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Ronin V-2.0

Hello and Assalam alequm, this is your host and dost (pal) aMmAr. I was anticipating this moment so that I can reveal to you the big surprise I mentioned in my previous post. I give you;


Ronin V-2.0


I started blogging in my high school when blogging as a medium was not even there. Very few people owned their public domains, but I and another friend of mine started this high school journal and I named it “Shit Talkies”. Years after Shit Talkies I was introduced to wordpress and found you guys. The most special thing about ronin is you people, the readers of ronin.


Bloggers and readers from India, Iran, UK, USA and my motherland Pakistan come on this forum and express their point of views and we were able to form an unsigned bond which will keep us together for years to come, inshallah 🙂


Another achievement of Ronin was to shorten the gap between Indian and Pakistani bloggers. I want to thank Prerna, Aridhi Jain, Ankur Agarwal, Priyank, Amrita and others that have also through their blogs and words strengthen the message of peace. We Pakistanis are a very peace loving and hard working nation and I can say similar words for the Indians as well. I hope all the problems between the two countries can be resolved once and for all.


Last year was full of tragedies for Pakistan, the number of issues/problems my country is facing today are uncountable. But the youth of Pakistan through their blogs and words told the world that we are anything but terrorists. We are an educated and politically aware Pakistani youth that can differentiate between the right and wrong. God Bless Pakistan!


But unlike other countries Pakistani bloggers are facing an announce ban from PTA (Pakistan telecommunication Authority). Blogspot is banned again and there is a possibility that wordpress might go off net any day. So I had no choice but to go solo on my own domain.


The second reason was totally commercial, blogging has become the next best thing and will grow more. Plus with your own blog you can expand in terms of new, exciting and cool themes, plugins and widgets; that wordpress has to offer. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Asim my budd 😉 for talking sense into me 😛 and providing me with all the help I needed to make this possible. Thanx a lot man! I couldn’t have done this without ya.


I hope you will visit and enjoy ronin 2.0 as much as the first version. I had little or no time to put new posts. But I will try updating my blog more frequently inshallah. I would like to thank all of my regular readers 😉 and would be glad if you spread the word of this new blog.


Benazir Bhutto (1953-2007)

 Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and President of PPP died in a suicide attack. Bhutto was shot first and then the attacker blew himslef up. Protests and violence has erupted on the streets of Pakistan.

Emergency aka Martial Law by Hassan Abbas


So he declared it. I had once read a quotation which is actually in Farsi  that “Uzar Az Gunnah, Badtar Az Gunnah”( Excuse for SIN is worst than sin). I think this same is applied to Gen. Pervez Musharaf , who as a President of Pakistan giving excuses yesterday for his so called EMERGENCY. He gave the most stupid excuses for imposing the emergency like, CJ take 100s of suo moto cases, cases against high officials of Intelligence Agencies, Police and etc. Then he gave excuses from the issue of LAL Masjid, the ISI Created Sawat situation and the suicide attacks all over Pakistan.

Okay, now lets talk about his excuses.

  • The first excuse was about the CJ who took 100s of suo moto cases and the cases against the high officials of Pakistani Armed Forces . May be its not in your knowledge that among those 100s of cases, many of them related to public favor and I would like to quote especially the case of Manno Bheel, Incident of Karsaz,high prices of fuel, extremely high price of Rice and most especial of them is the case of missing persons. I will not explain any one of these cases to you because you can also think that these cases are in favor of Pakistani Nation.
  • The second excuse given was related to the situation of Sawat, Lal Masjid and Sucide attacks all over Pakistan especially on Armed Forces. Could any one please tell me who created these situations??? In the case of Lal Masjid, officials said that because of some FORIEGN MILLITANTS the deal couldn’t let happen but they never ever try to show any one of that foreign militant, nor alive neither dead. The previous version of TNSM( Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e- Shariyat-e-Muhamadi, Sawat) was fully sponsored by ISI during the BB rule and If someone have knowledge  then he may know that Taliban also reject to take help from those millitants. So, if the father-in-law could be sponsored by ISI then why couldn’t be his Son-in-law (Maulana Fazulalah).

The most interesting situation is  nobody want to believe that it is emergency, on the contrary most of the people thinks its a Martial Law (Please click it to enlarge)

In any case, Pakistan is now in the hands of few people who claims that they only work for Pakistan but everyone knows they are wrong.  In fact in my view, Musharaf completed his three tasks by only one decision

  1. Gain his term for five more years, as he know he could loose his case in SC.
  2. Postponed the case of Missing Persons.
  3. Dismiss CJ Iftakhar Chaudri, because he know that he would definately pinch him.

The daughter of the East, in the line of Fire



Pakistan once again is the centre of the international interest for another political reason. And this time the reason is; the return of the Mummy. Yes I am talking about the mother of Pakistan Peoples Party and the daughter of the east Ms.Benazir Bhutto. Now you can go on and deny me when I say; there are few popular names run the political game in each country. Whether its India (who call themselves the biggest democratic country in the whole world), USA (who is a self appointed democracy sheriff) or Pakistan (who hardly saw glimpses of what they call a democratic system). Voters and masses in these countries still follow Bhutto, Gandhi (Nehru family) and Kennedy.


Congress party; the oldest political party in subcontinent is run by an Italian woman. Can’t they find a single leader in the population of 100 curores to lead them? I am sure the poor lady never or wanted to be in the situation she is now but what choice did she had. She has to pass the transaction period when either her son or daughter will take over the party. But the point is, that parties start their political struggle in the name of socialism, religion, freedom etc but after some time its realm that lead these so called democratic entities. They don’t even have a democratic process within their own party.


Having said that, I don’t want to take any credit from Ms. Bhutto, she leaded her party for 28 years. Been to jail, was whipped, face the tragic death of his father and untimely deaths of her younger brothers. If you look into her married life, half of that life Asif Zardari was behind bars for allegations that the establishment failed to prove. Even now when I am writing this post home town Karachi an announced national holiday millions of the Jiyaley (the name given to the PPP’s workers) are on the streets chanting her name and covered with red, black and green. The rest of the billions are gathered around the idiot box and watching her coming down from the airplane.


Without any shadow of doubt in Benazir’s popularity her sir name plays an important part. This fact is evident from the billboards hanging on Sharah-e-Faisal where Zulfi Bhutto’s picture is as prominent as his daughter’s.


But something is missing. The question is what!? The international and national media is here, the political workers are here but something is missing. She got Musharraf’s support, US support, ex nemesis MQM is also supporting them by keeping their mouths shut. So what is left? What was their when Imam Khoemeni returned or Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto revolutionized the Pakistani society in the late 60’s; Youth!!

Young men and women of any society not only comprise the majority of the population but also represents where the country is heading. Why the youth of Pakistan prefer staying home then coming on the streets to participate in the process which might help their country to change its course. Lack of leadership is the answer, we the Pakistani youth don’t lack patriotism or humanitarian germs. We all have seen the youth of Pakistan leading the aid process when earth quake hit the northern areas. Their efforts were undoubtedly commendable. Even now in traffic jams when there is no sign of hope or traffic sergeant. Young volunteers jumps in and make the flow possible.


The problem with today’s leadership is that either they don’t represent us or they fail to address our basic issues. Joblessness, corruption in the education department, you can’t get the job you deserve without a source or reference. The education board is one of the most corrupted departments in the country. Higher education is not only unaffordable for the middle and the lower middle class but the quality is also declining with time. There is no sense of security; every young graduate would prefer going abroad for further education and earning some decent living.


But I am still optimistic about our future and the role of our youth. Even now when given a chance, a cause worthy enough to fight for, a movement worthy enough to die for, a leader worthy enough to follow; you will again observe the youth of Pakistan leading and playing their vital role.


Thanks, but no thanks


Akram Khan Durrani, NWFP’s Chief Minister has finally decided to dissolve his Government. I think he deserves a good round of applause or perhaps a standing ovation. This move will really stop the General from taking oath. I am sure he must be really petrified on this attack, he never saw it coming 😛

For the past 60 years the so called religious parties criticized and destabilized every elected Pakistani Government with the aid of agencies and military establishment. In comparison to their contemporaries, they posed and pretended themselves to be the most righteous and patriotic, despite their non concealable history; where they preferred Gandhi’s and Nehru’s Congress on Jinnah’s & Iqbal’s Muslim league.

Regardless of their negative propagandas and million marches nobody trusted them even with their votes. Then 9/11 incident took place and these religious parties hit what you call a jack pot and the hatred for USA became their ticket to Lala land. Now this time they had all the opportunity to turn this part of the land a welfare state. They had a chance to make NWFP an example to follow. But what did they do? Nothing. How can they when the only thing that they ever did was mud slugging and besides that they are as dump as a box of rocks.

If you compare the two parties that helped Musharraf more then his worthless and good for nothing Q league ie the self proclaimed liberals MQM and right wing MMA. Then MMA did more favors to the Gen. in uniform in comparison. Take 17th Amendment which helped him to secure his seat for the second time, or when Fazal broke ARD and made a phonier version aka APDM and last but not the least when the apposition parties decided to weaken the credibility of the Presidential elections Maulana Sahib very deceitfully and deviously betrayed the apposition.

I don’t want to be rude here but I think these mullahs are the worst kind of leadership a country can ever have. A bad influence to the young generation of the society, I don’t remember for once that they ever did a favor to the country. They encourage us to go on Jihad and give our lives for Islam. But when their very own life is in danger some cross dresses, some get themselves conveniently arrested in their parliament lodges and some run away and go for UMRA


National Tragedy

Note: This post was also published in TPS.

The other day when I stopped my car on the signal I questioned myself;

What the hell I am doing?

Waiting for the green light; the voice in my head told me.

‘But why?’ I asked myself again.

Because it’s the rule! You have to stop on the red light, wait on the orange and move on when the green signal shows up. That’s the rule! But why am I following rules especially in the country where I live in. Why should I wait for the green light to show up, why should I wait in the queue for the bills, why should I follow any rules that are prescribed in the rule book at all?

Because you are a common man with little or no value and powers.

In the real world might is ultimately right. The rich and powerful get away with everything. Rules are there to create a fence between classes. So that when a VIP wants to move from one place to another in the busy traffic of Karachi city people like me should wait for their green signal under the scorching heat of the sun.

2007 is supposedly an election year for the country. But don’t we know the results? Gen. Musharraf will be the President in uniform. Ms. Bhutto probably the Prime Minister and the rest of the opportunists who call themselves politicians will get their share of the deal. Everything will be carried out right in front of the world and in the name of the national interest. I don’t know which nation they are referring to because this nation had never been involved in the decision making process and there are minute chances of this extra ordinary thing to take place in the near future. So in the end I will be fined for breaking the signal and the General will get away with breaking the constitution.


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