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An-al-Haq – I am the truth!


I am a proud member of my Pakistani nation. For the past 60 years we have been under Ayub Khan, Zia ul Haq, Yahya Khan and Pervez Musharraf. But on 18th March we have proved one thing once and for all; this country will only be ruled by the ‘People of Pakistan’ and by no military or civilian dictator……….{to be continued}

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Kashmir Singh?? Aaho Janab (Yes Sir)


A man can fight anything but his luck. This phrase hold true for many and one of them is our friend Kashmir Singh. For those who haven’t heard the name before; this Indian national spend thirty five years of his life in a Pakistani prison behind the bars….

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Election Campaign 2008; Twist and Shout!!

As the day of elections is getting nearer the sound of the songs of political parties are getting louder and louder and louder. You walk out of your house and you will find young men shaking their thing not on the dance floor but on the main road 😛 Party workers find the songs and dances important, some people find it funny and normal people like me find it weird.


Today I would like to talk about the top songs that have (not) moved the nation off their feet and urged them to dance their breath out 😛


Topping the charts is the song that I have learned by heart like all the other Karachiites. Its;

1) Muzlomo ka Saaathi by MQM;


Its not that I love the song, or lyrics or the fact that the melodious music made me learn it by heart. But the place I use to live for the past 3 elections and the place where I am living right now is accidentally near the election office of MQM. The song starts with the word which suggests us of a certain product which should not be named in public for some reason. No wonder both our population and patients of AIDS are increasing with every minute. But it’s the most popular song of all election time. It’s like Dil Dil Pakistan of elections.


2) Jiye Bhutto benazir by PPPP;

Now this song makes you dance, the makrani ishtyle. You know what I am talking about right 😉 Yes it’s second on our charts and it rocks. When the late Bhutto was returning from exile and her party workers were all jubilant on her return. I saw a group of 20 odd dancing on main Shah rah –e- Faisal, one of the busiest roads of Karachi city. I dunno about any of you guys but right now I am dancing on this number; the makrani ishtyleeee 😉

3) Shair( Lion) Hamaraa by PML-N


By ‘Share’ the poet meant the lion, and not the stock exchange’s share market 😛 Now this song is brand new in comparison to the top 2 songs. But I like the song, especially the ‘aaaaaaaaaaah……aaaaahhhh..aaaaaaaahhhhhh’ in the background. You cant dance on this song though, but it makes you all ready to vote for the guy in the toupee (ie Nawaz and Shahbaz) 😀


4) Chacha wardi landaa kyun nahee byMusharraf


Uncle why don’t you take your uniform off!! This is a promotional song by Musharraf’s well-wishers. The title suggests other wise but don’t concentrate on the lyrics, images, video, or the fact that he was ill-leagally elected in uniform or what mess the country is in today thanks to Chacha Musharraf. Please ignore all the opposition propaganda; eat your chicken and drink your cold beer.


And you thought I didn’t get songs for PML-Q and MMA, think again. Just because they have little or no public support it doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to campaign and make songs.


Have a lovely election season. Those who don’t know how to dance tap their fingers and jump on one foot. Those who don’t have roti, can eat bread instead. Those who don’t have electricity can borrow it from China. This last video is rated and contains strong words and abuses. Watch at your own risk.


Uncle Qayyum Busted !


Election 2008 is on our door step and a fresh tape of attorney general Malik Qayyum has been released by the human watch; where he is advising someone to get a ticket of a certain party (Q-League) that has golden chances to win the elections because of the planned rigging. This is not the first time that Uncle Qayyum has been caught on tape making claims that link to massive corruption by the government.


In 1999, Qayyum had to resign from high court as a judge thanks to another shameful act of his; a taped telephone call was handed over by PPP. In that particular call he was taking Govt. dictation in an on-going case. So the question arises why the hell Musharraf appointed someone this corrupt as an attorney journal of the country. Well, for the same reason that he appointed the rest of his corrupted cabinet.

This evidence has pasted another question mark on the fairness of February 18th elections.


Sab maal China; (every item Chinese)



If you have ever been to Saddar, Karachi; you are familiar with this statement. Even in countries like USA they are selling Chinese products but with a different selling moto 😛 In the last semester of my degree, I did a report presentation on the booming Chinese economy, the challenges that they are facing because of huge power consumption and the amount of effort the Chinese government is putting to cope these issues.


Like Pakistan the majority of the Chinese population lives in rural areas. A large amount (thousands) of workers moves out to urban China to make a decent living. This huge amount not only contributes to the growing economy but is consuming large quantity of power as well. Every year approx. 3-4 nuclear reactors are made functional but in the long run this growing amount of power houses won’t be of much help. Keeping the latter in mind Chinese Govt. have made plans to slow the number of migrating rural population and hence are making more opportunities in rural China. Similarly China is also facing environmental and other challenges which are the part and parcel of industrial growth.


Now being a Pakistani how much do we relate to the issues our neighbors are facing? For the last 8 years huge industries have been set up, every week approx. 300 or more cars join the traffic of Karachi city alone, and thousands are migrating from different parts of the country both rural and urban and joining the population of Karachi and Lahore. These people are using washing machines, iron, air conditioners, fridges, computers and TV’s. Long story sort every gadget means we require more power to run that appliance.


As the freezing winter was making history in the months of December and January 2007-8 in Pakistan, so was the record load shading and power failure/outage. The scariest question of this year will be; what we gonna do in summers? Do we have a plan? I read somewhere, that if you aren’t planning at all then you’re definitely planning to face a miserable defeat.



In eight years of this present regime we were unable to come up with any new Dam or energy resource. Reason; pathetically political and racial. Apparently nobody trusts Punjab with the Kala Bagh dam program. But then what political or religious opposition ever stopped Musharraf from doing anything. He did everything stay in power; from sacking CJ, killing thousands, vanishing hundreds, high jacking democracy, banning the media etc so what actually stopped him from making a dam in 8 years? Public interest perhaps 😛


The mayor of Karachi Mustafa Kamal however is coming up with plan, according to which KESC will be able to produce electricity from garbage. God bless him for that, but even that program if implemented now will take another 3 years or more to be fruitful. So are we waiting for some miracle? Because things aren’t looking any good and it’s just the start of the year.


Old man is loosing it




I really don’t like to write against our dearly beloved President. But what can I do he’s out there and he’s making a fool out of himself. The other day when a much respected senior Pakistani journalist Ziauddin (Dawn, london); questioned the Retd. General about Rashid Rauf (a dangerous terrorist who some how managed to disappear from police custody). Pervez Musharraf promptly accused Ziauddin of ‘casting aspersions’ and ‘undermining our forces and your own country’. In a brief but furious tirade, he questioned Ziauddin’s patriotism and professionalism.


Later on, in another address to a public gathering of his limited but ignorant supporters he comically described the whole incidence and encouraged the audience that people like Ziauddin should be thrashed. I quote him, ‘Aisay logo ko do teen tika ne chayeh!!’ Hmm.. Surprised? Not me, once a dictator always a dictator. A man who can ban TV channels just because of four TV journalists; journalists whose words were more popular among masses then his whole propaganda machinery can descend to any level.


I wonder when will he be back from his honey moon or Europe Yatra 😛 while his Awam are crying for wheat, gas, power and justice.




Inspectorrrr Sahib…Inspectorrrr Sahib !!




Who Killed Bhutto, again??


Blame Al-Qaeda! How convenient is that? Maybe the next time when the cookie jar will be empty; little Tommy will do the same. Blame Al-Qaeda, Mahsood etc. So who killed Bhutto?

The picture that was taken by ‘some’ amateur photographer explains it all. The man in the glasses is the shooter, as he is holding the gun in the second picture. And in the third picture you can’t see Ms.Bhutto. The third photo was taken seconds before the suicide attack. According to Dawn sources the amateur photographer also pointed out the man in the first picture whose face is half covered and is standing right behind the shooter. He is the suicide bomber.



In countries where authorities themselves aren’t responsible for suicide killings and mass murdering; evidences are not washed away. The man who killed Liaqat Ali Khan (first PM of Pakistan) was immediately shot by a police inspector without any attempt of arrest. No body saw Zulfiqar Ali Bhuttos dead body, he was buried by men in uniform and then army men sprayed his grave with some solution to put an end for any future investigation. In this case the authorities washed the place with the help of a fire brigade, just few hours after the incident. No fire brigade showed up in any other part of the country where factories, houses, offices, cars and other public property were set on fire.


The picture that was published in today’s Dawn proves the fact that it was neither a suicide bomb nor the lever of her car, that killed the ex prime Minister.


So why did Pervaiz Musharraf’s (Government) spokes man came up with a phony tale?

For obvious reasons;


  • Benazir Bhutto was the most popular leader of Pakistan.
  • Her Prime minister ship could have put a halt on army intervention once and for all.
  • She was a symbol of anti establishment.
  • Establishment can fall to any degree to achieve its targets.



    If we look at the course of events and how they turned out, it appears to be all scripted. The citizens of the country were forced to live in a war zone. We are all helpless. If the Govt. can’t protect its citizens in emergency situations then what is the need of such a Govt. If you ask me who benefited from Benazir’s death the most? Its Musharraf and establishment, with Benazir in command he saw his end nearer. The only support that he had was from USA and even they found his replacement.


    Pakistan in Pictures



    Just because he stopped us from watching it, doesn’t mean its not happening.










    Tum Se pehley bhi ek Shakhs yeha takht tha

    Usko bhi apne khuda honay pai itna hee yaqee.n tha

    (Habib Jalib)





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