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Whats the big “DEAL”?



A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.

– Martin Luther King




Bullehia, I know not who I am


There is an enduring ritual at the tombs of the Sufis which is known as ‘Langar’ (free meal). Travelers, visitors and itinerant that come to these shrines or tombs relish this free meal where no body looks down on them. Some regard this Langar as a cure to their malady or ailment. One evening a Darwaish (pastor) ordered his young disciple to distribute the LANGAR. Young pupil asked what should be his way of distribution. The Darwaish replied ‘The way Allah dispenses provisions to his men’. The young apprentice paused after hearing the words that just uttered from his mentors mouth and then went on with the orders.


But to everyone’s astonishment he carried out a very odd way of delivery; He gave a different amount of Langer to various people. Some of the visitors got beyond expectations while others got very little. Some even complained of getting nothing at all. There were even those that were happy of what they got but wanted more. So every soul had something to object about. His peers that disliked him the most were un happiest of all and complained to the Darwaish.


They told the Darwaish that ‘Bullah has gone mad!’ The Darwaish asked the reason of his favorite pupil’s behavior. Bulleh Shah replied; didn’t you ask me to give, as the Divine power distributes among his men. What wrong have I done? There was uproar on this answer. Bulleh shah was puzzled on the behavior of the people. But the question that was eating him out was a confusion. Bulleh Shah  wanted to know who is he; is he believer or not? a favorite man of God like Moses or a tyrant like Pharo? He asked himself these question? There was no reply. He dived in the river of puzzlement and produce the greatest piece of art of all times.

I am neither a believer going to the mosque

Nor given to non-believing ways

Neither clean, nor unclean

Neither Moses not Pharaoh

I know not who I am

I am neither among sinners nor among saints

Neither happy, nor unhappy

I belong neither to water not to earth

I am neither fire, not air

I know not who I am

Neither do I know the secret of religion

Nor am I born of Adam and Eve

I have given myself no name

I belong neither to those who squat and pray

Nor to those who have gone astray

I know not who I am

I was in the beginning; I’d be there in the end

I know not any one other than the One

Who could be wiser than Bulleh Shah?

Whose Master is ever there to tend?

I know not who I am/.





Hazrat Ali once said:

Half of the answer is hidden inside a question.


Abdullah Shah aka Baba Bulleh Shah belonged to a religious family that came from Bukhara; Uzbekistan to present day Punjab, Pakistan. Bulleh Shah who is believed to be born in a small village in Bahawalpur was not only a man of God but was very well acquainted with the spiritual world. Considered to be the finest spiritual poet of all times Bulleh Shah preferred Saraiki, Punjabi and Sindhi on Persian and Urdu as a medium of his poems. The verse form Bulleh Shah primarily employed is called the Kafi (Refrain), a traditional style of Punjabi poetry used by Punjabi Sufis and Sikh gurus.


Bulleh Shah started to pass his time in a state of strange ecstasy. In the company of his Master and with the practice of the path he had been shown, Bulleh Shah’s spiritual condition started changing day by day. His kafi, “Whatever color I am dyed in” makes it clear how great the effect of his Master on him was. In it he mentions that his inner eye had been opened, all his doubts had been removed, and he had been blessed with the light of Realization. Through the grace of his Master he had the vision of the Lord within and that for him no difference existed between his Master and the Lord.



His unorthodox way was highly unpopular among the mullah of his times and some historians believe that his family was not allowed to bury him in the community graveyard. This ordeal is also reflected from few of his verses like;



To admonish Bullah came his sisters and sisters-in-law,

“Why have you brought disgrace to the Prophet

And to the progeny of Ali?

Listen to our advice, 0 Bullah, and leave the hem of the Arain’s skirt.

If you talk about me I am quite unfamiliar with the language he used in his verses of poetry but it contains a certain mysterious magnetism that draws my attention and million others that listen to his words in any form or genre of music. What relates us to Baba Bulleh Shah was his unending journey on the path of self discovery. We are the passengers of the same trail and we wander day in day out to find the very purpose of our existence.



Southpark- Kyle’s Mom is a … (Uncensored)


Yes Mr. Prime Minister


May,1999 the conference hall of the GHQ Rawalpindi was jammed pack with superior army officials including the Chief of Army Staff Gen. Perviaz Musharraf. Under the roof of the army building top secret military strategies were being discussed as the Kargil war was in progress. The primary purpose of this meeting was to discuss the strategy with the Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef.

The briefing was carried out by some brigadier….

Brigadier: …….Yes Sir this is the situation on ground zero, we will deploy the alpha brigade at this point. [Pointing at the map on the projector with a laser light] ….

Nawaz Shareef: What is that red triangle?

Brigadier: Alpha brigade

Brigadier: ….[continuing]…ok if we will find some major resistance as we expect, we are going to launch our scattered platoon from the top of the mount….

Nawaz Shareef: [interrupting] what are those green things?

Brigadier: ahh… trees !!

Nawaz Shareef: ok ok .. [Smiling]

Brigadier: ….[continuing]…now I would like you to concentrate on the point where….[interrupted again]

Nawaz Shareef: What is that funny looking yellow box?

Brigadier: the computer Mr. Prime Minister?!

Nawaz Shareef: Oh… see I got this new laptop its very light in weight. I thought boxes like these were obsolete. [smiling]

The Brigadier ignored what just happened and went on with his job…he went on and on and on…. The tediousness was apparent on the face of the Prime Minister. He yawned after every minute or so. To overcome his wooziness he started talking in his head.

Nawaz Shareef [to himself]: what a boring job 😛 thank god I didn’t listened to Abba Jee on this one and entered politics. Look at the poor fellows.. No wonder the army always wants to enter the politics and rule. It’s more fun; being the Prime Minister or President.

[After 20 mins]

Man I am hungry.. When did I eat last…[looking at the watch]… two hours ago…damn! I am going to starve to death here. Do they only serve sugar less tea to their guests.

[After 30 mins]…

My God look at Musharraf; he is one ugly fellow. Darker than that West Indian player….hmmm …which West Indian player?? Damn ! They all are dark 😛 what goes of my father. But he is one ugly fellow.

[Musharraf observing the blank PM ordered for the waiter]

Musharraf: Bring some sandwiches for the PM…

Nawaz Shareef: ..Along with some Aloo wale samosay 🙂 ( snack)…[the PM was pleased with the pleasant change in the atmosphere]

Musharraf: Yes with some Aloo wale samosay.

The PM got busy with the lunch while the brigadier and other army personal were engaged in the top secret meeting. Army Chief; Musharraf was discontented with the sight. He started talking to himself as well…

Musharraf [to himself]: My GOD; look at him. He’s the PM 😛 … who elected this fat ass? Oh yeah! The people … and you call this idiotic sport democracy. My 8 year old grand daughter is more intelligent than this MORON.

No wonder the military has to intervene…do they have a choice? Screw democracy !! Army rule; that’s what I am talking about.

All of a sudden Nawaz Shareef stopped eating. He brought his mouth closer to Musharraf’s ear and uttered. The brigadier nervously paused for a second to find out if the PM has any problem with the plan.

Nawaz Shareef [whispering…]: who cook this delicious snack?

Musharraf [puzzled on this difficult question]: ahh… some chef in the mess.

Nawaz Shareef [whispering…]: I would like see him in the PM house from tomorrow.

Musharraf: ok sir! …. Moron 😛

Nawaz Shareef: What?

Musharraf: nothing sir … would you like to have some more…

Nawaz Shareef: Yes please 🙂 …….

And then the top secret meeting at the GHQ went on and on and on….


The Weather Man


Ring Ring !!
Ring Ring !!

Shabz: Hello?
aMmAr: Dude!

Shabz: What?
aMmAr: Dhaba (cheap tea shop) in 15 mins

Shabz: No
aMmAr: why?

Shabz: the rain clouds
aMmAr: what about em?

Shabz: They are not in a good mood.
aMmAr: wtf are you talking about?

Shabz: Its going to rain man!
aMmAr: Says who?

Shabz: The guy on PTV
aMmAr: You mean the fat guy with thick Punjabi accent on PTV?

Shabz: Yes!
aMmAr: Screw him!! who watches PTV anyway 😛

aMmAr: So are you coming?
Shabz: hmmm….two letters………N O

aMmAr: Screw you !!

Hangs up the phone…………


Ring Ring !!
Ring Ring !!

aMmAr: Yello?!
Shabz: Dude!

aMmAr: What?
Shabz: Dhaba (cheap tea shop) in 15 mins

aMmAr: Man its raining outside…
Shabz: It was rainging man… you are such a sissy boy 😛 and besides its not going to rain now.

aMmAr: Says who?
Shabz: The guy on PTV..

aMmAr: You mean the fat guy with thick Punjabi accent on PTV?
Shabz: Yes

aMmAr: Screw him!! who watches PTV anyway 😛

After 15 mins… Under some shelter

aMmAr: Its fucking raining man !
Shabz: I can see that..

After 1 hour 15 mins… Under the same shelter

Shabz: It seems the rain aint going to stop?!
aMmAr: I can see that…

Shabz: Screw the weather man!!
aMmAr: You mean the fat guy with thick Punjabi accent on PTV?

Shabz: Yes


ICL (Indian Cricket League)

Once upon a time there was a sport that we Pakistani use to be very proud of; we had the league of extra ordinary sportsmen that had the ability to beat any team on any ground. We use to call it cricket I guess… I remember I was such a big fan of Imran Khan when I was a kid that whoever use to ask my name I used to reply that my name is Imran Khan and that what was my nick name back than.

But things have drastically changed since than. Yes we still have the fastest bowler and fastest century maker still in our league but the spirit has gone like it was never there. My father once told me about an Australian business man and cricket lover Kerry Pecker; who arranged a cricket series in the 70’s. He hand picked some veteran and dynamic cricketers like Imran Khan, Zaheer Abbas, Graham Gooch(England), Sunil Gavasker etc from every test cricketing nation, paid them handsomely and made them play in his series.

The same kind of a series is making big headings these days; they are calling it the Indian Cricket League (ICL). The cricketing gurus predict it as a big blow for the ICC as the cricketers are twice thinking before signing their central contract. Reason; money talking and damn they are paying millions. National hero Inzimam and Muhammed Yousuf signed a 10 curore deal with ICL. Razzak and Imran Farhat are the latest to join the bandwagon. Ex skipper and wicket keeper Moin Khan is the middle man in Pakistan and making the deals possible.

Now this is a big blow for the national cricket. Who’s responsible? PCB I say. One may ask why? Well in a non democratic country every organization is headed by the friends and family members of the dictator. The story of Pakistan is no different. The president of PCB has always been the guy in uniform or the family member of any minister. The board members have always been some talent less bastards who have hardly played any cricket but are related to the ministry some how. As a result we see the cricketing decline in these years.

Some predict ICL would be better for the cricket. I can’t see how but it’s definitely very beneficiary for the cricketers. Especially those cricketers who are quite near to retirement.


The Holocaust

The other night I was flicking on the remote from on channel to the other. Hoping that on some channel their must be something that’ll be at least interesting for a change. My prays were answered and on some movie channel I saw one of the greatest piece of art ever made in the history of cinema. It was Steven Spielberg’s world war-II epic Schindler’s List. The 1993 epic for its cinematographic excellence won many Oscars including the best picture award. The biographical film is based on the book Schindler’s ark written by Thomas Keneally. The plot revolves around Oscar Schindler; Sudeten-German Catholic businessman who saved the lives of over one thousand Polish Jews during The Holocaust.

The film frame by frame and scene by scene is a work of Spielberg’s genius. During the film I realized  the amount of unspeakable tragedies the European Jews faced during the holocaust period. About 10 million were killed most of them burned alive according to the Jewish historians. But if you look into the history you will also find  a large number of scholars and writers that have denied the some of the so-called realities of holocaust, they find the figure of the dead and some events (that are quoted by the Jewish historians) exaggerated. Some even completely deny the Holocaust itself.

There are strict laws in Europe for Holocaust deniers. The so called freedom of speech champion Europe(where you can curse the GOD and Jesus) even sent writers to prison if they are found denying the holocaust. Reason; it is a sensitive issue for the Jewish community. But the point I want to raise in this post is the fact that despite all the tragedies and holocaust the behavior of the Jewish people specially the big guns and decision makers is confusing. They went through some really hard times. They have experienced men being cruel and evil but we hardly find a difference in their behavior when it is their turn in power.

I look at the Middle East and I see blood shed. Loads of dead bodies, killings, rapes, law less ness and not surprisingly but on the basis of religion. How different are the Israelis from the Nazis. They have become what they hate the most. I wonder if the media was as powerful as it is now; was it possible for Hitler and nazi party to kill millions of innocent Jews? I don’t know. But nearly a million Iraqi Muslims have died after American invasion. Israel supported the invasion and is also ready to sponsor the American war against the neighboring Iraqi Muslim states especially if the war extends to Iranian soil. From the early nineties till now Iraq has turned into a ghetto by the respectable world including Israel.

I won’t defend any action of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda here as they have given another reason for the invaders to carry out their atrocities against the innocent Muslims. Some say they are working for the invaders, I can’t agree more. But the point is despite the UNO being functional, despite the media being free and unbiased, despite the world being a global village and more humanitarian I am observing a Muslim holocaust in the middles east and the strings are pulled by none other than the holocaust survivors.


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