a good living for his family. His boss like any other boss abuses his talents and make him over work. Adam struggles to find a balance between family and professional life. His dissatisfaction leads him to short cut solution to all his problems. And one day he was handed on; a universal remote control that had this magical power to pause, rewind, forward and fast forward his life. As it turns out to be the same family whose living standards he so wanted to improve by working really hard, detaches from him thanks to his emotional absence. The same remote control whose presence was making his difficulties shorter skipped the most precious moments of his life. And his achievements lead him no where.

I was born and raised in the city of Karchi. People say Karachi never sleeps; the city is famous for its fast life. If you wake up in the morning you will find people rushing and speeding up to their destinations. Oblivious of what life has to offer them in the future. After this is what life is all about. You work hard to earn money; money buys you food, basic necessities of life, and luxuries that are important as well. If you are not in the race then you are out of the race as a looser. And nobody likes to be a looser. This world would eat you inside out if you even consider stepping out of the race. So to be or not to be is that ‘the question’.

The concept is too complicated for me 😛 I guess. I am still a student like many learning new lessons everyday from experiences good and bad. For the time being bad experiences are topping the charts but what the hell I will have my time. I might be a Monday right now but I will be Saturday night soon 😉

Here is something to make all the music lovers a reason to enjoy. It’s Don McClean and the song for those who haven’t guessed yet Bye Bye Miss American pie’.

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I met a girl who sang the blues And I asked her for some happy news
But she just smiled and turned away
I went down to the sacred store Where I’d heard the music years before
But the man there said the music woudn’t play And in the streets the children screamed The lovers cried, and the poets dreamed
But not a word was spoken The Church bells all were broken
And three men I admire most The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost
They caught the last train for the coast The Day the Music Died.


The daughter of the East, in the line of Fire



Pakistan once again is the centre of the international interest for another political reason. And this time the reason is; the return of the Mummy. Yes I am talking about the mother of Pakistan Peoples Party and the daughter of the east Ms.Benazir Bhutto. Now you can go on and deny me when I say; there are few popular names run the political game in each country. Whether its India (who call themselves the biggest democratic country in the whole world), USA (who is a self appointed democracy sheriff) or Pakistan (who hardly saw glimpses of what they call a democratic system). Voters and masses in these countries still follow Bhutto, Gandhi (Nehru family) and Kennedy.


Congress party; the oldest political party in subcontinent is run by an Italian woman. Can’t they find a single leader in the population of 100 curores to lead them? I am sure the poor lady never or wanted to be in the situation she is now but what choice did she had. She has to pass the transaction period when either her son or daughter will take over the party. But the point is, that parties start their political struggle in the name of socialism, religion, freedom etc but after some time its realm that lead these so called democratic entities. They don’t even have a democratic process within their own party.


Having said that, I don’t want to take any credit from Ms. Bhutto, she leaded her party for 28 years. Been to jail, was whipped, face the tragic death of his father and untimely deaths of her younger brothers. If you look into her married life, half of that life Asif Zardari was behind bars for allegations that the establishment failed to prove. Even now when I am writing this post home town Karachi an announced national holiday millions of the Jiyaley (the name given to the PPP’s workers) are on the streets chanting her name and covered with red, black and green. The rest of the billions are gathered around the idiot box and watching her coming down from the airplane.


Without any shadow of doubt in Benazir’s popularity her sir name plays an important part. This fact is evident from the billboards hanging on Sharah-e-Faisal where Zulfi Bhutto’s picture is as prominent as his daughter’s.


But something is missing. The question is what!? The international and national media is here, the political workers are here but something is missing. She got Musharraf’s support, US support, ex nemesis MQM is also supporting them by keeping their mouths shut. So what is left? What was their when Imam Khoemeni returned or Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto revolutionized the Pakistani society in the late 60’s; Youth!!

Young men and women of any society not only comprise the majority of the population but also represents where the country is heading. Why the youth of Pakistan prefer staying home then coming on the streets to participate in the process which might help their country to change its course. Lack of leadership is the answer, we the Pakistani youth don’t lack patriotism or humanitarian germs. We all have seen the youth of Pakistan leading the aid process when earth quake hit the northern areas. Their efforts were undoubtedly commendable. Even now in traffic jams when there is no sign of hope or traffic sergeant. Young volunteers jumps in and make the flow possible.


The problem with today’s leadership is that either they don’t represent us or they fail to address our basic issues. Joblessness, corruption in the education department, you can’t get the job you deserve without a source or reference. The education board is one of the most corrupted departments in the country. Higher education is not only unaffordable for the middle and the lower middle class but the quality is also declining with time. There is no sense of security; every young graduate would prefer going abroad for further education and earning some decent living.


But I am still optimistic about our future and the role of our youth. Even now when given a chance, a cause worthy enough to fight for, a movement worthy enough to die for, a leader worthy enough to follow; you will again observe the youth of Pakistan leading and playing their vital role.


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