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Idea of love

“You’re not in love with me, Hank. You’re in love with the IDEA of love.”
– Karen; Californication

All you need is love









Love was so in the air yesterday. People celebrated the death of Saint Valentine without feeling sorry for the poor guy. He died alone. How tragic 😛 Personally speaking, I have reached a point in my life where gimmicks related to occasion of such nature hardly effect me. I am not sure if it’s normal for a 22 year old. But I can recall the days from my High school and school when it was quite fun to do stooopid little things. When even Shahrukh Khan films made sense 😛 Yeh rite!


But rules have changed. Nice is out, naughty is in! Seriously I didn’t come up with the nice and naughty phrase. I read it on some cheap reading material. But it makes sense. Girls fall for ‘bad guys’. And guys are mostly desperate so they will ‘do’ anything or anyone, which moves. But then they don’t have a choice or do they? Chacha Murphy said something very interesting in this regard, i.e.


“All the good ones are taken. If the person isn’t taken, there’s a reason.”

Do they have a Murphy law for everything? 😛 you go and figure that out, while I will listen to my favorite number by the Beatles;



You can also watch this funny video if you want;




How ya doing ?! ;)


How ya doing?! 😉

Anyone who watches Friends must be a big fan of Joey and would be quite familiar with this pick up line. Its Joey’s favorite and as a matter of fact his only pick up line. And you know the best part it always works, almost 95% of the time. But it needs somebody like Joey to pull it off. Just imagine if Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman tries this line on any hottie. The consequences would be so darn funny.

So it’s not the pickup line itself which has all the magic. It’s the guy who utters those lines. Eh? But have you ever wondered why only men feel the need of using a pickup line. I never heard a woman complaining about how difficult is to pick man. They always grumble about how to choose the right guy. In fact how to get Mr. right? That proves the fact that getting a man has never been an issue for post world war women. It’s a guy headache. We need pickup lines, months of homework and money to get the things done. Unlike women they just have to be “themselves”.

You know guys what is our biggest problem when it comes to picking up women or pickup lines in particular. We go with the clichés, the same old formula’s and lines. Every guy in his life and I really mean when I say this that every guy in his life for once, (when ever) went up to a girl. The first words that he uttered were; ‘would you like to be my friend’ and for Pakistani guys it would be ‘Would you like to have friendship with me!’ (or something similar)how stupid is that 😛 Just imagine how it sounds to a girl who never met or seen you in her entire life is enforced to have “Friendship with you!”. Guys at my school, high school, university committed the same mistake again and again i.e. telling the girl that they wanted to have friendship with her or something equally stoopid . But the message was the same. Few months ago a friend did the most stupid thing on the face of the earth. He went up to a girl and…

Stupid Friend: Excuse me!

Poor Girl: Yes?!

SF: I would like to tell you something in private (as she was with her gang )

PG: No! Just tell me what do you want? (she snapped)

SF who was already confused lost what he called his mind and uttered: You know what a young man wants with a girl 🙂

PG: WTF? @#$%@#$^$%&%^&$#%#$%$^$%&%^&^&%^&%$^56&%^&%^&

She went on and on for five minutes and my stupid friend was humiliated more then the Pakistani team when they lost to Ireland in WC2007.



But these kinds of guys are better then the ones who try other ways to get up to a girl. The second kind are real jerks and use means like whistling, hooting, passing some really dim-witted and corney remarks and proudly believe that they are doing some real big favor to the world. I asked one jerk that what the f#$% he was thinking when he passed a nasty remark on that “Gurl”. His reply was;

Jerk: Keeping it real man 😀

Yes 😛 kepping it real stupid!


You know when I hit teenage Shahrukh Khan was my role model. Not Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Gandhi or Dr. Abdul Qadeer but Shahrukh Khan. Why? Because he was so damn good with women (in the movies) that he acted. A real charmer, like they have George Clooney in Hollywood. Not Salman Khan because all he ever did to charm women was stripping. Now we can’t do that in the real world. For instance if I met some hottie at Pizza Hut I wont take shirt off to impress her. But he can 😛 so the guy that we could (kind of) relate to is Sharukh Khan. Skinny, dark, short but damn is he awesome with women in all the movies.

For example;

1) In Dil wale; Kajol was a serious and obedient daughter that was engaged to a desi guy in India and was about to marry her. But our good old SRK charmed her and won her after some beating. Imagine doing that in the real world 😛

2) SRK again in Kuch Kuch hota hai, a single dad dumbed Kajol for Rani before his own marriage was able to lure her on the day when she was getting married. Poor Salman was so depressed that he forgot to take his shirt off to balance things out. Imagine pulling off what SRK did, in the real world 😛

3) Madhuri in Dil to Pagal Hai was getting married to her best friend Akshay but SRK like always comes form nowhere and the ending was so predictable. Can you do it? 😛

I think they should tell the stupid male audience when the film ends that “Don’t you freaking try this at home :P” like they tell you in WWE. So don’t try the SRK ways at home, school, college, workplace, streets etc. If SRK was this good in the real life he would not have been married to the same woman for 10 or more years 😛 hence proved these things dont work in the real world.

So what did we learn today? We learned that picking up women is one of the most difficult tasks on the planet. So if you accidentally or luckily have a lady in your life, then try to stick onto her because you wont like to go on and start from the very beginning, again 😛 and the single fellas out there when you are flirtng don’t come straight to the point and don’t be stooopid enough to tell the truth. She don’t like to hear what you want, she likes to hear, what she likes to hear 🙂


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