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Can you recall the instant when you saw a couple that hold this particular attribute; some stunning-looking gorgeous woman with a short heightened, bald guy who also carries an accentuated tummy?  

Now if you have ever been to Pakistan then I am afraid you have seen more than a few couples that hold such resemblance. I have little or no issues with men of such appearances; trust me but when you see this guy with a real hottie you ask yourself, the how, the when, the who, the what? 😛 In other words you ask yourself  that how the fuck did that happen’  I know you people are nodding in endorsement  😛 we all have asked this question to our self quite a few times in our lives. One can’t help it; we all are bunch of judgmental freaks.   

We all inquire our logic; all the left brained, the right-brained and with little or no brains (Mullas). But we all fail to answer this fundamental question that how the hell she ended up with him. Now being a proud member of the Men community 😛 I am aware of the fact that no matter how unappealing we appear in front of the mirror we all are under this false impression, ie we stand a chance with every hot girl in the town. No I am not exaggerating and which means your 10 year old cousin believes that he has a chance with Jessica Alba. Like your Uncle Sam once had this funny feeling that Julia Roberts will have no issues settling down with a guy who lives in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. Its not Noting Hill uncle Sam 😛 !! 

 Now we men aren’t the only one that takes pleasure in day dreaming. I bear in mind the time when Imran-opposition-Khan decided to utter ‘I do!’ with a 21 year old Jemima Khan. News papers boiled with the grievances of both national and international celebs who thought they had a shot with the ex Pakistani skipper. But quite usually hot women realize and settle down with average Joes for “justifiable reasons”, now those reasons comes with Quad-e-Azam Muhamemd Ali Jinnahs pic in the backdrop. You can do your mathematics if you don’t live in Pakistan.  


 Money can’t buy happiness (the most pathetic cliché ever) but it can buy diamonds and diamonds are women’s best friend (remember that). So everything equated to money in the end, how foreseeable 😛  Pakistani politicians looted the country with the slogan of Roti Kapra Makaan ( Bread, Cloth, House) I think they should come out of the closet and present a new slogan to the people of this country which is Get rich or die trying !!


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